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Former heavyweight champion Haye poised to retire

Former world heavyweight champion David Haye is poised to retire from the sport after the British Boxing Board of Control said on Tuesday the Briton was not renewing his licence.

Haye, who has long maintained he would not fight beyond his 31st birthday, which falls on Thursday, lost his WBA world title on points to Vladimir Klitschko in a unification bout in his last fight in July.

"I can confirm that Mr. Haye is not renewing his professional boxer's licence," Board general secretary Robert Smith told Reuters.

Haye, whose trash-talking before the July fight angered Klitschko, blamed the defeat on a broken toe and had suggested he would be prepared to postpone retirement if the Ukrainian agreed to a swift rematch.

That defeat was Haye's first in seven years and left his record at 25-2. Before joining the heavyweight division, Haye was the unified cruiserweight champion.

Haye's representatives were not immediately available for comment but local media reported the Briton was planning a news conference for Thursday.

Vladimir and his brother Vitali together own all the major championship belts in the division. The brothers have said they would not fight each other.



The end – Haye calls it quits

According to various reports, former cruiserweight and heavyweight World champion David Haye has informed the British Boxing Board Of Control that he will not be renewing his license and has no plans to fight again.

Despite a rumoured fight with WBC champ Vitali Klitschko in the pipeline, which would have given him a chance for redemption after losing so convincingly after a lacklustre performance to brother Wladimir, it appears as if Haye has decided to call it a day, according to BBBofC secretary Robert Smith.

“I received an email on Monday advising me Haye would not be carrying on.” Smith said. ”The board will discuss it on Wednesday but there is no way we could go against his wish not to renew his boxing licence. Without it, he can’t fight.”

Of course this is a reversable decision and Haye can apply for a license at any time in the future but it’s a strong indication of where Haye’s head is at following his disappointing loss to Wladimir Klitschko in a unification bout earlier this year.

If it is the end for Haye, he will almost certainly be remembered as the man who failed to back up his words. Although he achieved a lot, his humiliation at the hands of Klitschko after all the talk will always be the defining moment of the London fighter’s career.

He had always said he would retire this year, but he couldn’t have for one moment thought he would have to do it like this. He is still young for a heavyweight; his 31st birthday is this week, so whether this will be a permanent move remains to be seen.


Haye not to renew licence

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye has told the British Boxing Board of Control that he does not wish to renew his licence to fight.

The BBBC general secretary Robert Smith told BBC Radio Five Live on Tuesday morning that his organisation had received an email from Haye, who lost a unification bout to Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg in July.

Haye had long stated his intention to retire by his 31st birthday, which falls on Thursday, but there had been talk of a rematch with Klitschko or possibly a fight with his brother Vitali. However, Smith said: "According to the email I received he is no longer wishing to renew his licence."

Asked whether he had always thought a Haye-Klitschko rematch was unlikely, Smith added: "It doesn't really matter what I think, it's up to David and Adam (Booth, Haye's trainer and manager). Obviously his last fight must have been bitterly disappointing for him, but if you look at his career as a whole he has been very good to the sport and we wish him well.

"There are many instances when heavyweights can go on longer than the smaller weight divisions but he has his whole life ahead of him, he has achieved a great deal and good luck to the man.

"You dedicate your life to your sport and to find something after that endeavour is very difficult for anybody."



David Haye 'gears up for Hollywood' after handing in his boxing licence

Former heavyweight champion David Haye has given up boxing and is now targeting a career as a Hollywood action hero.

The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) has confirmed that Haye has stuck to his promise not to fight beyond his 31st birthday, which he will celebrate on Thursday.

'I received an email on Monday advising me Haye would not be carrying on,' said BBBC secretary Robert Smith.

'The board will discuss it on Wednesday but there is no way we could go against his wish not to renew his boxing licence. Without it, he can't fight.'

Haye never wavered from his pledge to retire at 30, and wished to do so having unified the heavyweight division by beating Wladimir Klitschko and his brother Vitali.

However, a unanimous points loss to Wladimir in July seemed to end those hopes, and Haye has already turned his attention to life outside the ring.

'I'm going to be a movie star. I'm going to break into Hollywood and be the next big action hero,' he said after his 30th birthday last year.

'What former footballer Vinnie Jones has done is amazing - everyone knows him in LA - and Jason Statham is an absolute megastar out there.'

Haye said he spoke to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor Statham at a couple of awards shows and has taken tips on how to get into the movie business.

'He's got lots of advice for me and said after boxing is done he will help out as much as he can,' he added.


David Haye keeps his word and retires from boxing at 30

With his 31st birthday just two days away David Haye, Britain’s former world heavyweight champion has kept his word and brought his boxing career to an end. Haye has always promised that he wouldn’t fight on after 30.

Robert Smith the British Boxing Board of Control secretary said, ‘I received an email on Monday advising me Haye would not be carrying on. The board will discuss it on Wednesday but there is no way we could go against his wish not to renew his boxing licence. Without it, he can't fight’

After Haye’s disappointing performance against Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg last July, Haye blamed the points loss on a broken toe. Many fight fans still hoped he would be back in the ring to face Vitali Klitschko, but Haye has decided instead to say goodbye to the sport.

On Radio Five Live Robert Smith was asked whether he thought a rematch between Haye and Wladimir was likely, ‘It doesn't really matter what I think, it's up to David and Adam (Booth, Haye's trainer and manager). 'Obviously his last fight must have been bitterly disappointing for him, but if you look at his career as a whole he has been very good to the sport and we wish him well.

