08/07/2016 - 23:57:52



A final decision will be taken at the next General Assembly 2017

By Per-Ake Persson

The German EBU member – BDB – have again gone from full member of the EBU to provisional member. This was decided today (July 8) by majority vote by the EBU Council. As to why the EBU writes in a statement that this is because the BDB "having acted NOT in compliance with the EBU rules showing a clear lack of respect for them in regard to the suspension rule". BDB representative Stefan Braune is thus no longer a member of the EBU Board.

A final decision will be taken at the next General Assembly 2017.

The BDB was put back to provisional member when the Erkan Teper doping affair broke in December / January but was back as full member at the recent General Assembly. While Teper´s name isn´t mentioned in the short EBU message there can be no doubt that it is Teper´s comeback July 3 that have made the EBU take this action.

For the record the European Boxing Union is a non profit organisation registred in Belgium that handles the EBU title (and its subtitles) and while there is a safety agreement signed by all membes the EBU have no legal power and do not rule boxing in Europe – but is still a powerful organisation and its titles mean prestige and good paydays (BDB licensed – except Erkan Teper – fighters can still contest for the EBU titles).