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May 1, Offida, ITA:
m: Roberto Bassi, Ita  W 6  Daniel Silvestri, Ita
jm: Felice Moncelli, Ita  W 6  Roberto Ruffini, Ita
May 1, Moscow, RUS:
m: Dmitry Pirog, Rus  W12-U  Nobuhiro Ishida, Jap
WBO middleweight title, scored 119-109, 120-108 and 118-111.
10x3, h: Vyacheslav Glazkov,  TKO 7  Gbenga Oloukun, Ger
6x3, c: Dmitry Kudryashov, Rus  TKO 1  Oleksyi Varagushyn, debut
May 1, Brügge, BEL, Tempelhof
8x3: Kobe Vandekerkhove, 67,5, Bel  KO 3  Brahim Kamal, Nth
6x3: Mohamed Kabech, 93,0, Bel  TKO 3,ab  Mikhail Ryshonkin, Rus
6x3: Erik Nazaryan, 79,0, Bel  KO 1  Dimitri Protkunas, 74,6, Lat
Razmik Grigoryan, 54,1, Bel  D 4  Sergei Tasimov, Est/Lat
6x3: Ahmed El Hamwe, 66,5, Bel  TKO 5  Farid El Houari, 65,8, Bel

Vyacheslav Gusev

April 30, Moscow, RUS, Club Milk
f: Vyacheslav Gusev, Rus  W12-U  Padjai Yongyuthgym, Thai
vacant WBO Euro featherweight title
w: Dmitry Mikhaylenko, Rus  W12-U  Sherzodbek Alimanjov, Uzb
vacant WBO Euro welterweight title
l: Georgy Maltabar, Rus  W6-U  Sherzodbek Mamajanov, Uzb
April 29, Sesto Fiorentino, ITA:
lh: David Rettori, Ita  W 6  Attila Szatmari, Hun
April 29, Valcorrente Belpasso, ITA:
jm: Gaetano Gutta, Ita  TKO 2,c  Adam Csipak, Hun
jw: Michelino Di Mari, Ita  W 6  Zoltan Janus Horvat, Hun
April 29, Rotterdam, NTH, Topsportcentrum
6x3, h: Don Diego Poeder, Nth  TKO 4  Danil Peret, Nor/Rus
April 29, Donetsk, UKR, Donbass Arena, Union Box Team
Paul Malignaggi, 66,15, US  TKO 9  Vyacheslav Senchenko, 66,5, Ukr
Senchenko lost the WBA welter title stopped due to badly swollen and cut left eye with Malignaggi on top.
Iago Kiladze, 90,5, Ukr  KO 2 Julien Perriaux, 89,5, Fra
WBA I/C cruiser title
Volodymyr Kravets, 63,15, Ukr  W12-U  Abdoulaye Soukouna, 63,4, Fra
IBC jr welter title, scored 118-111, 117-113 and 116-113.
Oleg Yefimovich, 56,95, Ukr  Sergio Carlos Santillan, 56,8, Arg
WBA I/C featherweight title, scored 120-108 on all cards.
Samir Ziani, 61,2, Fra  W12-U  Andriy Kudryavtsev, 60,8, Ukr
WBA I/C lightweight title, scored 118-111, 117-111 and 119-110.
8x3: Stanyslav Kashtanov, 77,3, Ukr  TKO 7  Jorge Rodriguez Oliveira, 77,5,
April 29, Sturovo, SLO:
m: Adnan Salihu, Kos/Swe  W 4  Lubomir Wejs, Slo
April 28, Copenhagen (Hvidovre), DEN, Frydenhöjhallen, est 700, Team Kimose / Team Vester (Anders and Allan, AV Sportpromotion
4x3: Andrejs Naglis, 98,6, Lat   TKO 3 (2.38)  Morten Poulsen, 129,9, Den
Poulsen, 219 cm, pawed with his jab, missed and was tagged by a right, then another. He was hurt but Naglis, rather soft looking, paced himself and Morten survived the round. Poulsen came out swinging in the second but missed badly and looked awful. In the third Morten tried again but was nailed and fell apart finally retiring himself with an injured right arm / shoulder and it was over. 20-18 twice for Naglis after two and a strange 19-19.
Kasper Hansen, 66,4, Den  D4-M  Sylvester Walczak, 66,1, Pol
prodebut for Hansen, scored 39-37 for Hansen and 38-38 twice. A fastpaced good fight with both too eager but quite good.
