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By Per-Ake Persson

March 2, Magdeburg, GER, Maritim Hotel, SES; bdb
Agit Kabayel, 106,5, Ger   W12-U  Andriy Rudenko, 106,7, Ukr
Kabayel retained the EBU title on scores of 117-110, 116-111 and 119-108. Rudenko was down in the sixth after a determined bodyattack
from Kabayel and looked like a spent force but somehow he found the inner strength to keep going and attacked Kabayel with all he
had. But it wasn´t enough and Kabayel won most of the rounds in a good fight where neither had the power to hurt the other. Kabayel
took it easy in the last two and that made it a little closer than it actually was.
10x3: Tom Schwarz, 109,4, Ger  KO 2 (2.45)  Kristijan Krstacic, 95,3, Cro/Ger
Schwarz, too big, strong and powerful, got through Krstacic´s guard with his heavy right hook and floored him three times in the second.
Schwarz´s record is a bit inflated and he has never been tested but he´s also worked hard and have developed well. He retained the WBO I/C title.

Peter Kadiru

Peter Kadiru, 110,7, Ger  W6-U  Artur Kubiak, 102,2, Pol
60-54 on all cards. Prodebut for Kadiru, who shows promise but is pretty green. Kubiak, a strong weightlifter type, gave him a solid
test and while he lost every round he also exposed Kadiru a bit.
6x3: Adam Deines, 79,1, Ger  KO 3 (2.00)  Zoltan Sera, 79,2, Hun
Sera was down in all rounds and looked pretty inept. Deines, a southpaw, looked like he could punch a bit.
Mohammed Rabii, 71,9, Mor  W8-U  Rafal Jackiewicz, 73,7, Pol
80-72 on all cards. Jackiewicz showed skills and toughness but isn´t what he once was and Rabii won clearly in an interesting learning
4x3: Erik Pfeifer, 109,7, Ger  KO 1 (2.23)  Angelo Rizzo, 110,0, Ita
Rizzo was hurt by left hooks to the body and was down "9" and then for "10 and out".
8x3: Hussein Mohamed, 112,5, Ger  TKO 4 (1.12)  Alex Mazikin, 120,0, Ukr
Mazikin was retired by his corner as got up from a knockdown exhausted out of shape as he always is. Before that he gave Mohamed a
good fight and had been in shape he would have won - but he wasn´t and he was down late in the first from a left to the heart. He
did well in the second and even better in the third until caught by a right to the body and he was by now a spent force.
4x3: Danilo Milacic, 107,6, Ger   TKO 2 (1.06)  Zheko Zhekov, 105,9, Bul
Milacic looked slow and ponderous but can punch and floored Zhekov twice in the first and again in the second and it was stopped.

March 2, Arendal, NOR, Sör Amfi Arena, Team Sauerland
Kai Robin Havnaa, 89,7, Nor  KO 3  Rad Rashid, 88,7, Ger
Havnaa won the vacant IBO Int´l cruiserweight title as he knocked out Rashid with a left to the body.
8x2: Katharina Thanderz, 61,0, Nor  W8-M  Rachel Ball, 60,0, Uk
78-74, 79-73 and 76-76.
Jonathan José Eniz, 65,0, Mex  W12-S  Deniz Ilbay, 66,6, Ger
Eniz won the vacant IBO I/C with a close win over Ilbay in an upset. It was scored 115-113 and 116-112 for Eniz and 115-113 Ilbay.
Hadi Srour, 64,6, Nor  W6-U  Zoltan Szabo, 64,5, Hun
60-54 on all cards.
6x3: Jamshid Nazari: 66.1, Nor  TKO 3 Reyhan Todorov, 67.0, Bul
Todorov was down in the first, second and twice in the third.
4x3: Kent-Erik Badstad, 90.6, Nor  KO 2   Istvan Orsos, 85.5, Hun
Orsos went down from a bodyshot, got up but was ruled out and it went down as a KO.

March 2, Anapa, RUS, SKV Boxing
10x3: Vyacheslav Mirzaev, 52,6,  TKO 5 (2.19)  Yutthana Kaensa, 53,2,  Thai
Kaensa was floored three times in the 5th.
Radik Grigoryan, 64,4,   W8-U  Ivan Skripachev, 64,3,
79-73, 80-72 and 80-73.
Nikolay Zvonarev, 67,8,  W6-U  Cantemir Kalazhokov, 68,5,
59-56 twice and 57-56. Kalazhokov down in the second.
6x3: Ilya Ochkin, 70,3,  TKO 3 (1.33)  Muhir Yuldashev, 68,8, Uzb
Yuldashev down in the second and twice in the third.
6x2: Marina Popova, 65,2,  W6-U  Christina Morozova, 66,7,
59-55, 58-56 and 57-57.
Arseny Nuri, 63,0,  W4-U  Vahe Kirakosyan, 65,2,
39-37, 40-36 and 40-37.
Elshad Mamedov, 62,9,  W4-M  Rustam Terentyev, 62,5,
38-37 twice and 38-38. Terentyev down in the third.
Zamir Zekashev, 74,6,  D4-U  Nikolay Kuzmenko, 74,0,
38-38 on all cards.
4x3: Vyacheslav Barsukov, 76,3,  TKO 3 (1.07)  Alexander Ilyin, 75,0,
Huseynov floored twice.
Serge Sahakyan, 68,5,  W4-U  Magamed Huseynov, 69,5,
40-36 on all cards.
4x3: Alexander Ermolov, 61,6,  TKO 2 (2.05)  Araik Kirakosyan, 61,7,
Kirakosyan floored twice in the first and twice in the second.

