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By Per-Ake Persson

SES show "Night of the Heavyweights" is now completed with a four man tournament where 5-0 prospect Tom Schwarsz stands out. The other three participants are Andre Bunga, Lukas Filka and Ante Veronica. Off the bill is German champ Michael Wallish, who is sidelined with an injury. Headlining is Francesco Pianeta, who is in against Mickael Vieira with the vacant WBO European title at stake.
Queensberry Promotion will stage Leonard Bundu´s defence of the EBU welterweight title against Frankie Gavin will go ahead August 1 in Wolverhampton.
Karsten Rower, who trains WBA regular lightheavy champ Juergen Braehmer, dreams of having four German world champ come 2016. Rower also trains Sauerland Event´s trio of prospects Enrico Koelling, Tyron Zeuge and newcomer Stefan Hartel. Rower also trains current EU lightheavy champ Erik Skoglund.
18-year old supermiddle prospect Vincent Feigenbutz will fight on Sauerland´s show June 7 in Schwerin and there are talks of continued collaboration between Sauerland and Feigenbutz´s promoter Faecher Sports management headed by Rainer Gottwald.
Polish boxing hero Zbigniew Pietrzykowski has passed away at the age of 79. Pietrzykowski won a silver in the Rome Olympics, and bronze in Melbourne 56 and Tokyo 64. In 1956, fighting at lightmiddle Zbignew lost to Hungarian legend Laszlo Papp and in Rome he lost in the finals to a young American named Cassius Clay. Pietrzykowski was for many years outstanding in Europe and won four European championships in three different weight divisions. He became Polish champ eleven (11) times. Pietrzykowski never turned pro.

Southpaw Zbigniew Pietrzykowski vs Istvan Raduly  /  photo: Bild


By Per-Ake Persson

May 19, Clermont Ferrand, FRA, Cosec La Gauthiere, ASM Boxe
10x2, sl: Farida El Haadrati, Fra W10-U Kremena Petrova, Bul
vacant WBFed Int´l female superlightweight title, scored 98-91, 99-90 and 100-89.
sw: Fouad El Massoudi, Fra W6-U Junior Kamadjou, Fra
l: Morgan Ndong Zue, Fra W 6 Jevgenijs Fjodorovs, Lat
May 18, Riga, LAT, Club Rigas Ring, GENS (Vitalijs Maslennikovs)
4x3: Arturs Gorlovs, 82,2, Riga, Lat TKO 2 (not out) Viktors Cvetkovs, 92,1, Lat
10-9 for Gorlovs after the first: Cevkovs didn´t come out for the second.
4x3: Sergejs Logins, 58,0, Riga, Lat TKO 1 (1.22) Dmitrijs Kuzmins, 58,2, Riga, Lat
4x3: Daniil Vasilenko, 76,5, Riga, Lat KO 1 (0.36) Rihards Inozemcevs, 72,9, Riga, Lat
4x3: Andrejs Tolstihs, 80,0, Riga, Lat KO 1 (0.42) Aleksejs Sunkovs, 78,8, Riga, Lat
Valerijs Podojahns, 66,4, Riga, Lat D 4 (39-39) Deniss Leurda, 65,1, Riga, Lat
4x3: Sergejs Volodins, 66,7, Riga, Lat TKO 2 (not out) Andrejs Jankovskis, 66,1, Riga, Lat
10-9 Volodins after the first and Jankovskis retired and didn´t come out for the second.
4x3: Jevgenijs Belitcenko, 76,6, Ventspils, Lat TKO 1 (2.26) Olegs Asejevs, 73,0, Lat
Asejevs was down in both the first and second before it was stopped.
4x3: Ricards Bolotniks, 83,1, Riga, Lat TKO 1 (0.38) Arturs Perihs, 82,2, Riga, Lat
4x3: Ivans Levickis, 63,2, Daugavpils, Lat KO 1 (1.26) Arturs Bone, 62,0, Riga, Lat
Bone down twice.
