23/09/2011 - 16.41.17


Evander to challenge Povetkin in December

[Evander Holyfield] has decided to relinquish the WBF heavyweight title in order to challenge [Alexander Povetkin] for the WBA “regular” World title in December.

The legendary American informed WBF president Howard Goldberg personally. “I have been in talks with Evander Holyfield over the past couple of weeks. He has secured a December fight against Povetkin for one of the WBA titles and informed me that with much regret he would have to relinquish his WBF world title,” said Goldberg. “Evander and I have always had an open relationship and he expressed his great pride in having fought for and having held our WBF world heavyweight title and that he will always keep the WBF close to his heart. It has always been our philosophy at the WBF to allow our champions to grow, be it with us at the WBF or whether they are offered opportunities elsewhere. We have never, and will never, prevent our fighters from growing – that is not who we are.”