Ole Buller Carlsen, 72,6, Den  W4-U  Sebastian Wyvalec, 72,5, Pol
40-36 on all cards, prodebut for Carlsen. Both worked hard but most of it ended in close quarters with few clean punches scored.
4x2: Fadia Idrissi, 51,3, Den  W4-U  Karina Karpinska, 52,8, Pol
Prodebut for Karpinska, who lost on scores of 40-36 twice and 40-37 - but it was in fact close enough to go the other way after a fastpaced fight.
April 28, Charleroi, BEL:  Alain Vanackere
Alexandre Miskirtchian, 56,6, Bel  W12-U  Philippe Frenois, 56,8, Fra
Miskirtchian retained the EBU featherweight title on scores of 118-110 twice and 119-109.
10x3: Hervé Hubeaux, 114,5, Bel  TKO 3  Aleksandrs Dunecs, 98,2, Lat
Hubeaux won the vacant WBC I/C heavyweight title. Dunecs from four rounders in Sweden, Denmark and Latvia (1-1-1) to an international title fight :)
10x2: Sanae Jah, 50,7, Bel  W 10  Oksana Romanova, 50,5, Ukr
vacant WBC Int´l flyweight title
8x3: Ivica Bacurin, 91,4, Cro  TKO 7  Geoffrey Batello, 91,3, Bel
Batello in tough but still an upset win for Bacurin.
Guillaume Frenois, 59,7, Fra  W6-U  Pascal Bouchez, 59,4, Bel
60-53 on all cards.
Jamel Bahki, 72,6, Bel  W8-M  Ciro Ciano, 71,5, Ita
78-76 twice and 77-77.
6x3: Bilal Laggoune, 94,7, Bel  KO 4  Jovan Kaludjerovic, 90,7, Ser
4x2: Djemilla Gontaruk, 56,4, Bel  W 4  Nicky Mutsaert, 55,7, Bel
April 28, Colombier, SWI:
Bruno Tavares, 77,2, Swi  W 6  Jamal Haddaji, 79,8, Ita
Disarjot Gashi, 70,6, Kos/Swi  W 8  Sandor Micsko, 70,6, Hun
April 28, Geneva, SWI:
Sofiane Sebihi, 80,5, Swi  TKO 5  Artisom Solomka, 79,0, Blr/Cze
Enes Zecirevic,77,9, Bos/Swi  KO 2  Gabor Zsalek, 77,6, Hun
April 28, Setteville, ITA:
l: Manuel Lancia, Ita  KO 3  Alexandru Florin, Rom
April 28, Loncin, BEL:
Steve Jamoye, 62,5, Bel  W10-U  Tarik Madni, 63,0, Bel
Jamoye won the vacant Belgian jr welter title on scores of 97-94 on all cards.
Alendandru Jur, 83,0, Bel  W 6  Jessy Moreaux, 80,0, Bel
Arnaud Dimidschtein, 63,4, Bel W 4  Aurelien Lecoq, 63,9, Bel
April 28, La Coureneuve, FRA:
Mehdi Bouadla, 75,0, Fra  W 6  Andrejs Loginovs, 73,6, Lat
April 28, Lanton, FRA:
1/2 TF, jm: Viguen Gulnazarian, Fra  W 6  Nicolas Dudreuil, Fra
April 28, Niort, FRA;
1/2 CLL, Davy Armand, Fra  W 8  Jaoued Belghali, Fra
jw: Herve Bonneau, Fra  W 6  Sezer Erunsal, Fra
April 28, Bourbon L´Archambault, FRA:
l: Aghilase Ait-Aoudia, Fra  W 6  Ravil Mukhamadiyarov, Rus
jm: Hoegen Norman, Fra  W 6  Soltane Chams Eddine, Fra
6x3, m: Jean Bernard Vandenbussche, Fra  TKO 3  Ali Yammouni, Fra
jm: Youssouf Doumbia, Fra  W 6  Jimmy Delmaet, Fra
April 28, Louvroil, FRA:
1/2 TF, w: Mohamed Mimoune, Fra  W 6  Barthelemy Lefebvre, Fra

April 28, Painboeuf, FRA:
c: Julien Guibaud Rimbaud, Fra  W 4  Gabriel Lecrosnier, Fra
April 27, Linköping, SWE, Cloetta Center, est 1500, Power Boxing Promotion / MM Sports (special Swedish rules applied: ten ounce amateur gloves worn in all fights)
10x2: Frida Wallberg, 58,6, Swe  W10-U  Amanda Serrano, 58,7, US
Wallberg retained the WBC female jr lightweight title on scores of 96-94, 97-93 and 98-93. Serrano started well but was picked apart and outboxed in the later rounds. After four: 39-37 twice Wallberg and 38-38. After seven: 68-65, 68-65 and 69-64 twice (so it was announced - doesn´t really come together though :)
Patrick Bogere, 66,8, Swe  W6-U  Semjons Moroseks, 66,2, Lat
58-56, 59-55 and 60-54. Good fight where Moroseks´ USSR style blended well with Bogere´s hooks from both hands. The Swede too sharp and varied in his offence. There were attempts to make this after 8x3, then for 10x2 but the Martial Arts Delegation turned it down.