4x3: Olegs Lopajevs, 89,1, Riga, Riga TKO 1 (2,03) Reinis Stutans, 83,0, Riga, Lat
4x3: Vitalijs Zakirko, 86,0, Riga, Lat TKO 1 (1.29) Arturse Selga, Riga, Lat
4x2: Jekaterina, Lecko, 60,0, Riga, Lat TKO 1 (0.43) Jekaterina Silova, 59,0, Riga, Lat
4x3: Arturs Surikovs, 66,2, Riga, Lat TKO 1 (2.23) Andrejs Dikarjovs, 65,1, Riga, Lat
Dikarjovs was floored twice.
4x3: Vjaceslavs Skreivers, 60,0, Riga, Lat TKO 2 (not out) Antons Marcenko, 59,8, Riga, Lat
10-9 for Skreivers after the first, Marcenko retired and not out for the first.
4x3: Mareks Kovalevskis, 81,4, Riga, Lat TKO 3 (not out) Janis Osipenko, 80,9, Riga, Lat
20-17 after two for Kovalevskis, Osipenko down in the second and didn´t come out for the third.
4x3: Martins Jansons, 80,2, Ventspils, Lat TKO 1 (2.58) Eduards Tiltins, 80,5, Riga, Lat
Tiltins was floored three times.
4x3: Martins Jansons, TKO 3 (not out) Mareks Kovalevskis,
20-19 for Jansons after two with the second scored 10-10. Kovalevskis din´t come out for the third.
May 17, Salo FIN, Salohalli, Grand Boxing Entertainment (Mikael Nissi)
8x3: Jarkko Putkonen, 65,0, Fin TKO 7 (not out) Arnaud Dimidschtein, 65,0, Bel
Dimidschtein was retired with a closed eye and didn´t come out for the seventh.
Juho Haapoja, 91,6, Fin W6-U Lukasz Rusiewicz, 90,9, Pol
Arne Ernstsen, 75,4, Nor/Fin W6-U Daniel Urbanski, 74,5, Pol
60-53 on all cards. Urbanski was down in the sixth.
Ville Piispanen, 67,4, Fin W6-U Janneh Haruna, 67,4, Fin
Piispanen came in late for the injured Ken-Tore Halland and outboxed Haruna, 60-54 on all cards.
4x3: Nordeen Toure, 67,4, Fin, debut TKO 1 (2.31) Sami Haapala, 67,4, Fin
Haapala was floored twice. Toure, from Togo, trains with Pekka Mäki in Helsinki
May 17, Saarbrücken, GER, Saarlandhalle, DOG Event & Boxing Company, bdb
sm: Bernard Donfack, Ger TKO 10 Javier Alberto Mamani, Arg
Donfack won the vacant WBFed supermiddleweight title. Mamani was floored in the tenth and stopped moments later.
10x2, fly: Raja Amasheh, Ger W10-U Susana "La Pantera" Cruz Perez, Mex
Amasheh won the vacant WBC Silver flyweight title on scores of 97-92, 98-92 and 96-93. C P had a point deducted in the fourth for repeated head butts.
John Rene, Ger W6-U Ata Dogan, Lux/??
Prince Lorenzo, Togo/? TKO 4 (not out) Sabri Ulas Goecmen, Ger
fly: Marco Martin, Ger, debut W4-M Patrik Bartos,
4x3, h: Senad Gashi, Ger, debut KO 1 David Liska,
May 17, Ostia, ITA, OPI 2000
Isaac Real, 68,8, Spa TKO 8 Emmanuele Della Rosa, Ita
Real won the vacant EBU superwelter title with an eighth round stoppage of Della Rosa. Real accepted the fight on about four days notice when it was clear Sergey Rabchenko wouldn´t get a visa to leave Belarus. There are more questions than answers to this mess. Della Rosa had trained in Miami, FL, for this fight but let the occasion get to him and Real, a huge underdog, got the best of him. Della Rosa was floored three times in the second and Real once. After seven it was scored 67-65 twice and 67-64 for Della Rosa, who fell apart in the eighth.
