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By Per-Ake Persson

Khoren Gevor

Feb 17, Hamburg, GER, Grosse Freiheit 36, Boxen im Norden, bdb
Khoren Gevor, 77,9, Ger  W8-S  Dayron Lester, 77.8, Fin
Announced as a  "2-1" decision, close, messy fight where Lester, much bigger, made a good start but faded and Gevor was better at the late rounds wrestling. It was scored an outrageous 79-73 and 78-74 for Gevor and a more correct 77-76 Lester.
10x3: Alexander Rigas, 74,7, Ger  KO 4 (2.50)  Sebastiano Lo Zito, 73,7, Ger
German - BDB - 168 lb title.
Shokran Parwani, 78,8, Ger  W10-U  Cem Kurnazcan, 78,0, Ger
97-94, 98-92 and 97-93. German - BDB - 175 lb title.
6x3: Gogi Knezevic, 69,8, Aus  KO 2 (1.30)  Zsolt Friesz, 67,6, Hun
6x3: Rafael Bejaran, 74,0, Ger  KO 5 (2.55)  Istvan Zeller, 75,2, Hun
m: Gabriell Tunici, 67,5, Ger  D4-U  Wilson Mendes, 69,8, Ger
Alexander Pavlov, 72,2, Ger  W4-U  Nando Maxwell, 69,1, Nth
40-36 on all cards.

Feb 16, Koblenz, GER, CGM Arena, Sauerland Event, FvA
Abass Baraou, 69,7, Ger  W12-U  Carlos Molina, 69,1, Arg/US
Baraou won the vacant WBC Int´l title on scores of 115-112 twice and an out of line 118-109. Molina was strong early and landed well to the body and after four he was up one point on my card, even on two of the official cards and down 40-36 on the third. Baraou then upped the pace, moved better and showed fast feet and good movement and he won rounds. Molina was warned several times about his head - and in the tenth he had a point deducted. Molina closed the fight strongly or Baraou boxed on safety or both and it made the fight closer than it actually was.
Leon Bunn, 79,6, Ger  W10-U  Viktor Polyakov, 78,2, Ukr/Ger
98-92 twice and 97-93. Bunn, trained by Ulli Wegner, jabbed, kept his hands high and moved well while Polyakov worked in spurts and it made for a close, interesting fight. Polyakov seemed certain of the win at the end but it was indeed close with Bunn´s workrate winning it on my card, 96-94.
Slawa Spomer, 72,8, Ger  W8-U  Igor Faniyan, 73,2, Ukr
Spomer worked very hard and kept Faniyan, who showed good skills but no punch, busy and won scores of 79-73 twice and 78-74.
4x2: Sophie Allisch, 56,5, Ger  KO 1 (0.52)  Sopo Kintsurashvili, 56,2, Geo
Kintsurashvili was down twice. Prodebut for Allisch.
Anthony Yigit, 64,7, Tur/Swe  W8-U  Mohamed Khalladi, 64,7, Ita
78-73, 79-74 and 80-71. Yigit had problems early on with his tough opponent but took over after the fourth. Khalladi was down in the sixth but it was more a slip than the right hook Anthony landed. Yigit was cut over the left eye in the seventh.
Yves Barz, 66,4, Ger  W4-U  Andrei Staliarchuk, 66,1, Blr
39-38, 39-37 twice in a very close fight where Staliarchuk fought well once he realized that Barz was relatively green.
4x3: Feizu Culhai, 71,7, Ger  TKO 2 (1.52)  Sabri Ulas Goecmen, 67,2, Ger
After a slow start Culhai went to work and Goecmen went down twice but was not hurt - he just sat down to get out of it and it was stopped.

Feb 16, Roselaere, BEL, Eventhal Schiervelde,
c: Yves Ngabu, Bel   W12-U  Micki Nielsen, Den
Ngabu retained the EBU title on scores of 119-111 and 117-112 twice.. Nielsen was brave, took a beating but was never hurt or floored and showed surprising toughness under fire.
8x2, sl: Oshin Derieuw, Bel  W8-U  Gülsum Tatar,
78-74 and 79-73.
m: Sasha Yengoyan, Bel  W6-U  Nikola Matic, Ser
60-54 twice and 59-56.
sm: Timo Rost, Bel  D6-M  Constantin Pancrat, Ita
58-56, 57-57 twice.
sl: Ahmed El Hamwi, Bel  W6-U  Luka Leskovic, Cro
60-54 twice and 60-52.
w: Brice Bula Galo, Bel  TKO 1 (2.15)  Houssain Ghulian, Bel

Feb 16, Herstal, BEL: Promotion GMG
Francesco Patera, 60,6, Bel  W12-U  Marvin Petit, 60,4, Fra
Patera retained the EBU lightweight title on scores of 115-113 twice and 117-112. When back home Petit claimed he he had been robbed.
4x3: Michael Pirotton, 99,3, Bel  KO 2  Michael Lukacik, 114,2, Slo
Lorenzo Fiore, 57,0, Bel  W 4  Mate Eszenyi, 59,0, Hun
4x3: Quentin Vassalo Gomes, 65,8, Bel  KO 3  Miro Dicky, 67,1, Slo
Amaury Massenaux, 70,1, Bel  W 4  Jan Salamacha, 70,4, Pol
Xavier Beauduin, 71,9, Bel  W 4  Piotr Tomaszek, 71,4, Pol

