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Italy, Cattolica, Rimini, Emilia-Romagna
Based in Germany, Köln
Born: 13 September 1993

Club: Cattolica Boxe ASD

amateur record: 37 contests, won 26, lost 4, drew 7

Amateur Results

+ Apr. 16Daniele Cameli Ostra Vetere, Italy WPTS
+ May 15Alessandro Santaniello Rimini, Italy WPTS
+ Sept. 18Antonio Volpone Cattolica, Italy WRSC
= Nov. 13Iacopo Monaldi Riccione, Italy Draw
= Apr. 29Nicolò Amore Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy Draw
- May 13Lorenzo Taraboi Rimini, Italy LPTS
+ May 19Federico Valentini Forlì, Italy WPTS
+ July 21Iacopo Monaldi Fano, Italy WPTS
- Oct. 20Giorgio Bianchini Bologna, Italy LPTS
+ Apr. 14Riccardo Toschi Cesenatico, Italy WPTS
+ May 11Iacopo Monaldi Rimini, Italy WPTS
+ May 18Giorgio Bianchini Forlì, Italy WPTS
+ June 1Nicolò Amore Roma, Italy WPTS
+ June 8Riccardo Toschi Cesenatico, Italy WPTS
= June 14Marco Muccioli Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy Draw
= July 10Andrea Bucchi Imola, Italy Draw
+ Sept. 21Angelo Leonzio Cattolkica, Italy WPTS
+ Oct. 19Federico Valentini Cesenatico, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 22Alessandro Rosini Bologna, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 23Michele Leonzio Bologna, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 24Danny Tanfoglio Bologna, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 29Federico Bellancini Santa Maria Maddalena, Italy LPTS
+ Mar. 15Abdulwahed Ali Kaja Cesenatico, Italy WPTS
= Apr. 12Nicola Quarneti Cesenatico, Italy Draw
+ May 10Marco Muccioli Cesenatico, Italy WPTS
+ May 28Diego Vergoni San Pietro in Vincoli, Italy WPTS
= June 22Diego Vergoni Montefelcino, Italy Draw
+ July 12 Francesco Castellano (ITA)Gemmano, Italy WPTS
+ July 26Diego Vergoni Sassocorvaro, Italy WPTS
Pescara, Italy, Dual Match Italy vs Sweden, 69 kg
+ Aug. 1 Alexander Sund (SWE)Pescara, Italy WPTS
= Oct. 25Federico Valentini San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 7 Vadim Dedov (ITA)Modena, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 9Nicola Quarneti Modena, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 16Xhulio Marleci Ferrara, Italy WPTS
Taviano, Italy, Italian Championships bronze medal, 69 kg
+ Dec. 3Nicola Fasolo Taviano, Italy WPTS 3:0
+ Dec. 5 Giulio Zito (ITA)Taviano, Italy WTKO-I 2
- Dec. 7Alessandro Marziali Taviano, Italy LPTS 3:0


Professional record

+ Mar. 4 Oktavian GratiiHangelsberg, GermanyW 4
= July 1 Ali HusseinHangelsberg, GermanyDraw 4



Total bouts: 2, Won: 1 (0 inside the limit), Lost: 0 (0 inside the limit), Draw: 1, NC: 0, ND: 0