6x3, sl: Michele Di Rocco, Ita KO 3 Istvan Kiss, Hun
sw: Daniele Moruzzi, Ita W 6 Sergey Melis, Est
w: Alessandro Caccia, Ita W 6 Laszlo Fazekas, Hun
lh: Alessandro Sinacore, Ita W 6 Vygaudas Laurinkus, Lit
May 17, Hamme, BEL:
4x3: Meriton Karaxha, 61,0, Bel TKO 2 Younes Amrani, 62,0, Bel
May 17, Lesquin, FRA:
w: Mickael Sanches, Fra W 6 Benjamin Robles, Spa
May 17, Canohes, FRA:
lh: Bruno Bolzer, Spa W 4 Maksims Gusciks,
f: Elodie Bouchlaka, D 4 Bilitis Gaucher,
May 17, Notre Dame de Bondeville, FRA:
w: Daniel Rasilla, Spa W 8 Ludovic Duval, Fra
May 17, Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, FRA: Gymnase des Trois Fontaines, Ring Giennois (Michel Chagnoux)
m: Michel Mothmora, Fra KO 7 Robison Omsarashvili, Geo
WBFed Int´l middleweight title.
lh: Maxime Vernons, Fra W 6 Mamadou Ba, Fra
c: Augustin Malecot, Fra W 4 Rachid Baaj, Fra
May 17, Bagnols, FRA:
6x3, m: Biagio Obino, Fra TKO 6 Victor Garcia, Fra
May 17, Haute-Goronne, FRA:
l: Modibo Diarra, Fra W 4 Ruben Gouveia, Fra
m: Michael Mathieu, Fra W 4 Mahmoud Khayat, Fra
May 17, Yutz, FRA:
6x3, sm: Jessy Luxembourger, Fra TKO 5 Morgan Le Gal, Fra
May 17, Bayonne, FRA:
w: Matiouze Royer, Fra W 6 Lyes Chaibi, Fra
l: Sovam Im, Fra W 4 Said Tanji, Fra
May 17, Rouen, FRA:
6x3, sl: Christopher Sebire, Fra TKO 2 Nemanja Krstin, Ser
w: Gallus Coulon, Fra W 4 James Alves, Fra
w: Bernard Follea, Fra W 4 Sasa Janjic,
May 17, Frejus, FRA:
l: Jean Moraiti, Fra W 6 Dame Seck, Fra
l: Samir Ameur, Fra W 4 Sofiane Bellahchene, Fra
sw: Dylan Charrat, Fra W 4 Mohamed Toubal, Fra
May 17, Saint Ouen, FRA:
m: Howard Cospolite, Fra W 8 Youssouf Doumbia, Fra
l: Aghilase Ait-Aoudia, Fra W 6 Virgile Degonzaga, Fra
sm: Hamza Bouaoud, Fra W 4 Ousman Dominguez, Fra
May 17, Wasquehal, FRA:
sf: Karim Chakim, Fra W 8 Angelo Turco, Fra
sl: Reda Azzaoui, Fra W 6 Morgan Duthes, Fra
sm: Mohamed El Achi, Fra W 4 Ali Khavari, Fra
May 17, Versoix, SWI:
6x2: Ornella Domini, 66,2, Swi W 6 Borislava Goranova, 66,0, Bul
Bruno Bouhi, 77,5, Swi W 4 Fadil Pasalic, 75,3, B & H
Pasa Malagic, 61,4, B & H TKO 4 Amra Okugic, 56,8, B & H
May 17, Bassenheim, GER, Karmelenberg Halle, FLP Boxteam (Detlef Loritz), gba
10x3, h: Yakup Saglam, Ger TKO 2 Alexander Kahl, Ger
vacant German - GBA version - title. Kahl came out for the second but was stopped by the referee with an injured arm.