'There are many instances when heavyweights can go on longer than the smaller weight divisions but he has his whole life ahead of him, he has achieved a great deal and good luck to the man.

Haye was indeed one of the brightest stars in British boxing over the last few years. Before joining he heavyweight division, he was the unified cruiserweight champion, holding the WBA, WBC, WBO and The Ring magazine cruiserweight titles after victories over Jean-Marc Mormeck and Enzo Maccarinelli. 

His career record stands at 25-2 with 23 knockouts. Haye won the WBA heavyweight title with a majority decision over Nikolai Valuev in November 2009 and successfully defended it with against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison, winning by knockout in 2010. Haye has mentioned a desire to act, so his next headlining show maybe on the big or the small screen.


David Haye talked the talk but his deeds could have been far greater

To become the second cruiserweight champion to win a heavyweight title was a significant achievement but Britain's David Haye never built on it.

David Haye, left, lost his world heavyweight title to Wladimir Klitschko
David Haye, left, lost his world heavyweight title to Wladimir Klitschko.
Photograph: Lee Smith/Action Images

Back when David Haye was a cruiserweight, long before he had completed the journey from playboy pugilist to genuine pay-per-view fighter, he told me how he hated "all those British boxing fans who constantly criticise. They can't wait for a fighter to get beat, so they can say: 'I told you he was crap.' There are a lot of them out there."

Haye avoided the haters for much of his career, until a trashy campaign of taunts, promotional stunts and promises to "shock the world" against Wladimir Klitschko ended with a points defeat as wide as his opponent's shoulders and an embarrassed whimper about a broken toe. Then the critics – many of whom had devoured the hype and handed over £14.95 expecting a red-raw slugfest – arrived in force.

A few months on, and following Tuesday's news that Haye has retired as promised before his 31st birthday, it is perhaps time for a moderate rebalancing. Haye will never go down as a great heavyweight, but he was not the only man to go aggressive-passive when faced with Dr Steelhammer's jab. And when up against opponents of similar size, Haye could certainly fight. He won a silver medal at the 2001 World Amateur Boxing Championships. He unified the world cruiserweight division, picking himself off the floor to beat Jean-Marc Mormeck on a wild night in Paris, having shed 14lb in 10 days before the bout. And he brutally knocked out Enzo Maccarinelli in what was supposed to be a pick-em fight.

As a cruiserweight, Haye proved he could scrap; against the giants of the heavyweight division, he preferred to tickle. Beating the 36-year-old Nikolai Valuev, all 7ft tall and 22 stone of him, made Haye only the second cruiserweight champion to win a portion of the heayweight crown after Evander Holyfield. That achievement was significant. But Haye never really built on it. To call him a blown-up cruiserweight, as many have done, is not entirely accurate: Haye was 6ft 3in and 15 stone 2lb against Klitschko – the same height and just 4lb lighter than Muhammad Ali when he fought George Foreman. But he didn't seem to possess a heavyweight mentality.

His record, 25-2 with 23 knockouts, is respectable, but his opponents in the heavyweight division usually weren't. Monte Barrett was 37 when Haye knocked him out in five rounds. David Ruiz was 38 when stopped in the ninth. Audley Harrison was 39. There might be a dearth of dangerous young heavyweights right now, but Haye didn't exactly go looking for them. Holyfield, meanwhile, slugged it out with every pretender and contender, big and small.

And then there was Haye's mouth. In person he was smart, personable and perceptive. But when the cameras were on and there was a fight to promote he had an innate ability to zero in on the crassest stunt or comment. Trash-talking is part of the business but Haye often ploughed deep into the dump, branding Valuev "the ugliest thing I have ever seen," promising his fight against Harrison would be "as one-sided as a gang rape", and producing a T-shirt of the Klitschkos with severed heads.

"I'm in the boxing game to be as high-profile as possible and to get people to watch my fights, so sometimes you've got to say some controversial stuff," was Haye's standard line when questioned about his antics. "Looking back, I do cringe sometimes but you can't go through life saying: 'I wish I didn't say that, I wish I didn't do this.' You've got to crack on with it." His words sold fights and swelled his bank balance, but they harmed his reputation too.

When I asked how Haye how he was viewed by the public last year, he admitted: "I'm just as renowned for talking trash as knocking people out." As career epitaphs go, it's a fair one. But, given the tools at his disposal, perhaps his legacy could have been so much more.


Haye calls it a day: Heavyweight sticks to promise and walks away from the ring at 31

David Haye is ready to stick to his promise and turn his back on the old game at the age of 31 after handing in his fight licence to the British Boxing Board of Control.

The former world heavyweight champion looks set to walk away from the ring for good when he celebrates his birthday on Thursday having insisted he would not fight on past 30.

Tale of the tape: David Haye has withdrawn his fight licence and will retire, as planned, at 31

Tale of the tape: David Haye has withdrawn his fight licence and will retire, as planned, at 31.





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13/04/2011 - ZBIK vs CHAVEZ JR
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16/02/2011 - EBU NEWS
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11/02/2011 - OMB REACT TO WBC
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03/02/2011 - WBA WORLD TITLES
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28/01/2011 - KESSLER
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23/01/2011 - FURY FACES BOTHA
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20/01/2011 - DUDDY RETIRES
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02/01/2011 - FIRST SHOW OF 2011
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23/12/2010 - WBO IN CHINA
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