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(Roy Levester Jones Jr)
Cruiserweight, USA, Pensacola, Florida
Born: January 16, 1969, Pensacola, Florida
Height: 5ft 10in, mt 1,77
Weight: 155-157-160-168-175-193-173.25-179.5 lbs
as an amateur:
1986 National Golden Gloves Jr. Welterweight gold medal
1986 Goodwill Games Jr. Welterweight bronze medal
1987 National Golden Gloves Welterweight gold medal
1998 Golden Gloves Jr. Middleweight bronze medal
L pts Gerald McClellan
1998 Olympic Trials Jr. Middleweight gold medal
Final: W pts Frankie Liles
1988 Seoul Olympic Games Jr. Middleweight silver medal
W KO 1 M'tendere Makalamba (Malawi), W pts Michal Franek (Cze)W pts Alexander Zaitsev (USSR),
W pts Richie Woodhall (Gt.Britain), Final: L pts Si-Hun Park (South Korea)
(Jones was named the outstanding boxer of the Olympic Games despite the controversial loss)
amateur record: 121-13-0

(Paweł Głażewski)
Light-Heavyweight, Poland, Bialystock
Born: 1 October 1982
Weight: 176 lbs


W: 59     L: 8     D: 0     Nc/Nd/Exh: 0

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W: 23     L: 5     D: 0     Nc/Nd/Exh: 0

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30/06/2012 - Lodz - Poland

Roy JONES Jr wins (+ W 10 SD)