6x3, c: Dennis Ronert, Ger W6-U Remo Arns, Ger
sw: Antonio Hoffmann, Ger TKO 2 (2.00) Mehmet Tanriverde,
Stopped without a count.
h: Michael Stromberg, Ger TKO 1 (2.45) Kalas Nawzet, Ger
Nawzet floored and stopped.
m: Nazmi Kurteshi, Ger TKO 1 (2.16) Akan Jiyan, Ger
Jiyan was floored twice.
lh: Lothar Longwitz, Bassenheim, Ger TKO 1 (1.22) Matran Schade,
Schade fell over and it was stopped shortly afterwards.
May 17, Castilla-La-Mancha, SPA:
sf: Ryan Peleguer, Spa W 4 Vitaly Shivanov, Spa
May 16, Saint Brevin, FRA:
sb: Georges Ory, Fra W 4 Nicolas Lemoing, Fra
May 16, Hamburg, GER, CU Halle, EC Box Promotion, bdb
Nuri Seferi, 90,7, Swi W12-U Tamas Lodi, 90,7, Hun
Seferi won the WBO European title on scores of 119-109, 118-110 and 116-112. Seferi fought a rather passive, and slow paced fight wary of the Lodi´s power and come from behind win vs Janne Forsman. Lodi was strong but could never get untracked and it made for a dull fight without highlights.
10x3, f: Viorel Simion, Rom W10-U Bakhityar Iskenderzhade, Baku, Aze
Iskhenderzhade was down in the first but got up and proved to be a capable spoiler. Simion looked good but could never hurt his durable and tricky opponent again.100-89 twice and 99-90.
6x3, Adrian Granat, 108,2, Malmoe, Swe TKO 1 Andreas Kapp, 112,0, Graz, Aus
Granat made a slow start but soon found the Kapp´s midsection with heavy hooks and came close with upercuts. Kapp was then hurt by a right hook and was out on his feet as Granat poured it on with ref Holger Wiemann a little late in stopping it. Kapp looked rather inept while it lasted if not downright poor.
10x3, sm: Butrint Rama, TKO 2 Krisztian Megyes,
c: Ehsan Maudodi, Munich, Ger KO 1 Radek Linka, Cze
c: Sefer Seferi, TKO 1 (2.23) Josef Krivka, Cze
Krivka was counted over twice but went over as soon as he had the chance and it was finally stopped.
4x3, c: Nikola Milalic, 90,5, Hamburg, Ger W4-U Attila Figere, 89,9, Budapest, Hun
Milalic had it all his way but was too green to close it. Figere muscular but inept. 40-36 on all cards.
6x3, m: Sebastian Formella, Ger KO 5 Joszef Kormany,
4x3, m: Butrint Rama, TKO 3 Krisztian Megyes
4x3, sl: Jonny Ibramov, TKO 4 Andreas Koelldorfer,
May 16, Slesin, POL, Global Boxing Promotion (Mariusz Kolodziej)
f: Kamil Laszczyk, Pol W12-U Tuomo Eronen, Fin
120-108 on all cards. Vacant WBFou world and Int´l Polish featherweight titles at stake.
10x3, sw: Patrik Szymanski, Pol KO 6 Andrei Abrahmenka, Blr
Vacant WBFou world and Int´l Polish superwelter titles at stake.
c: Nikodem Jezewski, Pol W6-U Marko Rupcic, Cro
sw: Sebastian Skrzypczynski, Pol W6-U Dzianis Makar, Blr
h: Tomasz Duszak, Pol W4-U Jakub Wojcik, Pol
lh: Michal Gerlecki, Pol W4-U Marko Benzon, Cro
w: Dawid Knade, Pol W4-U Viktor Gelien,
m: Robert Talarek, Pol W4-U Michal Szebestik, Pol
May 16, Pskov, RUS; Igor Sudelainen
m: Artur Avakov, Rus TKO 2 (1.23) Ivan Jukic, Cro
Avakov won the vacant WBO Euro title.
lh: Sergey Gorokhov, Rus TKO 6 Rasul Dibiriv,
May 16, Clichy, FRA, Gymnase Georges Racine
sf: Samir Kasmi, Fra W12-M Sebastien Cornu, Fra
Kasmi retained the EU superfeatherweight title on scores of 115-113 twice and 114-114.
