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Roberto BASSI


Italy, Ascoli Piceno, Marche
Born: 17 October 1983, San Benedetto del Tronto, Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy

Club: ASD Scoli Piceno

amateur record: 91 contests, won 57, lost 19, drew 15

Amateur Results

+ Aug. 6Marco Marucci Centobuchi, Italy WPTS
- Sept. 27Paolo Petritoli Monte Urano, Italy LPTS
+ Mar. 26Enrico Margarittini Civitanova Marche, Italy WPTS
= July 29Daniele Marra Ancona, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 27Daniele Marra Monte Urano, Italy WPTS
- Dec. 5Daniele Marra Civitanova Marche, Italy LPTS
+ Dec. 20Alberto Migani Castelraimondo, Italy WPTS
+ June 24Marco Marucci Pesaro, Italy WPTS
= Nov. 10Adriano Fronea San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy Draw
- Apr. 29Dariush Khadivi Terni, Italy LPTS
+ May 13Daniele Marra Porto San Giorgio, Italy WPTS
= June 2Dariush Khadivi Porto d'Ascoli, Italy Draw
= June 30Carlo Censori Ancona, Italy Draw
= July 14Nicola Di Rocco Controguerra, Italy Draw
- July 22Daniele Marra Ancona, Italy LPTS
= July 29Maicol Crescenzi Porto San Giorgio, Italy Draw
+ Aug. 5Luca Colantonio Serracapriola, Italy WPTS
= Sept. 29Denis Hasan Terni, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 10Carlo Censori Ancona, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 11Pietro Mancinelli Ancona, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 12Davide Rossi Brunori Ancona, Italy WPTS
Milano, Italy, Italian Championships quarter-finals, 75 kg
+ Dec. 5 Andrea Di Luisa (ITA)Milano, Italy WPTS 15:10
- Dec. 6 Ivano Del Monte (ITA)Milano, Italy LRSCO 3
+ Dec. 27Leandro Giglio San Paolo di Civitate, Italy WPTS
+ May 26Olmo Pesci Jesolo, Italy WRSCI
- June 3 Matteo Rossi (ITA)San Bendetto del Tronto, Italy LPTS
- Aug. 3 Valter Fiorucci (ITA)Lerchi Cittą di Castello, Italy LPTS
- Aug. 24 Andrea Di Monte (ITA)Monterinaldo, Italy LPTS
+ Sept. 21Franjo Grgic Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
= Sept. 29Francesco Venturi Spoleto, Italy Draw
= Oct. 6Andrea Morandi Sesto Fiorentino, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 9Francesco Venturi Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 10Matteo Di Donato Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 11Davide Rossi Brunori Ascoli Piceno, Italy LPTS
= Apr. 6Matteo Di Donato Ascoli Piceno, Italy Draw
+ July 26Franjo Grgic Visso, Italy WPTS
+ Aug. 7Luca Colantonio Controguerra, Italy WPTS
+ Aug. 20Emilio Minischetti San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy WPTS
+ Aug. 29Roberto Liberati Rotella, Italy WPTS
= Sept. 26 Stefano Trabucco (ITA)Chieti Scalo, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 8Francesco Venturi Termoli, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 9Saimon Bracalente Termoli, Italy WPTS
Milano, Italy, Italian Championships bronze medal, 75 kg
+ Dec. 10Giovanni Bonaschi Milano, Italy WPTS 7:3
- Dec. 12 Daniele Moruzzi (ITA)Milano, Italy LPTS 12:5
+ Mar. 22 Piero Mucci (ITA)Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
= Apr. 18 Piero Mucci (ITA)Macerata, Italy Draw
+ May 1 Adriano Sperandio (ITA)Offida, Italy WPTS
+ May 16 Danilo Creati (AUS)Centobuchi, Italy WPTS
- May 23 Luca Arrigo (ITA)Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy LPTS
Macerata and Ascoli Piceno, Italy, Dual Match Club Italy vs Canada, 75 kg
+ June 13 Brandon Cook (CAN)Macerata, Italy WPTS
+ June 15 Brandon Cook (CAN)Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
- July 11Marcello Mastroianni Cittą Sant'Angelo, Italy LPTS
