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TOP RANK (Bob Arum)
Manny Pacquiao, 31, was simply brilliant in his first fight above the welterweight limit, pounding Antonio Margarito, 32, for twelve rounds.
Manny Pacquiao proved himself to be the best boxer of his era when he thrashed Antonio Margarito on points.
The Filippino superstar used hand speed, foot speed, and threw over 700 punches, most with explosive power, to turn Margarito's face into a mass of welts, bruises and blood. Pacquiao's domination of a former champion who was about five inches taller and seventeen pounds heavier on fight day cemented his position atop any objective pound-for-pound boxer list.
The official scores were: Juergen Langos 120-108, Oren Shellenberger 119-109 and Glen Rick Crocker 118-110. Referee was Laurence Cole.
From the opening bell Pacquiao displayed his lightening fast hand speed and remarkable foot work that remain second to none.
The fight was more entertaining than the scores would indicate, due to spectacle of the much smaller and lighter Pacquiao running circles around Margarito, whose right eye was hideously swollen. For his part, Margarito had good reason to quit but refused to do so, and landed a couple of solid punches throughout the fight that Pacquiao later admitted hurt him.
Margarito, who was shamed in 2009 when his handwraps were loaded with a plaster-like substances, was once again the subject of cheating allegations, as an apparently banned weight-loss aid (hyrdroxycut) was found in Margarito's dressing room. Hopefully, the Texas commission will investigate matters further.
With the win, "PacMan" Pacquiao became the first man to claim world titles in seven weight classes (flyweight, super-bantamweight, featherweight, super-featherweight, lightweight, welterweight and superwelterweight), although the vacant WBC 154-pound title he won tonight was so contrived, there will be a footnote on it. Margarito was required to weigh in at 150, not 154; the title was vacant; and the WBC manipulated its ratings to put Margarito and Pacquiao in place to fill the vacancy.
With so much panic about Pacquiao weighing only a mere 144.6 pounds, the heaviest weight of his career, compared to Margarito's 150 pounds the contracted catch-weight agreement which generated into a 17 pound weight advantage by Margarito at fight time when he bulked up to 165 pounds as opposed to Pacquiao's 148 pounds, it was believed that this would be the factor to deflate the Pacquiao mystique of ring invinsibility, and prove him only "human".
This catch-weight variance gives credit to Floyd Mayweather's claim that world title belts are only good for "2 things, to 'hold up your pants' or to use them as conversation pieces as they lay in your trophy case at home". The only important thing in boxing Floyd further stated is for promoters to match up the mega fighters in pay-per-view fights to generate big revenues, even if they are catch-weights, and for a title. This has merit since next week in Atlantic City's, Boardwalk Hall, New Jersey, "Maravilla" Sergio Martinez, 160 pound WBA Middleweight Champ is defending his title against "The Punisher" Paul Williams at a catch-weight contract of 157 pounds.
But Pacquiao was "super-human", indeed, since from round one fighting for the vacant WBC Super-Welterweight title, starting with his jab hit Margarito almost at will, head and body with unanswered punches from his arsenal closing his right eye and cutting his right cheek. Margarito smiled at Pacquiao but he soon realized that he was in for a long night of punishment by a faster harder punching Pacquiao who was relentless in moving in and out from side to side while continuing to severely batter Margarito. In fact, a hard left punch to Margarito's body in the 2nd. round, left him gasping for air draining his stamina.
By the 8th. round his left eye also started to close as his corner panic stricken, was desperately begging him to move forward and punch more, but Margarito was so confused that he just kept asking which round was next, while refusing to quit, and by all rights this fight should've been stopped then, especially by his corner. As Margarito stumbled through the next dangerous painful rounds, he just became a human punching bag for the PacMan who by the 11th. round, was looking towards the referee Lawrence Cole to stop the onslaught, but the fight went to the end proving that sometimes a good littleman could indeed beat a good big man.
Antonio Margarito certainly earned his $6 million dollar purse, and after the fight stated that he didn't realize how fast Pacquiao really was and how hard he could hit for an underweight little guy. Also at the post fight ring interview Pacquiao did admit to Max Kellerman that he was hurt early around round 6, and that yes, he took pity on Margarito and that is why he had "let up" a little in the last rounds so as not to continue hurting him, and hoping that Referee Cole would take the hint and stop it. Freddy Roach his trainer told him to just "be smart and be careful" towards the end of the fight. Maybe this was Manny Pacquiao's revenge with Margarito for viciously mocking Freddy Roach and his Parkinson Disease illness, before the fight, and Robert Garcia, Margarito's trainer demanding that Pacquiao's hand be re-taped. There was a lot "gamesmanship" in that locker room also by Roach demanding to have Margarito be tested for Ephedra, an illegal stimulant. When everybody quieted down the fight was allowed to take place.