sl: Franck Petitjean, Fra W 10 Denis Farias, Fra
French superlightweight title. 99-91, 98-92 twice.
l. Daouda Sow, Fra W 6 Stephane Benito, Fra
8x2, l: Malva Hamadouche, Fra TKO 4 Wendy Gervois, Fra
French female lightweight title.
w: Mohamed Barka, Fra W 4 Cedric Seguy, Fra
6x3, lh: Kevin Buval, Fra TKO 1 Blanchard Kalambay, Fra
sw: Sophyan Haoud, Fra W 6 Michael Pausan, Fra
m: Oladimeji Akinde, Fra W 4 Herman Ferdinand, Fra
May 16, Bugibba, MALTA, mbc - Leif Magnusson (supervisor & PR man)
8x3, sl: Steve Martin, KO 1 Anto Nakic,
6x3, lh: Tyrone Borg, KO 1 Zeljan Jesic,
May 16, Gijon, SPA, Palacio de los Deportes
sw: David Estrada, Spa W 6 Ionut Trandafir, Rom
sl: Pablo Fuego, Spa W 4 Adrian Parlogea, Rom
May 16, Barcelona, SPA, Gallego Prada Promociones / Tundra
sf: Rudy Encarnacion, Spa D10-S Juli Giner, Spa
Encarnacion retained the Spanish superfeather title on scores of 96-94 both ways and 95-95.
sb: Abigail Medina, Spa W6-U Alex Mora, Spa
6x3, sl: Sandor Martin, Spa TKO 3 Maurycy Gojko, Pol
May 15, Pont Audemer, FRA: Parc de Sports et Loisirs
l: Yvan Mendy, Fra TKO 2 Sebastian Benito, Fra
Mendy retained the French lightweight title with an impressive stoppage of Benito. Yvan "le Terrible" floored Benito in the second and then followed up until it was stopped. Benito was down from a body shot in the first.
lh: Mehdi Amar, Fra D6-S Gabriel Lecrosnier, Fra
58-56 both ways and 57-57.
sw: Maxime Beaussire, Fra W6-U Rafael Chiruta, Rom
59-55 twice and 60-54.
sw: Cedric Vitu, Fra W6-U Laurent Ferra, Fra
59-55, 60-54 and 58-56.
m: Joffrey Jacob, Fra W4-U Dominique Bernard, Fra
40-36 on all cards.
May 14, Vladikavkaz, RUS: "Golden Crown" Restaurant, Ural Boxing Promotions
c: Murat Gassiev, Rus TKO 2 (2.00) George Tevdorashvili, Geo
4x3, sl: Soslan Tedeev, Rus, debut TKO 2 Eloman Dodonov,
May 10, Fürstenwalde, GER, Pneumant Arena, Lutz Hildmann, gba
sw: Nick Klappert, Ger TKO 3 Gogi Knezevic, Aus
Klappert retained the IBO Int´l title. Knezevic was on the floor in the first and again in the third and as he got up it was stopped witht the Austrian badly out of it.
w: Azad Azizov, Ger W12-S Lukasz Janik, Pol
vacant GBC welter title, 116-112 and 114-113 Azizov and 114-113 Janik.
6x3, sl: Osama Hadifi, Den/gba TKO 4 Burak Cafir,
Cafir was a sub for a sub, original opponent was Jonny Ibramov who couldn´t make the weight.