= Sept. 4 Piero Mucci (ITA)Ascoli Piceno, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 6Alessandro Venanzi Trevi, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 7 Stefano Trabucco (ITA)Trevi, Italy WPTS
+ Nov. 8Francesco Venturi Trevi, Italy WPTS
Tarquinia, Italy, Italian Championships quarter-finals, 75 kg
- Dec. 5Simone Rossetto Tarquinia, Italy LPTS +7:7
+ Apr. 10Nicolas Emili Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ May 1Dylan Spinelli Offida, Italy WPTS
Isernia, Italy, Italian University Championships silver medal, 75 kg
+ May 21Beniamino Stango Isernia, Italy WPTS
+ May 22Massimiliano Moretti Isernia, Italy WPTS
- May 23Carlo Grillo Isernia, Italy LPTS
+ June 12Dylan Spinelli Monteprandone, Italy WPTS
+ June 25 Amedeo Maurizio (ITA)Loreto, Italy WPTS
+ July 24Matteo Di Giacomo Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ Aug. 13Matteo Di Giacomo Venegrande di Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ Sept. 11 Amedeo Maurizio (ITA)Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
- Oct. 22Leandro Giglio Brindisi, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 5Mario Verdile Monte Urano, Italy WDQ
+ Nov. 6Filippo Mattoli Monte Urano, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 7Andrea Marziali Monte Urano, Italy LPTS
+ Nov. 13 Mirko Geografo (ITA)Spoleto, Italy WPTS
- Nov. 14Roberto Liberati Spoleto, Italy LPTS
+ Dec. 5Dylan Spinelli Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ Feb. 19 Stefano Failla (ITA)Sant'Angelo in Vado, Italy WPTS
+ Mar. 11Aimedo Gulamuso Cupramarittima, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 3 Julian Metushi (ALB)Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS
+ Apr. 22Ganushka Weligalla Ralalage Ancona, Italy WPTS
+ May 1Ganushka Weligalla Ralalage Offida, Italy WPTS
+ May 20Beniamino Stango Torino, Italy WPTS
- May 21Michele Meucci Torino, Italy LPTS
+ June 11 Emanuele Cavallucci (ITA)Monteprandone, Italy WPTS
+ July 16Aimedo Gulamuso San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy WPTS
+ July 21Javier Angel Spiteller Castel di Lama, Italy WPTS
= Aug. 8 Yassine Habachi (ITA)San Paolo di Civitate, Italy Draw
+ Aug. 28Dylan Spinelli Nereto, Italy WPTS
= Sept. 24 Manuel Grimieri De Ioanni (ITA)Mazzano Romano, Italy Draw
+ Nov. 6 Patrizio Maruzzelli (ITA)Spoleto, Italy WPTS
Reggio Calabria, Italy, Italian Championships preliminaries, 75 kg
- Dec. 6Mario Argento Reggio Calabria, Italy LPTS 13:12
+ Apr. 15Bexhet Karadaku Ascoli Piceno, Italy WPTS


Professional record

+ May 1 Daniele SalvestriOffida, ItalyW 6
+ June 23 Giuseppe RauseoMonteprandone, ItalyW 6
+ July 8 Valerica AdochiteiSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyW 6
- Apr. 12 Gaetano NesproJesi, ItalyL 6
+ May 1 Adam CsipakOffida, ItalyW 6
+ July 20 Laszlo SzekeresSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyW 6
+ Sept. 20 Rosario TrovatoCalenzano, ItalyW 6
+ Jan. 10 Fabrizio LeoneArezzo, ItalyW 10 UD
(Won vacant Italian Super-Middleweight Title)
+ May 22 Roberto CoccoSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyW 10 UD
(Retained Italian Super-Middleweight Title)
+ Aug. 7 Nikola MaticSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyW 6
+ Oct. 10 Abdallah PaziwapaziRoma, ItalyW 6
= June 10 Andrea MancoSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyDraw 10
(For Italian Middleweight Title)
- Nov. 25 Andrea MancoSan Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyL 10 UD
(For Italian Middleweight Title)
- July 24 Lasha GurgulianiRoma, ItalyL 6



Total bouts: 14, Won: 10 (0 inside the limit), Lost: 3 (0 inside the limit), Draw: 1, NC: 0, ND: 0