Everyone loves a good hug...everyone except for Floyd Mayweather. Victor Ortiz got frustrated in his bout against "Pretty Boy" Floyd and delivered a pretty good headbutt to the champ. In an ordinary fight, a headbutt usually classifies as a one point deduction, a touch of the gloves, and a restart. Too bad this wasn't an ordinary fight.

The whole boxing community knows that Floyd Mayweather and his nemesis, Manny Pacquiao, took fights against lesser opponents to prepare for each other. Apparently, Victor Ortiz missed the memo. For a few seconds in the fourth round, Ortiz thought he had a chance at winning the fight and in a moment of sheer frustration (or an act of desperation), he hit Mayweather with the Balrog headbutt from Street Fighter IV. Forget Balrog...he went Zinedine Zidane.

The headbutt wasn't the most inexplicable move of the fight on Ortiz's part...What he did next was beyond words. In a fight against a man hell-bent on sending a message to his arch-rival, Victor Ortiz tried to hug Floyd Mayweather and make up. WHAT?????

I can't remember one fight I was in as a kid in which I threw the jab, launched a hook, and followed up with a hug. If I would have dropped my hands on the playground and attempted to hug the class bully, I probably would have fell victim to what happened next to good ol' Vic...

Floyd kept his hands up while Victor kept his hands down. Ortiz delivered his fierce hug and Mayweather responded with a fierce short left hook and a "have-a-seat" straight right.  Yeah yeah...I know a lot of you are saying it was a sucker punch or a show of bad sportsmanship, but let me ask you a question..."If a sucker punch would net you a big payday and another win, would you really go for the hug?"

Didn't think so...and neither did Floyd. He did exactly what he should have done and remembered he was in the ring to fight. There's a reason why the man is undefeated and I'm sure Pacman got the memo, "Floyd Mayweather Isn't the Hugging Type."