6x3, lh: Misha Manukian, TKO 2 Bartosz Szwaryzynski,
4x3, w: Amir Khan, TKO 2 Hawal Garib,
lh: Alexandros Lessmann, W4-U Alexander Dudko,
4x3, sm: Omar Jatta, TKO 1 Andrzej Akerman,
m: Sebastian Formella, TKO 4 (not out) Alichan Tesbulatov,
lh: Marc Haupt, D 4 Ismael Altintas,
c: Michal Ludwiczak, W 4 Michal Szebestik,
sm: Robert Talarek, Pol W 4 Rafal Piotrowski, Pol
May 10, Casale Monferrato, ITA:
w-sl: Luciano Randazzo, Ita W 6 Francesco Invernizio, Ita
May 10, Karlsruhe, GER, Europahalle, Fächer Sport Management (Reiner Gottwald / Jürgen Lutz), bdb
h: Alexander "White Tiger" Petkovic, Ger TKO 5 Marino Goles, Cro
Petkovic retained the GBU heavyweight title
sm: Vince Feigenbutz, Ger TKO 2 Chris Mafuta, Ger
GBU I/C supermiddle title, Mafuta floored twice. Chris was a sub for Turgay Uzun who was a sub for Christian Pawlak.
10x2, sw: Maria Lindberg, 68,6, Swe/Ger TKO 3 Edita Lesnik, B & H
Lindberg retained (!) the WIBA title and won the vacant WIBF and GBU titles by stopping Lesnik, who suffered her second stoppage loss in world title fights within two weeks.
10x2, sb: Caro Schröder, Ger TKO 5 Manuela Zulj, Cro
WIBF I/C superbantam title
May 10, Ulm, GER, Rola Boxing (Rola El Halabi), bdb
sl: Rola El Halabi, Ger W10-U Victoria Cisneros,
El Halabi won the vacant WIBA and UBF titles and retained the WBFed titles on scores of 97-93, 97-94 and 98-93.
6x3, l: Nicole Wesner, Ger TKO 1 Sandra Zekic,
sm: Roamer Alexis Angulo, TKO 3 Slavisa Simeunovic,
6x3, sm: Anatoli Muratov, TKO 4 Misa Nikolic,
May 10, Russheim, GER, Pfinzhalle, Michael Siegel, gba
f: Melanie Zwecker, Ger W8-U Grecia Nova, D R
WBFed Int´l female featherweight title, scored 80-72, 79-75 and 78-74.
May 10, Riga, LAT, Arena Riga, WFCA Baltic / Víacheslav Ovsannykov, mixed show
Alexandros Kartozia, 90,7, Geo/Gre W6-U Jevgenijs Andrejevs, "old", 84,2, Lat
60-49, 59-55 and 60-56,
May 10, Brodnica, POL, AG Promotion / DW Boxing Group
sm: Maciej Sulecki, Pol W10-U Nicolas Dion, Pol
Polish int´l supermiddleweight title, scored 98-90, 96-92 and 100-90. Dion was down in the first and tenth.
lh: Dariusz Sek, Pol W8-U Sergej Demchenko, Ukr/Ita
80-72 twice and 80-73.
6x3, c: Waldemar Schoenbeck, TKO 2 Todor Ilic,
sw: Sasun Karapetyan, Pol W6-U Filip Rzadek,
6x3, sm: Norbert Dabrowski, Pol TW4-U Andrei Salakhutdzinau, Blr
40-36, 40-37 and 39-37. S was badly cut after an accidental clash of heads.
6x3, sl: Michal Syrowatka, Pol TKO 4 Ala Edine Moussa, Fra
6x3, lh: Dariusz Polmanski, Pol KO 3 Aleksandar Jankovic, Mac
w: Krystian Huczko, Pol W 4 Yauheni Aleynik,
May 10, Budapest, HUN, Lurdy Shopping House, Feja Promotion / Profibox Promotion
10x3, sm: Norbert Nemespati, Hun TKO 6 Ivan Stupalo,
WBC Youth Silver title
8x2, fly: Csilla Nemedi, TKO 3 Agnes Drexler,
m: Laszlo Haaz, D 6 Gabor Ambrus,
m: Norbert Szekeres, W 4 Joszef Molnar,
May 10, Leondinger, AUS, FvA
c: Haris Causevic, W6-U David Vicena, Cze
May 10, Bazeilles, FRA, Maison des Sports
lh: Patrick Bois, Fra W 6 Istvan Orsos, Hun
f: Sofiane Takoucht, Fra TKO 3 (not out) Irakli Jeiranashvili, Geo
Jeiranashvili retired with a possible broken rib and had to go the hospital.