Naim "Albanian Warrior" Terbunja, ?, Swe  W4-U  Vladimir Spasojevic, 76,0, Ser
40-36 on all cards. Prodebut for Terbunja and he won clearly but Spasojevic was in shape and stood up to him all the way. Naim is from Linköping and of Kosovo-Albanian descent and the crowd cheered him all the way. He´s good but may have left his prodebut late - and for some reason couldn´t get a US visa to begin his procareer with Al Haymon as manager.
Lawrence Bennett, ?, UK  W4-M  Stefan Schallengruber, 83,2, Swe
Bennett was a same day sub for Stefan Dragomir and proved to be a tall southpaw, a lot taller than Stefan, who took a full round before attempting to punch. Bennett plugged away behind his jab and then hurt Schallengruber with a left upercut to the body in the second. Stefan was outboxed in the third too and then Bennett smothered him in the fourth. 39-37 twice and 38-38.
Benjamin Kalinovic, ?, Swe  W4-U  Hassan Ssaku, 69,4, Swe
40-37, 40-36 and 39-37. Kalinovic too quick and with too much variety in this fastpaced all southpaw clash.
6x2: Mikaela Lauren, 67,8, Swe  W6-U  Cindy Serrano, 67,4, US
58-56 twice and 59-55. Lauren was cut over the right eye in a tough fight where both went all out.
Suro Ismailov, 66,9, Swe  W4-U  Sanharib Staifou, 67,0, Swe
Prodebut for Norrköping´s Ismailov
April 27, Gent, BEL:
12x3: Jean Pierre Bauwens, 62,1, Bel  TKO 1  Ryan Barrett, 63,0, Uk
Non title fight despite the distance. Barrett floored three times and stopped - Barett says he slipped on a ring commercial and was then hit while down and never recovered.
10x3: Sasha Yengoyan, 69,3, Bel  TKO 2  Islam Teffahi, 69,2, Bel
Yengoyan retained the BeNeLux welter title, Teffahi floored twice in the first while Yenhoyan picked up a bad cut. Teffahi hurt and stopped early in the second.
8x2: Defline Persoon, 61,5, Bel  W 8  Loli Munoz, 61,1, Spa
Jackson Osei Bonsu, 69,4, Bel  D6-U  David Makaradze, 69,7, Geo
56-56 on all cards as Jackson´s chin again lets him down - he was floored in the last and badly out of it at the end.
Ismail Abdoul, 90,7, Bel  W 6  George Tevdorashvili, 87,0, Geo
Houssain Ghuliam, 67,7, Bel  W 6  Hovhannes Kishmyrian, 67,9, Bel
April 27, Clermont Ferrand, FRA:
b: Anthony Settoul, Fra  TKO 7  Jerome Arnould, Fra
French 118 lb title
1/2 CLL, w: Farid Hamache, Fra W 8 (77-74)  Kamal Mohamed, Fra
1/2 CLL, jw: Chaquib Fadli, Fra  KO 5  Salaheddine Sarhani, Fra
m: Hugo Kasperski, Fra  W 6  Gyorgi Marosi, Hun
6x3, w: Fouad El-Massoudi, Fra  TKO 3  Csaba Torma, Hun
April 27, St Nazaire, FRA:
1/2 CLL, w: Samir Zidi-Nettour, Fra  W  Mounir Guebbas, Fra
jw: Bastien Laforge, Fra  W 6  Brahim Bouizem, Fra
April 27, Kyiv, UKR, Sport Life Club
10x3, c: Dmytro Kucher, Ukr  KO 2  Walter David Cabral, Arg
jw: Viktor Postol, Ukr  W10-U  Jose Lopez, Mex
98-93 twice and 99-92.
