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By Per-Ake Persson

March 19, Haarlem, NTH:
4x3, h: Willy Kyakonye,  KO 1  Gino da Fonseca, Nth

March 19, Barcelona, SPA:
4x3, sm: Arturo Tomas, Fra  TKO 3  Ruben Valcarel, Spa

March 19, Kharkov, UKR, br selected results
4x3, sm: David Gorohovets,  TKO 2  Vladyslav Mishchenko,

Alexander Dimitrenko

March 18, Malmö, SWE, Baltiska Hallen, est 2000, EC Boxing
Alexander Dimitrenko, 117,8, Hamburg, Ger  KO 1 (2.07)  Adrian Granat, 111,8, Malmö, Swe / Hamburg, Ger
Dimitrenko began nervously and Granat pushed him around bit and showed who is the boss. Dimitrenko looked like he was about to fall (and was in fact pushed over once) but then threw a left hook that was partly blocked and Granat reacted to it. Then came another left hook. Granat was more careful but still came forward but walked into a perfect right hand counter and fell on his back in neutral corner. He somehow got up but was gone and it should have been stopped but it was allowed to continue. Dimitrenko followed up with Granat barely able to stand and he took some hard punches before going down again and this time referee Timo Habighorst stopped the count and waved the fight over. Granat had somewhere picked up a bad cut over the left eye as well. He entered the ring to a song called "I´d rather die than lose". He had probably also heard about Dimitrenko´s nervous breakdowns and allowed the hype to take over.
Sven Fornling, 79,4, Malmö, Swe  W10-U  Arijan Sherifi, 79,4, Berlin, Ger
99-91 twice and 98-92 and Fornling won the vacant IBF Baltic title with another blood (two bad cuts over the right eye) and guts battle. Fornling have improved boxingwise a little but it is still about exellent fighting spirit and conditioning. Sherifi was the better boxer but was worn down and was close to being stopped in the ninth but survived and had a good last round. The scorecards looked a bit generous to the Swede but he won.
Igor Mikhalkin, 81,0, Irkurts, Rus  W8-U  Yevgeni Makhteienko, 80, Prague, Cze
80-72, 78-74 and 79-73 and a good workmanlike performance from Mikhalkin against an hardpunching, decent opponent.
Daniel Hartvig, 66,8, Gothenburg, Swe  W4-U Pal Olah, ?. Budapest, Hun
40-35 twice and 39-37. There were many more or less accidental headbutts and Hartvig was badly cut over the left eye and Olah had a point deducted in the fourth. Hartvig is a fighter´s fighter but lacks defence.
Simon Henriksson., 69,4, Malmö, Swe  W4-U  Mateusz Krajewski, 68,0, Plock, Pol
39-36 twice and 40-36. Krajewski, a southpaw, was down in the second but Simon was too eager to finish it.
6x2: Patricia Berghult, ?, Malmö, Swe  W6-S  Karina Kopinska, ?, Dabrowa Gornicza, Pol
59-55 (out of line), 58-56 Berghult 58-56 for Kopinska, who forced the fight and landed with a big right a few times. To me it was 58-56 Kopinska.
Nikola Milalic, 90,4, Hamburg, Ger  W4-U  Giulian Ilie, 90,0, Ploiesti, Rom
40-36 twice and 39-37. A sparring session with Ilie, an aging veteran, in it to survive.
4x3: Junior Maximus, 105,0, Düsseldorf, Ger  TKO 2 (2.40)  Abdulnaser Delalic, 10,7,0, Vogoska, B & H
Delalic looked the part but tired quickly and after two standing eight counts in the second he was stopped or retired on his feet bleeding from the nose.
Sebastian Formella, 70,0, Ger  W4-U  Krzystof Szot, 68,1, Pol
40-36 on all cards. Formella boxed well at long range but tired a bit in the fourth.
Hüseyn Cinkara, 90,6, Schifferstedt, Ger  W4-U  Jakub Wojcik, 90,0, Wrecyka, Pol
40-34 on all cards. Wojcik, a southpaw, was down twice in the third but shook Cinkara with his left twice and Cinkara was very careful after that.
4x3: Ali Eren Demirezen, 109,8, Hamburg, Ger  TKO 2 (0.19)  Oleksandr Pavliuk, 100,0, Katowice, Pol
Pavliuk boxed well and Demirezen went all out - and he is pretty good and walked through Pavliuk forcing a stoppage early in the second.