Moulay Khalide Hajiy, Fra W 4 (39-37) Romain Tilliot, Fra
m: Simon Karzyan, Fra W 4 Ladislav Nemeth,
h: Laid Ait Chaouche, Fra W 6 Jevgenijs Belitchenko, Lat
May 10, Cannes La Bocca, FRA:
w: Aimen Souhli, Fra W 4 Eric Pata, Fra
May 10, Balaruc les Bains, FRA;
8x2, fly: Laetitia Arzalier, Fra W 8 Sandy Coget, Fra
French female flyweight title.
4x3, sw: Romain Garofalo, Fra TKO 1 Philippe Donat, Fra
May 10, Blois, FRA, Gymnase Tabarly
sw: Nordine Arik, Fra W6-U Artem Karasev, Rus
58-54 twice and 59-53.
May 10, Niort, FRA,
m: Karim Achour, Pont Sainte Maxence, Fra W10-U Davy Armand, Niort, Fra
Achour retained the French middleweight title on scores of 98-93 twice and 98-92.
sm: Mickael Mazzela, Fra D 6 Aleksandar Cigaranovic, Fra
6x3, m: Jonathan Bertonnier, Fra TKO 4 Frederic Jacquin, Fra
4x3, b: Georges Leroy, Fra TKO 3 Nikola Magovac,
6x2, f: Erika Rosseau, Fra W 6 Jasmina Najd, Ser
May 10, Uzes, FRA:
h: Alban Galonnier, Fra W 6 Edgars Kalnars, Lat
l: Jeremy Hugues, Fra D 4 Florian Montels, Fra
May 10, Leon, SPA:
sb: Saul Tejada, Spa W 4 Fernando Suarez, Spa
May 10, Huercal de Almeria, SPA:
sw: Francisco Tejedor, W4-U Sergio Abad,
May 10, Tarrasa, SPA:
6x3, sm: David Sarabia, TKO 3 Sergio Mateo,
6x3, c: Cesar Cordoba, TKO 1 Julien Guibaud Ribaud, Fra
May 10, Frenkendorf, SWI:
6x2: Aniya Seki, 55,0, Jap/Swi TKO 1 Alexandra Görög, 56,2, Hun
Szabolcs Pintye, 79,4, Hun W6-U Youssuf Doumbia, 79,3, Fra
May 9, Helsinki, FIN, Urheilutalo, P 3 Boxing
Edis Tatli, 61,2, Fin TKO 8 (not out) Antonio De Vitis, 61,1, Ita
Tatli retained the WBA I/C lightweight title but was hurt and floored in the third but after (and before) controlled the action and De Vitis didn´t come out for the eighth.
8x3: Jussi Koivula, 68,5, Fin TKO 3 (2.04) Ramazi Gogichashvili, 68,9, Geo
Gogichashvili was down in the second and third.
Juho Tolppola, 67,0, Fin W6-U Suro Ismailov, 65,5, Swe
60-54 on all cards. Tolppola, back after five years, too sharp and experienced for Ismailov.
Niko Jokinen, 78,0, Fin W6-U George Kandelaki, 75,2, Geo
60-54 twice and 60-55.
6x2: Eva Wahlström, 60,0, Fin W6-U Karina Kopinska, 59,3, Pol
60-54 on all cards.
4x3: Niklas Räsanen, 79,2, Fin KO 2 (1.51) 80,7, Lat
Tolstihs was down in the first as well.
4x3: Henru Kekälainen, 74,0, Fin TKO 3 (2.26) Andrejs Loginovs, 72,0, Lat
Loginovs floored and stopped in the third.
May 9, Las Palmas, SPA; Gran Canaria Arena, Maraville Boxe
w: Ceferino Rodriguez a/k/a Ferino V, Spa TKO 6 Ismael El Massoudi, Fra
Rodrigiuez retained the EU welterweight title with an impressive (espabox) win over El Massaoudi.