m: Marat Kulumbegov, Rus  W6-U  Ambrosi Sutidze,
l: Oleg Malinovsky, Ukr  W4-U  Tornike Tortladze,
m: Valentin Zbrozhek, Ukr  W6-U  Nikolay Korenev, Ukr
4x3, sm: Ilshat Khusnulgatin, Rus  TKO 2  Mikhail Lidovsky, Ukr
sm: Grigory Fedorov, Rus  W4-U  Dmytro Bolotskyy, Ukr
April 26, Kharkiv, UKR, Sport Palace, K 2 Ukraine
12x3, h: Alexander Ustinov, Blr  KO 7  Jason Gavern, US
Ustinov won the vacant IBO I/C heavyweight title.
c: Pavlo Zhuravlev, Ukr  W8-U  Vitaly Nevesely, Ukr
77-76, 79-74 and 80-73.
8x3, w: Valery Brazhnik, Ukr  TKO 3  Hurshid Madaminov,
8x3, l: Valentin Golovko, Ukr  TKO 3  Dmitriy Bogachuk, Ukr
w; Dmitriy Semernin, Ukr  W8-U  Adham Nazarov,
lh: Vadim Novopashyn, Ukr  W4-U  Roman Merzoev, Ukr
jw: Dmytro Fedos, Ukr  W4-U  Oleg Tolochko, Ukr
April 25, Fiumicino, ITA:
Mirco Ricci, 78,3, Ita  TKO 1  Norbert Nagy, 81,0, Hun
Manuel Ernesti, 72,5, Ita  W 6  Ferenc Zold, 72,2, Hun
Andrea Pesce, 68,3, Ita  W 6  Julius Rafael, 66,7, Slo

April 22, Rimini, ITA:
sm: Matteo Rossi, Ita  W 6  Fabrizio Leone, Ita
April 22, Barletta, ITA:
lh: Yassine Habachi, Mor/Ita,Corato, Bari  TKO 2  Issa Saidi, Tun/Naples/Kosovo license
April 22, Theux, BEL:
Dimitrios Felikides, 82,0, Bel  W 6  Jorge Ortiz, 80, Col
Belgian novice title
6x3: Christope Dufaux, 90,0, Bel  TKO 3,ab  Alexander Winsch, 84,0, Ger  
April 21, Fredrikshavn, DEN; Arena Nord, Sauerland (SPAG, Nisse Sauerland) / Round Zero (Giulio Spagnoli / Luca Ferrara)
Patrick Nielsen, 72,2, Den KO 10 (1.05) Gaston Vega, 72,4, Arg
WBA I/C 160 lb title, 89-79 on all cards after nine.
James DeGale, 76,2, Uk TKO 4 (2.58)  Cristian Sanavia, 76,0, Ita
EBU supermiddle title, 29-28 twice and 30-27 for DeGale after three.
Andreas Evensen, 57,1, Nor  W12-M  Willie Casey, 56,8, Ire
Evensen won the WBA I/C featherweight title on scores of 115-113 twice and 114-114 after a tough, close fight and Evensen had to go to the hospital afterwards for a check up.
8x3: Erik Skoglund, 79,3, Swe KO 2 (2.05) Alberto Antenucci, 79,4. Ita
8x3: Reda Zam Zam, 70,5, Den  TKO 5  (2.59)  Bronislav Kubin, 69,0, Cze
6x3: Torben Keller, 70,0, Den  TKO 5 (0.23) Aliaksandr Abramenka, 67,4, Blr
4x3: Simen Smaadal, 77,2, Nor, debut  TKO 1 (?)  Pavel Staravoitau, 76,7, Blr
April 21, Schwerin, GER, Sport- und Kongresshalle, Universum
Karoly Balzsay, 75,5, Hun  TKO 12 (2.25)  Dimitri Sartison, 76,0, Ger
Balzsay retained the WBA regular supermiddle title with a hardfought last round tko after an exellent fight. Sartison started slowly while Balzsay looked sharp and put up a career best performance. In the third Sartison backed up his southpaw opponent but Balzsay held up under the pressure. I lost some of the midrounds due a fight with a spectator and as I got back into it it was a war with Balzsay on top with Sartison fading and perhaps suffering from his bad knee. In the last round Sartison went down after a right hook but got up and went to war again - but now Balzsay broke through and it was stopped with Sartison on his feet but staggering after taking unanswered blows to the head.