Mar 2, Vienna, AUS, Hallmann Dome, FvA
6x3, lh: Mansur Elsaev, Aus  TKO 2  Attila Koros, HUn

Mar. 2, Reggio Emilia, ITA:
SB: Mattia De Bianchi, Ita W 6 Ergin Raca, Ita

Mar 2, Mazingarbe, FRA:
sw: Rigobert Gael, Fra  W 6  Jimmy Waily, Fra
c: Michel Nocera, Fra  W 4  Bertrand Logan, Fra

Mar 2, Loiret, FRA:
4x3, sb: Loic Tajan, Fra  TKO 1  Rade Joksimovic, Ser
l: Kaoyssou Cisse, Fra  W 4  Renaud Mollon, Fra

Mar 2, Giffaumont, FRA:
w: Narek Minassyan, Fra  W 4  Zlatko Janjic, Ser
4x3, f: Jeremy Bernardin, Fra  TKO 4  Nikola Boljkovac, Ser

Mar 2, Echirolles, FRA:
6x3, sm: Mehdi Madani, Fra  TKO 5  Lajos Szilagyi, Hun
w: Jorick Luisetto, Fra  W 6  Alain Alfred, Fra
4x3, sm: Kamel Benyattou, Fra  TKO 1  Thomas Knittel, Fra

Mar 2, Narva, EST:
w: Fedor Vinogradov, Rus  W6-U  Maksims Dembovskis, Lat
60-53 twice and 60-54.
w: Ivans Levickis, Lat  W6-U  Antons Zacests, Lat
59-56 twice and 60-54.

Mar 2, St Julians, MALTA, Hotel Intercontinental
10x3, f: Kerstin Brown, Mal  KO 3  (2.41)  Giorgi Abuladze, Geo
vacant UBO I/C 126 lb title.
sm: Christian Schembri, Mal  TKO 7  Paata Varduashvili, Geo
vacant UBO I/C 168 lb title.
8x2, l: Claire Cantar, Mal  KO 1  Marija Fedotenkova, Lat
vacant female UBO I/C 135 lb title.
6x3, lh: Malik Zinad, Mal  KO 4  Julio Acosta, Spa
4x3, sm: Fathi Brebesh, Mal  KO 1  Vladimirs Slikovs, Lat

March 2, Legionow, POL; Babilon Promotion
10x3, sf: Viktor Kotochigov, Kaz  KO 6  Piotr Gudel, Pol
An upset on paper only.
8x3, c: Miichal Cieslak, Pol  TKO 8 (not out)  Youri Kayembre Kalenga, Fra
lh: Pawel Czyzyk, Pol  W6-U  Igor Porebski, Pol
4x3, sw: Kristian Nguyen, Slo  TKO 1  Viktor Gelien, Slo
sl: Artem Ayvazidi, Ukr  W4-U  Krzystof Cieslak, Pol
39-37 twice and 40-36.
m: Patryk Cichy, Pol  W 4  Bartosz Glowacki, Pol
4x3, w: Jakub Dobrzynski, Pol  KO 4  Michal Krawczyk, Pol
4x3, sm: Pawel Martyniuk, Pol TKO 1  Andrej Andrasik, Slo

March 2, Kaiserslautern, GER, Fruchthalle, bdb
10x3, sl: Joan Lique Canaveral, Col/Ger  W Td 5  Philipp Wiesenhofer, Aus/Ger
Heads clashed in the fifth, both were cut but Wiesenhofer´s cut was so bad it had to be stopped and it went to the scorecards with Lique was ahead and thus won in this Int´l German title fight.
sw: Emmanuel Lique Canaveral, Col/Ger  W4-U  Jovica Jovanovic, B & H
lh: Alexander Lorch, Ger  W 4 ("2-1")  Michael Klempert, Ger
8x3, h: Evgenios Lazarides, Gre/Ger  KO 1  John Kimuanga Massaw, Ger

March 1, Palma de Mallorca, SPA:
c: Carlos de Bodisco, Spa  W4-U  Albert Ulrich, Spa

Feb. 28, San Severo, ITA:
SW: Francesco Lezzi, Ita W 6 Luigi Leonardi, Ita/Geo
SW: Benito Ruggiero, Ita W 6 Marco Di Giamberardino, Ita
W: Jonny Joel Zeze Sigheh, Ita KO 4 Fabio Selvaggio, Ita/Mal

Feb 28, Clermont Ferrand, SPA:
f: Anthony Settoul, Fra  W 6  Edgar Sarkisiani, Geo
lh: Christopher Brugiroux, Fra  W 4  Sergei Bannov, Est

Feb. 24, Milano, ITA:
Ft: Suat Laze, Ita, W 6 Shoaib Zaman, Ita

Feb 23, Kiev, UKR; Akko International
w: Karen Chukhadzhyan, Ukr  W10-U  Carlos Mohamed Rodriguez,
WBC Youth Silver 147 lb title

Per-Åke Persson