10x3, c: Gabriel Campillo, Spa TKO 7 Ricky Dennis Pow, Spa
sw: Sergio Garcia, Spa W6-U Kobe Vanderkhove, Bel
May 9, Leganes, SPA:
sl: Nicolas Gonzales, Spa W 6 Santos Medrano,
May 9, Berck s/Mer, FRA:
sm: David Correa, Spa D 4 Jordhan Davril,
May 9, Carentan, FRA:
l: Matthieu Lehot, Fra W 4 (40-36) Alikhan Tchedjoiev, Fra
sl: Charly Couedor, Fra W 4 (39-37) Diego Requier, Fra
May 9, Molinella, ITA:
lh: Jacopo Calori, Ita TKO 5 Milos Andric, Ser
May 9, Ostia Antica, ITA:
f: Gheorghe Trandafir, Rom/Ita W 6 Giuseppe Bergantino, Ita
May 7, Saint Quentin, FRA, Palais des Sports, est 2500, Bleu Ciel Productions (Pascal Cordier)
lh; Tony Averlant, Fra W12-U Serdar Sahin, Ger
Averlant won the vacant WBFed lightheavy title on scores of 116-112 twice and 115-113.
sf: Guillaume Frenois, Fra W10-U Kakhaber Avetisian, Fra
98-92 twice and 99-91.
c: Thierry Karl, Fra W8-U Tamas Bajzath, Hun
sf: Simon Leconte, Fra, debut W 4 Jean Noel Alvarez, Fra
May 3, Catania, ITA:
m: Giuseppe Brischetto, Ita W 6 Laszlo Szekeres, Hun
May 2, Gatteo-Sant´Angelo, ITA:
m: Matteo Signani, Ita Tdr 3 Istvan Szili, Hun
vacant EU middleweight title
h: Matteo Modugno, Ita TKO 2 Ferenc Zsalek, Hun
h: Omar Gonzale Basile, Arg TKO 1 Vitalijs Zakirko, Lit
m: Nikola Matic, Cro TKO 5 Lucas German Priori, Arg
Apr 26, Siena, ITA:
sm: Davide Traversi, Ita W 6 Alexandru Petrica, Rom
Per-Åke Persson






EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson May 19, Guastalla, ITA: m: Hassan Kobba, Ita W 6 Luigi Mantegna, Ita ft: Arnaldo Marku, Alb/Ita DRAW 6 M...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson May 12, Antwerp, BEL: sm: Furkan Gundogdu, Bel W 6 Serhii Ksendov, Ukr 6x2, l: Tarek Hamite, Bel KO 2 Luka Veljovic, B...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson May 5, Tirana, ALB, Olympic Park 8x3, m: Marius Antonietti, Alb TKO 7 Edis Biberovic, B-H Antonietti, behind on points, floored Bi...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson April 27, Nuremberg, GER, KIA Metropole Arena, Dream Boxing (Jürgen Brähmer), bdb 12x3, c: Huseyn Cinkara, Ger TKO 2 (1.06) Armend Xhoxhaj,...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson Nikita Tszyu against Danilo Creati April 24, Sydney, NSW, Hordern Pavillion, No Limits Promotion 10x2, s-fy: Clara Lescuret, Arg...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson April 14, Glattburg, SWI: 8x3: Ismail Airoud, 76,7, Ger TKO 2 Kenan Catic, 76,3, B-H 60-days medical suspension for ...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson April 6, Falkensee, GER; Stadthalle, Agon Sports / Kuc Boxen, bdb 12x3: Bakhram Murtazaliev, 69,6, Rus/US KO 11 (2.50) Jack Culcay, 69,7,...



EURO RESULTS By Per-Ake Persson March 31, Majdanpek, SER: 8x3, sw: Tomislav Vukomanovic, Ser W8-U Nukri Gamgebeli, Geo 80-70x3. 6x3, c:...


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