Marcel Meyerdiercks, 57,1, Ger W12-U  Santiago Allions, 56,6, Arg
Meyerdiercks won the vacant WBO I/C featherweight title on scores of 118-110, 117-111 and 119-109. Allions did well early but was outboxed by the well schooled but one-paced German from neaby Wismar.
Ante Bilic, 72,2, Ger  W12-U  Rafael Bejaran, 72,0, DR/Ger
Bilic won the WBO Euro 160 lb title on scores of 118-109, 117-110 and 116-111. Bejaran shows flashy moves but tends to pose and was exposed by the more seasoned, stronger and tougher Bilic. Bejaran was floored in the second and only Bilic´s lack of conditioning allowed him to last the distance.
10x3: Jürgen Brähmer, 79,1, Ger  W10-U  Vikapita Meroro, 79,0, Nam
Brähmer won on scores of 99-92, 98-92 and 97-92 and looked sharp early on - but he also seemed to treat it as a sparring session and Meroro landed with some pot shots. Brähmer then tried to finish Morero but couldn´t. Meroro was down in the fourth but not hurt.
8x3: Rahkiem Chakhkiev, 90,5, Rus  KO 1 1.56) Jaldon Codrington, 88,6, US
Codrington appeared to cover up well but went down the moment Chakhkiev opened up, Jaidon got up but was soon floored again - Chakhiev can punch but didn´t appear to land with anything that hurtful.
8x3: Ruslan Chagaev, 110,0, Uzb/Ger  TKO 3 (1.26)  Billy Zumbrun, 102,0, US
Chagaev looked up for it and hurt and floored Zumbrun with a left upercut early in the third. Billy the Kid got up and but was floored again and it was stopped. Zumbrun´s nose was in a bad shape and kept bleeding after that upercut
8x3: Juan Carlos Gomez, 108,0, Ger  TKO 4 (0.24)  Darnell Wilson, 106,0, US
Gomez´ timing appeared to be way off the in the first but he did better in the second and third - until the wildswinging Wilson late in the third scored with a booming right and Gomez stumbled backwards and went down. Early in the fourth heads seemed to clash, Wilson was cut, a timeout was called, the doctor ruled out Wilson and the referee ruled that a punch had caused the injury and Gomez was declared the winner - a very lucky one it must be said.
8x2: Ina Menzer, 57,1, Ger  W8-U   Doris Koehler, 56,5, Aus
80-72 on all cards in a fight best forgotten.
April 21, Tczew, POL:
6x2, w: Patryk Litkiewicz, Pol  TKO 2  Jens Kluge, Ger
4x3, c: Mateusz Kaniecki, Pol  KO 1  Maik Kurzweil, Ger
April 21, Zabrze, POL:  
jm: Damian Jonak, Pol  W10-U  Anderson Clayton, Bra
100-89, 97-92 and 99-90.
w: Lukasz Maciec, Pol  W8-U  Anthony Ukeh, Ger
79-74, 79-73 and 78-74.
lh: Dawid Kostecki, Pol  W6-U  Sandro Siproshvili, Geo/Cze
sm: Lukasz Wawrzyczek, Pol  W6-U  Dzianis Makar,
sm: Michal Starba, Pol  W6-U  Ruslan Rodivich,
c: Cezary Samelko, Pol  D4-S  Jan Antoska, Slo
38-37, 38-38 and 37-38.