March 18, Aarhus, DEN, Ceres Arena, Sauerland Promotion
Dennis Ceylan, 56,9, Den  Tdr 4  Isaac Lowe, 56,7, Den
Ceylan was badly cut after an accidental headclash and with less than four rounds completed it was called off and ruled a technical draw. The taller, stylish Danish started very well with Lowe coming on a bit in the third and fourth. It was scored 30-27 twice and 29-28 for Ceylan.
10x2: Dina Thorslund, 65,3, Den  KO 1 (0.36)  Gabriella Mezei, 55,0, Rom
Mezei proved to be a complete bum and how she made it this spot as co-challenger for the vacant EBU female superbantam title is a good question.
6x3: Mikkel Nielsen, 69,4, Den  TKO 6 (0.47)  Flavio Turelli, 69,8, Swi
Nielsen gave Turelli a beating in every round and after being floored in the sixth it was finally stopped.
4x3: Frederik Hede Jensen, 57,0, Den  TKO 2 (1.07)  Tibor Nadori, 56,0, Hun
Nadori was down in the first and twice in the second. Prodebut for Jensen.
Adam Bashanov, 75,6, Den  W4-U  Janos Varga, 75,0, Hun
40-35 on all cards. Varga was down in the second.
12x3: Efren Rustemi, 56,9, Kos/Swi  KO 2 (1.58)  Ricardo Humberto Ramirez, 103,3, Arg
Rustemi    down in the first, twice in the second and he also had a point deducted for spitting out the mouthpiece.

March 18, Leipzig, GER, Arena, est 5500. SES / Z!, bdb
Robert Stieglietz, 79,3, Ger  D12-S  Nikola Sjekloca, 79,3, Mne
Stieglitz, normally fast out of the gate, began slowly and had a point deducted in the tenth but salvaged the EBU title on scores of 115-113, 114-114 and 113-114.
12x3: Dominic Bösel. 79,2, Ger  TKO 6 (2.59)  Sami Enbom, 79,2, Fin
Bösel retained the WBO I/C and WBA Con titles and added the IBF I/C title to the collection. It was even after five but in the fifth Enbom went down and was stopped late in the round.
Mariusz Wach, 117,0, Pol  W12-U  Erkan Teper, 114,3, Ger
Wach won the vacant IBF East/West title on scores of 115-113 twice and 116-112. It was close enough for a rematch - and apparently there will be one.
Phillip Nsingi, 66,1, Ger  W10-U  Kasim Gashi, 66,5, Ger
vacant Int´l German title, scored 97-92, 98-91 and 99-90.
10x2: Sandra Atanassow, 57,0, Ger  W10-S  Gabriella Busa, 54,3, Hun
Vacant Int´l German female featherweight title scored 96-94 on all cards.
Jürgen Uldedaj, 90,0, Ger  W6-U  Ziso Poulitsa, 81,3, Ger
60-54 twice and 59-55.

March 18, Auxerre, FRA:
sb: Sofian Bellahcene, Fra  W 10  Daniel Martins, Fra
French superbantamweight title.
sl: Maxime Devignaud, Fra  W 6  Youssef Ouali, Fra
sm: Diego Natchoo, Fra  D 6  Martin Owono, Fra
sw: Martin Delgado, Fra  W 4  Marvin Daniel, Fra
m: Jeremy Bougamont, Fra  D 4  Roman Dietre, Fra

March 18, Cernay, FRA:
w: Gary Moussa, Fra  W 4  Jamal Wahib, Fra
4x3, f: Amilcar de Jesus Monteiro Tavares, Fra  TKO 1  Lernik Martirosian, Fra

March 18, Romilly-sur-Seine, FRA:
sw: Sacramento Pereira Fernandes, Fra  D 6  Dimitry Halley, Fra

March 18, Montceau, FRA:
12x3, w: Mickael Lacombe, Fra  TKO 3 (not out)  Anzor Gamgebeli, Geo
vacant WBFed Eurasia title.
4x3, sm: Moughit El Moutaouakil, Fra  KO 2  Toufik Lekhehal, Fra  

March 18, Chatellerault, FRA:
6x2, f: Ericka Rousseau, Fra  W 6  Jessica Sanchez,
lh: Cyril Joly, Fra  W 4  Eossfy Kouassi, Fra

March 18, Vienna, AUS: FvA
h: Markus Kurta, Aus  W 4  Aleksandar Todorovic, Swe/Ser
Todorovic claims he was robbed.

March 18, Darmstadt, GER, Heinz Reinhard Halle, sanct ?
10x2, fly: Raja Amasheh,  W10-U  Kleopatra Tolnai,
100-90 on all cards, WBC Silver female title.
10x3, sf: Ali Guencavdi, Ger  TKO 2  Artur Movsesyan, Geo
interim WBC Youth I/C title ... ??     