Feb 16, Sint Truiden, BEL:
10x3. sl:: Jessy Petit-Jean, Bel  KO 2  Nukri Gamgebeli, Geo
8x2, b: Jill Serron, Bel  W 8  Claudia Ferenczi, Slo
m: Jimmy Winkel, Bel   D 6  Jamal Eddine Mahouti, Bel
6x2. l: Joyce Van Ee, Bel  TKO 1  Denisa Cicoova, Bel
sm: Grischa Sarkisian, Bel  W 4  Michal Gazdik, Slo

Feb 16, Korsholm, FIN, Botniahallen, Eklund Boxing Team (Mathias Eklund)
Mathias Eklund, 72,2, Fin  D8-S  Siarhei Huliakevich (Sergej Guliakevich), 71,7, Blr
78-75 Eklund, 76-76 and 77-74 Guliakevich.
Alexander Hagen, 81,0, Nor  W6-U  Giorgi Kandelaki, 79,3, Geo
60-54 on all cards. Interviewed in Norwegian press Hagen spoke openly about his battle with depression - and also pointed out that Kandelaki, a sub for Michal Ludwicziak, had 16 wins at boxrec the first time they fought but now it´s only 15.
Sami Enbom, 91,0, Fin  W4-U  Gennadi Stserbin, 90,5, Est
39-37 twice and 39-38. This fight was made at short notice when Sanna Turunen was offered a fight in the US - a fight that eventually fell through.
Morad Hadadi, 65,0, Fin  W4-M  Mac Ojasmaa, 66,1, Est
39-38, 39-37 and 38-38.

Feb 16, Vierzon, FRA, Dojo Jimmy Agard
sw: Benoit Demik, Fra  W 8  Kevin Bertogal, Fra
m: Sofiane Khati, Fra  W 4  Franck Zimmer, Fra

Feb 16, Le Puy Ste Reparade, FRA:
l: Abdelrahim Achour, Fra  W 6  Jean Noel Alvarez, Fra

Feb 16, Ajaccio, FRA: Salle Rossini
sm: Dimitri Gourier, Fra  W 6  Baptiste Castegnaro, Fra
m: Rachid Azhour, Fra  W 4  Amadou Ndiiaye, Fra

Feb 16, San Pedro Alcantara, SPA, Palacio de Deportes Elena Benitez
Jorge Fortea, 69,0, Spa  W12-S  Navid Mandsouri, 69,4, UK
Fortea three points up on two cards, down one on the third. IBF I/C title.
c: Jorge Garbey, Spa  D 6  Rafael Secilla, Spa
6x3, m: Abdelaziz Zdite, Spa  TKO 1  Antonio Gomez, Spa
sf:  Ion Costin, Rom  TKO 8  Brandon Oertel, Spa  
Andalucian title
c: Joe Sheriff, UK  W 6  Alvaro Terrero, Spa

Feb 16, Zaragoza, SPA:
w: Jonathan Valero, Spa  D 4  Nelson Altamirano, Spa
l: Marius Istrate, Rom  W 4  Lesther Cantillano, Spa  

Feb 16, Rotterdam, NTH, Hal 4 an de Maas,
sw: Stephan Danyo, Nth  W 6  Giorgi Ungiadze, Geo
Danyo back in the Netherlands after a stay in the UK.

Feb 16, Riga, LAT, Radisson Blu Hotel, LNK Boxing / Grand Boxing Promotion
10x3, c: Ralfs Vilcans, Lat  TKO 4 (not out) Sergey Beloshapkin, Rus
4x3, c: Reinis Porozovs, Lat  TKO 2  Pavel Batura, Blr
sl: Marcis Grundulis, Lat  W4-U  Artur Zemlianyi, Ukr
lh: Volodmyr Skrypka, Ukr  W 4  Vladzimir Kharkevich, Blr

Feb 15, Oviedo, SPA:
sl: Jonathan Alonso, Spa  TKO 7  Ruben Garcia, Spa
Spanish 140 lb title
m: Sergio Fernandez, Spa  W10-S  Jose Miguel Fandino, Spa
vacant Spanish 160 lb title. 98-92 and 96-94 Fernandez. 96-94 Fandino.
w: Aitor Nieto, Spa  W10-U  Hamza Misaui, Spa
Spanish 147 lb title. 99-91, 98-92 and 96-94.
l: Pablo Fuego, Spa  W 8  Emiliano Casal, Spa
m: Maxi Macchion, Spa  W 4  Nicolae Dragos, Spa
c: Alberto Blanca, Spa  W 4  Jose Nunez, Spa

Feb 15, Gent, BEL: the Galveston, Elite Promotions
Meriton Karaxha, 65,9, Bel  W10- U Jean Pierre Habimana, 66,4, Bel
Karaxha retained the WBFed Int´l title on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92.
10x2: Elfi Philips, 62,6, Bel  W10-U  Alexandra Vujovic, 63,5, Ser
Philips won the vacant WBFed I/C female superlightweight title on scores of 98-92, 98-91 and 100-89.
Dzemal Bosnjak, 88,6, Bos  W 6  Amin Boucetta, 93,2, Bel
Hervé Hubeaux, 108,0, Bel  W 6  Igor Mihaljevic, 107,0, Cro

Feb. 10, Roma, ITA:
sl:, Alessandro Fersula, Ita W 6 Ruben Sciortino, Ita/Geo

Feb. 8, Roma, ITA:
lh:, Giovanni Carpentieri, Ita W 6 Daniel Borisov, Bul 

Per-Åke Persson