jm: Pawel Seliga, Pol  W4-U  Miroslav Kubik, Cze
lh: Remigiusz Woz, Pol  W4-U  Tomas Kugler, Cze
m: Sebastian Wywalec, Pol  W 4  Rafal Piotrowski,
4x3, lh: Michal Nieroda, Pol  TKO 2  Szymon Boniecki, Pol
4x3, w: Dawid Kwiatkowski, Pol  TKO 1  Andrei Sudas,
April 21, Chur, SWI, Hotel Marsoel, Franco Passanante / Stjepan Herzeg
jw: Gabor Veto, Hun  KO 2  Justin Juukko, Gha
Veto retained the WBU jr welter title
h: Alexander Petkovic, Ger   TKO 2  Patrick Berger,
Petkovic won the vacant GBU heavyweight title, Berger mainly active in K 1
April 21, Longwy, FRA:
jm: Stephane Malenou, Fra  W 6  Alexis Wernet, Fra
jm: Mickael Lacombe, Fra  TKO 4  Bibi Ondoua, Fra
April 21, Naples, ITA:
c: Vincenzo Sottile, Ita  KO 3  Sandor Polgar, Hun
April 21, Kankanpää, FIN, Restaurant Kantri, Caramelito Promotions
6x3, h: Janne Katajisto, Fin  TKO 3 (0.44)  Pavel Nechyporenko,
April 21, Civray, FRA:
m: Matiouze Royer, Fra  W 6  Jonathan Bertonnier, Fra
April 21, Toulouse, FRA,  
l: Sylvain Chapelle, Fra  W 8  Aboubeker Bechelaghem, Fra
1/4 TF, w: Mohamed Mimoune, Fra  W 6  Christophe Guedes, Fra
April 21, Le Puy-en-Velay, FRA:
l: Yoann Portailler, Fra  W 6  Jean Gomis, Fra
jm: Lyess Chaibi, Fra  W 4  Tamaz Adviev, Fra
April 21, Saint Lo, FRA,
4x3, sm: Mehdi Privat, Fra  TKO 3  Vladimir Dieul, Fra
m: Maxime Beaussire, Fra  W 4  James Alves, Fra
4x3, jl: Hadi Melloul, Fra  KO 4  Jean Francois Lehot, Fra
April 21, Vitry le Francois, FRA:
m: Damien Bertu, Fra  W 6  Ousmane Kone, Fra
m: Steve Mathieu, Fra  W 4  David Correa, Fra
April, 21, Campbon, FRA:
1/2 CLL, w: Karim Menasria, Fra  W 8  Steven Bloyer, Fra
6x3, w: Sebastien Allais, Fra  KO 3  Konstantins Sakara, Lat
April 20, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, FRA;
1/2, TF, l: Alberto Rincon Paez, Fra  W 6  Sezer Erunsal, Fra

April 20, Gravelines, FRA:
1/1 CLL, c: Youri Kayembre Kalenga, Fra  W8-U  Martial Bella Oleme, Fra
80-72 on all cards.
1/2 CLL, b; Thomas Masson, Fra  W8-U  Anthony Buguet, Fra
78-74 on all cards
April 20, Limoges, FRA:
1/2 CLL, lh: Parfait Tindani, Fra  W 8  Achille Omang Boya, Fra
April 20, Frosinone, ITA:
w: Adonisio Francisco Reges Bra  TKO 5  Sven Paris, Ita
Reges won the vacant WBA Int´l as Paris was hurt and retired by his father and trainer Dheni, who threw in the towel.
m: Giorgio Natalizi, Ita  KO 1  Attila Orsos, Hun
jm: Domenico Salvemini, Ita  W 6  Ronny McField, Nic
f: Michele Crudetti, Ita  W 6  Luis Mantegna, Ita
Fabrizio Trotta vs Miguel Aguilar - cancelled due to Aguilar´s documentation wasn´t complete.
April 20, Les Pennes Mirabeaux, FRA:  Robert Safriani
lh: Nadjib Mohammed, Fra  W 12  Mohamed Belkacem, Swi
Mohammed retained the WBFed I/C lightheavy title on scores of 119-109, 118-110 and 119-108.
1/2 CLL, jm: Frederic Serre, Fra  TKO 4  Fethi Bentafna, Fra
1/2 TF, sm, Samy Antouche, Fra  TKO 1  Francisco Contreras,
jw: Denis Farias, Fra  W 6  Benjamin Robles, Bol
l: Jean Moraiti, Fra  W 4  Gaetan Domitien, Fra
jm: Norman Hoegen,  W 4  Nidjat Medhiyev,   
April 20, Lourches, FRA:
1/2 CLL, f: Brahim Bouizem, Fra  W 8  Slimane Mehadji, Fra
8x3, l: Akim Mehadji, Fra  TKO 3  Mladen Zivkov,
m: Anthony Baillet, Fra  W 4  Jeremy Facq,
April 20, Tournefeuille, FRA:
m: Francis Togba Tchoffo, Fra  W 8  James Tardivaux, Fra
jm: Benjamin Poitou, Fra  W 6  Frederic Herbache, Fra
April 20, Douai, FRA:
6x3, lh: Mohamed Merah, Fra  TKO 3  Romans Sevcenko, Lat
lh: Mathieu Bauderlique, Fra  W 6  Jevgenijs Andrejevs, Lat
4x3, lh: Teddy Pantigny, Fra  KO 3  Jevgenijs Andrejevs, Lat
from Info Boxe, but why not :)
April 20, Dortmund, GER,  Khalil Box Promotion (Timor Khalil), bdb
f: Goda Dailydaite, Ger  W10-U  Arleta Krausova, Cze
WIBF and WBFed female featherweight title, scored 98-92, 99-91 and 99-92.