March 18, Santa Ponsa, Islas Baleares, SPA:
w: Jose Del Rio, Spa  W10-U  Adil Anwar, Uk
6x3, sl: Fran Suarez, Spa  TKO 2  Vicente Campaner, Spa
sf: Jon Martinez, Spa  D 4  Sean Pendry, UK

March 18, Barcelona, SPA: Club Entrena en Barcelona
sw: Liam Smith, Uk  W 4  Marian Cazacu, Rom
Ex WBO king in "secret" tuneup prior to big domestic showdown vs Liam Williams.
6x3, m: Abner Lloveras, Spa  TKO 5  Josue Maranillo, Spa
sw: Fahad Al Thani, Spa  TKO 2  Marius Racaru, Rom
sw: Jorge Pinilla, Spa  W 4  Gheorghe Henk Mihai, Rom

March 18, Maliano, SPA:
sw: Bruno Ortega, Spa  W 4  Geiboord Omar, Nic

March 18, Rome, ITA,
sm: Valerio Ranaldi, Ita  TKO 10  Alessandro Sinacore, Ita
Italian supermiddle title.
m: Alex Marongiu, Ita  W 6  Diego Di Luisa, Fra
c: Yassine Habachi, Ita  TKO 5  Mattia Faraoni, Ita  

March 18, Istanbul, TUR; Silence Hotel, bdb
10x3, c: Firat Arslan, Ger  TKO 3 (not out)  Gezim Tahiri, Kos/Aus
8x3, h: Umut Camkiran, Tur  KO 1  Zoltan Csala, Hun

March 18, Abidjan, IC,
c: Henry Mobio, IC  D 6  Jevgenijs Stamburskis, Lat
The Latvian story is that Mobio was down twice in the second and again in the sixth.

March 17, Moscow, RUS, "Arbat", Punch Boxing Promotions Ltd
Ayk Shakhnazaryan, 63,45, Rus  W12-U  Al Rivera, 62,95, Phi
WBC Int´l title, scored 116-113, 115-113 and 115-114.
Manvel Sargsyan, 62,95, Arm/Rus  W10-U  Evgeny Pavko, 63,35, Rus
WBC Int´l Silver title, scored 95-93 twice and 96-92.
Alexey Evchenko, 66,8, Rus  W8-S  Islam Dumanov, 67,3, Rus
77-75 and 77-76 Evchenko and 78-75 Dumanov.
Vage Sarukhanyan, 62,2, Rus  W8-U  Giovanni Straffon, 61,55, 61,55, Mex
Vladimir Sarukhanyan, 64,4, Arm/Rus  W8-U  Eldorbek Sayidov, 65,8, Uzb
80-72 twice and 80-73.
Vazir Tamoyan, 67,35, Rus  W6-M  Grigory Gafarov, 67,45, Rus
59-56 twice and 57-57.
Erzhan Zalilov, 57,2, Kaz/Rus  W6-U  Xumonyun Rustamov, 55,96, Uzb
60-51 on all cards. Zalilov cut and suspended four weeks.
Edgar Ghukasyan, 67,8, Arm/Rus  W6-U  Ilya Reutski, 66,25, Blr

March 17, Joensuu, FIN; Steel Ring
Marko Mononen, 105,2, Fin  W4-U  Markus Lampinen, 92,7, Fin
38-37, 40-35, 50-36. Lampinen was down in the second.
Sakari Lähderinne, 72,2, Fin  W4-U  David Kis, 72,6, Hun
40-36 twice and 40-37.
Alex Vassiliev, 72,9, Fin  W4-U  Gyula Nagy, 75,6, Hun
40-36 on all cards.
4x2: Lotta Loikkanen, 52,2, Fin  W4-U  Gyongi Acs, 52,2, Hun
40-36 on all cards.

March 17, Pont-Sainte-Maxence, FRA:
m: Yassine Morjane, Fra  W 8  Ambrosi Sutidze, Geo
l: Sabri Sediri, Fra  W 4  Anthony Riviere, Fra
c: Guillaume Hauet, Fra  W 6  Jevgenijs Andrejevs, Lat
lh: Daniel Blenda Dos Santos, Fra  W 4  Andrejs Loginovs, Lat

March 17, Saint Etienne, FRA:
8x2, sf: Elhem Mekhaled, Fra  TKO 4  Wendy Vincent, Fra
vacant French female superfeather title.

March 17, Puy-de-Dome, FRA:
sl: Bastien Ballesta, Fra  W 6  Abderrahman Cherragi, Fra
h: Karim Berredjem, Fra  W 6  Euloge Bakanda Boule, Fra

March 17, Essen, GER, Recovery Fight Club, Hani El Jarie, gba
6x3, h: Patrick Korte, Ger  TKO 2 (not out) Asad Adrovic,
6x2, l-fly: Özlem Sahin, Ger  W6-U  Claudia Ferenczi, Slo
60-54 twice and 60-55.
4x3, m: Akmal Sadullaev, Ger  TKO 3  Dogan Kurnaz,
4x3, w: Dejan Pavlovic,  TKO 1 (2.50)  Bader Fattah,
4x3, h: Hasan Kurnaz,  TKO 2  Sezer Sahin,

March 11, Oberhausen, GER, ASK Gym, Eda Essaoudi, gba - and apparently not recognized by boxrec as "real".
4x2, sf: Eda Essaoudi, Ger  W 4  Kristina Jeftenic,
m: Jerome Kock, Ger  W 4  Darko Vasiljevic,
h; Hasan Kurnac, Ger  TKO 3  Elmin Handaganic,

Per-Åke Persson