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Record details

Michael AZZARÀ


Italy, Roma, Lazio
Born: 23 April 1993, Roma, Lazio, Italy

amateur record: 57 contests, won 31, lost 18, drew 8

Amateur Results

+ Mar. 29Alessio Proietti Capena, Italy WPTS
+ Mar. 30Nicolò Scaringella Capena, Italy WWO
- Apr. 2Emanuele Anile Ceccano, Italy LPTS
+ Apr. 23Omar Khachab Capena, Italy WPTS
= May 29Nicolò Scaringella Roma, Italy Draw
+ July 22Riccardo Pandolfi Roma, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 13 Andrea Manco (ITA)Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy LPTS
+ Dec. 3Riccardo Antano Capena, Italy WPTS
- Dec. 11Nicolò Scaringella Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Jan. 28Federico Roccoli Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Feb. 4Simone Sammarco Capena, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 15Stefano Cittadini Capena, Italy WPTS
- May 6Michele Crudele Teramo, Italy LPTS
+ June 10Francesco Fidani Capena, Italy WPTS
- July 10Matteo Migliorati Roma, Italy LPTS
= Oct. 14Nicola Baldari Capena, Italy Draw
- Nov. 12Diego Vergoni Riccione, Italy LPTS
+ Feb. 25 Matteo Guainella (ITA)Roma, Italy WPTS
= Mar. 23Matteo Menna Capena, Italy Draw
= May 25 Matteo Guainella (ITA)Capena, Italy Draw
- June 15Luca Ippolito Roma, Italy LPTS
- Mar. 17 Khalil El Harraz (ITA)Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Mar. 23Alessandro Rotondo Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Mar. 29Gianluca Purgatori Capena, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 11Gianluca Purgatori Capena, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 19Vladimir Gavrilita Capena, Italy WPTS
+ May 31Simone Melillo Capena, Italy WPTS
- July 17Mattia Izzi Roma, Italy LPTS
- Oct. 20Riccardo Romano Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 19Devis Chiarucci Ariccia, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 21Raffaele Daniele Vescera Ariccia, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 23Nicolò Scaringella Ariccia, Italy LPTS
= Dec. 14Mattia Izzi Roma, Italy Draw
+ Dec. 20 Khalil El Harraz (ITA)Roma, Italy WKO
- Jan. 25Nicolò Scaringella Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Feb. 16Luca Ippolito Roma, Italy WPTS
- Mar. 29 Vincenzo Bevilacqua (ITA)Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Apr. 26Devis Chiarucci Roma, Italy WTKO
- May 24Francesco Faraoni Pomezia, Italy LPTS
+ May 31Edoardo Nodaro Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 28Nicolò Scaringella Roma, Italy WPTS
= July 5 Giuliano Natalizi (ITA)Roma, Italy Draw
- July 10Vincenzo Lomasto Latina, Italy LPTS
- Nov. 13 Matteo Guainella (ITA)Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Dec. 7Edoardo Nodaro Manziana, Italy WPTS
+ Dec. 19Raffaele Daniele Vescera Roma, Italy WPTS
- Mar. 28 Adriano Sperandio (ITA)Roma, Italy LPTS
= Apr. 12 Kevin Di Napoli (ITA)Roma, Italy Draw
+ May 23Matteo Signorelli Roma, Italy WPTS
+ May 29Dylan Spinelli Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 5Andrea Aroni Sassari, Italy WTKO
= July 3Gabriele Casella Roma, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 5Edoardo Nodaro Roma, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 7Giacomo Sy Seydou Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 29Fabio Mastromarino Albano Laziale, Italy WPTS
+ June 24Marco Ubertini Anzio, Italy WPTS


Professional record

+ Oct. 22 Goran AliRoma, ItalyTKO 2
+ Dec. 3 Constantin PancratColleferro, ItalyW 6
+ Feb. 9 Andrei BoghiciRoma, ItalyTKO 2
+ Apr. 22 Ignazio CrivelloRoma, ItalyW 6



Total bouts: 4, Won: 4 (2 inside the limit), Lost: 0 (0 inside the limit), Draw: 0, NC: 0, ND: 0