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Italy, Roma
Born: 20 January 1994, Roma, Italy

as an amateur:

ASD Bellusci Boxe Promotion

amateur record: 34-15-5

Amateur Results

= Apr. 14Roberto Frollani Roma, Italy Draw
- May 5Paolo Di Lernia Fiumicino, Italy LPTS
+ May 19Mirko Pizzi Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 8Giacomo Santoro Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 22Nazar Shubynets Roma, Italy WRSCI
+ July 7Giacomo Santoro Roma, Italy WPTS
+ July 19Michele Sensini Roma, Italy WPTS
+ July 26Carlos Fernandez Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Sept. 16Simone Capaldo Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Oct. 6Daniele Facca Monterotondo, Italy WWO
- Oct. 7Stefano Gasparri Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 11Giacomo Santoro Roma, Italy WDQ
- Dec. 21 Luca Genovese (ITA)Ariccia, Italy LPTS
= Feb. 23Andrea Cretaro Roma, Italy Draw
= Mar. 17Luca Menesatti Roma, Italy Draw
- Apr. 6Luca Menesatti Monterotondo, Italy LPTS
+ May 18Michele Sensini Roma, Italy WPTS
= May 31 Gheorghe Trandafir (ITA)Roma, Italy Draw
- June 29Alessandro Cubeddu Muravera, Italy LPTS
+ July 19Simone Capaldo Roma, Italy WPTS
- July 20Angelo Santilli Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Oct. 19Aaron Andrea Contu Pomezia, Italy WKO
- Oct. 26 Luca Genovese (ITA)Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 23Angelo Santilli Ariccia, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 24Roberto Improta Ariccia, Italy WPTS
Galliate, Italy, Italian Championships preliminaries, 56 kg
- Dec. 11 Luca Rigoldi (ITA)Galliate, Italy LPTS 2:1
- Mar. 28 Fabio Riccio (ITA)Viterbo, Italy LPTS
+ Apr. 12 Jonathan Sannino (ITA)Livorno, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 25 Jonathan Sannino (ITA)Roma, Italy WPTS
+ May 10Joel Santos Borgo a Mozzano, Italy WPTS
= May 31Aaron Andrea Contu Roma, Italy Draw
+ June 7Danilo Barile Porretta Terme, Italy WPTS
+ June 27Abdel Halim Boufrakech Bergamo, Italy WPTS
- June 28Stefano Gasparri Bergamo, Italy LPTS
+ Aug. 2Cristian Talenti Barge, Italy WPTS
- Sept. 20Riccardo D'Andrea Roma, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 16 Giovanni Tagliola (ITA)Roma, Italy WPTS
Taviano, Italy, Italian Championships quarter-finals, 56 kg
- Dec. 6Davide Tassi Taviano, Italy LPTS 2:1
+ Mar. 1Moreno Iacovino Roma, Italy WPTS
- Apr. 4Alessio Di Savino Roma, Italy LPTS
+ May 9Marvin Demollari Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 5 Gianmario Serra (ITA)Sassari, Italy WPTS
- June 13Marvin Demollari Borgo a Mozzano, Italy LPTS
+ June 26Steeven Castillo Rossano, Italy WPTS
+ June 27Giuseppe Canonico Rossano, Italy WPTS
+ June 28Leonardo Faretina Rossano, Italy WPTS
+ Sept. 26Christofer Salvatore Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Oct. 23Raul Garcia Roma, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 5Giovanni Ciardiello Roma, Italy WTKO-I
+ Nov. 7Simone Mauro Roma, Italy WPTS
Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy, Italian Championships silver medal, 56 kg
+ Dec. 3 Jacopo Lusci (ITA)Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy WPTS 3:0
+ Dec. 4Joseph Melarosa Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy WPTS 3:0
+ Dec. 6Stefano Gasparri Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy WPTS 3:0
- Dec. 8 Alex Ferramosca (ITA)Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy LPTS 2:1


Professional record

+ Apr. 23 Jacopo LusciRoma, ItalyW 4
= July 24 Vincenzo EroePatti, ItalyDraw 4
+ Oct. 30 Daniele NucciRoma, ItalyW 4
+ Dec. 21 Yuri SampirisiCiampino, ItalyW 6
(Won Final Italian Neo Pro Featherweight Championship)
+ Feb. 11 Milan DelicCampagnano di Roma, ItalyW 6
+ Mar. 25 Mikheil SoloninkiniRoma, ItalyTKO 3



Total bouts: 6, Won: 5 (1 inside the limit), Lost: 0 (0 inside the limit), Draw: 1, NC: 0, ND: 0