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Euro News

By Per-Ake Persson

The European Boxing Association, EBA, have filed a lawsuit against the WBA in a Spanish court for 1,5 million EUR. The WBA ousted the EBA in 2011 for reasons they never made public.
The EBA was first formed as a regional body, "the Euro-African Boxing Association", in the late 90´s but soon the "African" part disappeared, which lead to a conflict with the European Boxing Union, the EBU. The EBA was going pretty strong though with the support of the WBA but somewhere around 2005 the EBA got into a conflict with the main body and was eventually locked out. The organisation never folded but was more or less out of business when there was a sudden comeback a few years ago and while the EBA never was a subtitle to the WBA there was a close collaboration - that came to an sudden end in 2011. No-one outside of the inner circle appears to know anything about the reasons for the disputes.
The WBA have now created a continental title but this far there have been very little activity.
Italian Michele Di Rocco and Brit Lenny Daws will clash for the vacant EBU 140 lb title April 27 with OPI 2000 as promoters. Site have yet to be announced.
SES promotes in Potsdam March 2 and with triple female world champ Ramona Kuehne on top and have now added an interesting co-feature with Denis Simcic, 28-2, again facing Frenchman Jonathan Profichet, 14-8. Profichet stopped Simcic in one the first time the two clashed in what on paper was a big upset. The rematch was first on for Slovenia late February although it was never confirmed by SES.
Kuehne will face Brazilian Halanna Dos Santos in a defence of the WBO, WIBF and WBFed female superfeather titles.
The fight for the vacant EU flyweight title between Spaniard Xavier Urpi and Italian Giuseppe Lagana that was set for Madrid March 2 is off as Lagana is out of boxing at the moment due a work related matter. Urpi may face a substitute from the EU ratings or the promotion as a whole will be cancelled.

Euro Results

By Per-Ake Persson
Jan 27, Vienna, AUS, Pro-Gym Center
6x3, w: Laszlo Toth, Aus  TKO 2  Ladislav Nemeth,
m: Gogi Knezevic, Aus  W 6  Ivan Godor,
6x3, h: Agron Smakici,  TKO 1  Zoltan Beres,
6x2, fly: Eva Vorberger,  TKO 5  Bettina Granasi,
6x2, f: Doris Koehler,  TKO 2  Dora Farkas,

Jan 27, Heerlen, NTH,
sm: Gevorg Khatachtrian, Nth  TKO 1  Jetmir Kucq,
Kucq stopped due to cuts.
sm: Dmitri Sartison, Ger  W6-U  Denis Solomko, Blr
Sartison returns, win every round but is said to be looking rusty.
?: Radwan Boeka,  D 4  Robbie Hageman, debut
?: Gian Carlo Liesdek, debut  W 4  Antonio Manuel, Bel 

Jan 26, Madrid, SPA:
m: Daniel Perez Salido, Madrid, Spa  W6-U  Julio Alberto Barsena,

Jan 26, Tubize, BEL: Maurice Bufi
8x3: Dardan Zenunaj, 55,1, Bel  KO 5  Andrei Moldovenau, 56,8, Rom
Ali Baghouz, 103,6, Bel  W 4  Sandor Balogh, 112,3, Hun
Mouhamed Sder, 67,5, Bel  W 6  Hovhannes Kishmiryan, 68,5, Bel
Angelo Turco, 60,0, Bel  W 4  Peter Mellar, 56,9, Hun
Benjamin Smoes, 52,0, Bel  W 4  Cosmin Paun, 53,6, Rom
Ronald Berti, 70,8, Bel, debut  W 4  Lajos Orsos, 68,4, Hun
Jerome Bouvier, 95,6, Bel, debut  W 4  Florin Chidici, 97,7, Rom

Jan 26, Melfi, ITA:
jm: Andrea Marco, Ita  Tdr 3  Stefano Loriga, Ita

Jan 26, Barcelona, SPA, Bon Pastor, Gallego Prado / KO Verdun
Sandor Martin, 62,5, Spa  W6-U  Joao Antonio Bento, 62,5, Por
8x3, sm: Robert Stieglitz, Ger  KO 3  Michal Nieroda, Pol
Stieglitz in a warmup before facing Arthur Abraham March 23.
f: Rafael Pujol, Spa  TKO 3  Jose Antonio Elisabeth, Nic

Jan 26, Geneve, SWI:
8x3: Sofiane Sebihi, 80,6, Swi  TKO 3  Joszef Orsos, 78,8, Hun
8x3: Enes Zecirevic, 75,5, Swi  TKO 7  Ferenc Zold / Zöld, 75,5, Hun
6x2: Ornella Domini, 64,8, Swi  TKO 3  Daniela Bickei, 63,9, Ser 

Jan 26, Vitrolles, FRA:
6x3, lh: Nadjib Mohammed, Fra  TKO 2  Roman Vanicky, Cze
sm: Mehdi Amar, Fra  W 6  Damien Retif, Fra 

Jan 25, Santena, ITA:
Andrea Scarpa, 58.800, Ita, TKO 2 Floriano Pagliara, 58.900, Ita   
Scarpa retained Italian super-featherweight title
Riccardo Pintaudi, kg 67.500, Ita, TKO 2 Rocco Di Palmo, 69.500, Ita
jw: Luciano Randazzo, Ita, W 4 Marco Delmestro, Ita

Jan 15, Dijon, FRA:
undercard to Boyeaux v Guerfi
CNE, c: Rachid Baaj, Fra  W 4  Walter Bender, Fra
6x3, jm: Howard Cospolite, Fra  TKO 2  Haik Merkertoumian, Fra
By  Per-Åke Persson