09/04/2012 - 11.01.49


Andy Kolle beats Michael Walker with just one strong hand

By  Ashley White

Despite hurting his left hand during the first round, southpaw Andy Kolle defeated Michael Walker via a unanimous decision. The bout was way more spectacular than expected. Kolle ‘Kaos’ gave his best and outpunched The Midnight Stalker throughout the fight. Even though at some instances Walker tried to make a comeback, Kolle still was able to lead the show.

  • Andy Kolle beats Michael Walker with just one strong hand – Boxing News

Andy Kolle, who stands with 25 wins, 3 losses and 18 knockouts in his portfolio, stated after the fight that he injured his left hand in the first round while delivering a mix of right and left punches to Walker. He added that was not really sure whether his hand was broken or severely injured and that he will need to go to a doctor to get it fixed.

Walker had a well-planned game against Kolle. He wanted to get into Kolle’s long reach and deliver short shots, however Kolle very well countered this strategy by delivering his own short shots to Walker. In the first round, Kolle delivered a devastating left to the forehead of Walker, which probably was the punch that damaged his own hand. The punch also opened up Walker’s right eye.

Nevertheless, Walker had put up a good fight. In the second round, Walker tried his level best but was unable to get his hands on Kolle. Surprisingly, Kolle continued playing just with his right hand throughout the remaining seven rounds.

Walker got control of the game in the sixth and the eighth round by going inside Kolle’s shots and attacking his body. However, it was too late for Walker to make a comeback since Kolle had already dominated most of the rounds. The final scorecards had 79-73 and 80-72, declaring Kolle the winner.

Even though Walker’s strategy was solid, he still was unable to get hold of Kolle. Probably his execution was weak which gave Kolle the upper hand. Kolle fought well with one hand, which definitely is a commendable achievement for him. Fighting an experienced pugilist like Walker and taking down with just one hand is not an easy milestone to achieve but Kolle did it with ease.