April 14, Basle, SWI:
Arnold Gjergjaj, Swi  TKO 3  Adnan Buharalija, 108.3. 103.2. Bos
Enes Zecirevic, 77,6, Bos/Swi   W 6  Norbert Szekeres, 73,2, Hun
April 14, St Jean de Braye, FRA:
6x3, m: Nordine Arik, Fra  TKO 4  Fatah Hou, Fra
h: Gnenebge Ble, Fra  W 6  Marouan Larouiche, Fra
April 13, Acilia, ITA:
sm: Patrizio Maruzelli, Ita  W 4  Fernando Luz Gomez, Spa
Luz Gomez is a newcomer, not to be confused with the other Luz.
April 13, Toulon, FRA:
jw: Levan Kirakosyan, Fra  W 6  Benjamin Robles, Bol/Spa
jm: Brian Omer, Fra  W 6  Raul Ascencio, Spa
m: Arman Hakopyan, Fra  KO 4  Matias Garcia, Nic
l: Romain Peker, Fra  W 4  Samson Tshghrikyan, debut
4x3, m: Albert Ayrapetyan, Fra  KO 1  Endrit Vuka, Ita
April 9, Kasserine, TUN:
12x3, lh: Moez Mastouri, Fra  KO 3  Makiadi, Siril, Benin
African lightheavy title
6x3, l: Mehdi Mokhtari, Fra  TKO 4  Samir Yacoub, Alg
jm: Karim Meriem, Fra  W 6  Mohamed Guessoum, Alg
?, b: Georges Leroy, Fra  TKO 6  Salah Abassi, Alg
jm: Mickael Mazzella, Fra  W 4  Mohcen Lamjed, Alg
April 7, Gien, FRA:
m: Michel Mothmora, Fra  W 6  Martin Owono, Slo
April 6, Vendome, FRA,
w: Loic Foure, Fra  W 6  Benjamin Poitou, Fra
4x3, w: Howard Cospolite, Fra  TKO 2  Rodrigue Galerne, Fra

By  Per-Åke Persson





EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Feb 17, Pertuis, FRA: 10x3, sw: Reda Kham, Fra KO 4 Ali Yammouni, Fra Kham retained the French super welter title. ...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Feb 10. Debica, POL: 6x3, lh: Lukasz Plawecki, Pol W6-U Ladislav Nemeth, Slo 60-52x3. Feb...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Feb 3, Hasselt, BEL: 10x3, sl: Hovhannes Martirosyan, Bel TKO 8 Tony Rashid, Tan Martirosyan added the IBO I-C title to his collection b...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Jan 28, Deauville, FRA, Casino de Deaville 10x3, c: Brandon Glanton, US, TTKO 3 (not out) Emil Markic, B-H Glanton won the vacant ...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Jan 20, Gilleleje, DEN, Gilleleje Hallen, 4x2: Sofie Vinther Rosshaug, 50,5, Den W 4 (40-36) Evelin Camporeale, 51,0, Ita Pro debu...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Jan 13, Copenhagen, DEN, Royal Arena, Danish Fight Night (Bettina Palle) 12x3: Oliver Mieng, 69,3, Den D12-S Felice Moncelli, 69,8, Ita ...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Dec 26, Bern, SWI, Kursaal, Leander Strupler 10x3, sf: Angelo Pena, Swi KO 5 Sofiane Takoucht, FRa Pena won the vacant IBO Contine...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Dec 17, Hamburg, GER; Universum Gym, Universum Box Promotion, bdb 8x3, h: Mourad Aliev, Fra TKo 3 Daso Simoeunovic, B-H 8x3,...


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