Margarito began the fight by shooting a very good jab, which he landed often before Pacquiao began to connect with solid lefts, and rights to the head and body during the second half of the frame – out-landing the Mexican handily with stunning power punching.
Margarito’s corner encouraged their charge to continue shooting long jabs, which he did initially, but both men connected with decent shots on the inside during the first minute of the second round. Although Pacquiao’s hand speed was undoubtedly superior, Margarito more than held his own in the trenches this round. The big Mexican moved his man with thumping headshots, including a pair of snapping uppercuts late in the round that visibly annoyed Pacquiao.
Pacquiao dominated the third round, however, with hard hooks, straight punches and blistering combinations to the granite-like head of Margarito, who smiled in return and responded with single shots, sprinkled throughout the three minutes.
Margarito started bleeding from under the right eye in the fourth round. By the end of the bout both his eyes were swollen shut, and his mouth cut as well.
Margarito tried to tighten the contest in the fourth and he landed a handful of clean punches early on. He was supremely out-gunned, though, and for the vast majority of the round, Pacquiao clattered punches onto the dial and midriff of the Mexican – opening a nasty swollen gash under Margarito’s right eye and severely winding and slowing him with a staggering body attack.
With his right eye shutting rapidly and a wolverine-like opponent breathing down his neck, Margarito was in serious trouble as the fight entered the middle rounds. In the fifth, Pacquiao blasted the former champion with consistently sweat spraying punches from all angles as a weary Margarito trudged forward in Frankenstein fashion after eating a steady diet of punishment.
Margarito braved it through, however, and he almost hit pay dirt in the sixth after he caught Pacquiao against the ropes and hurt the Filipino with a trio of body shots – a rare moment of vulnerability from Pacquiao in what was a much closer round.
To his credit, Margarito provided a beefy performance in the seventh and, although he was on the business end of an intensely loud beating, he fought bravely, came forward and managed to catch Pacquiao on occasion. This seemed only to energize the smaller man, though, who punched and darted his way around the ring in an awesome display of boxing brilliance.
The same happened in the eighth. Margarito punched away at Pacquiao’s body early in the round before eating a cannon full of power for his efforts. The exchanges later in the round were extremely exciting and Margarito, grasping the redemption he sought inside the ring with his courage and fighting spirit, connected with some spectacular punches – matching his man shot for shot.
Down the stretch, however, Margarito, whose damaged right eye was horrendous, wilted badly. Although Pacquiao poured on the punishment in the ninth and tenth, though, he somehow found the strength to stay upright, but almost collapsed at the end of the latter after a counter right hook connected flush.
Rounds eleven and twelve were difficult to watch, such was the thumping that Margarito was exposed to. Clean, powerful head shot after clean, powerful headshot rained down on the Mexican, whose movement was beyond sluggish and whose punches were void of any power.
Pacquiao, who peered at referee Cole in the penultimate round, stepped off the gas in the twelfth, as if unwilling to punish his opponent further – content that this latest mission was effectively accomplished and his place in history secured.
Pacquiao raised his credentials to 52-3-2 (38 inside).
Margarito, former WBO and WBA welterweight champion, fell his record to 38-6-01 NC (27 inside).
Legendary Cuban amateur star Guillermo Rigondeaux, 30, scored a 12-round split decision over  Panamanian “Maestrito” Ricardo Cordoba, 27, to capture the WBA interim super-bantamweight title, in a fight between southpaws.
Scored: Nelson Valzquez 117-109 and Ruben Garcia 114-112 for Rigondeaux; Raul Caiz Sr 114-112 for Cordoba. Referee was Jon Schorle.
In the first two rounds both men fought cautiously feeling out their opponent pawing with their jabs. No solid punches were landed as evidenced by the boo’s from the crowd.
The southpaw Rigondeaux was able to walk down Cordoba and land a few jabs which scored enough to win him the rounds.
In the fifth round “The Jackal” Rigondeaux had Cordoba against the ropes and landed a solid combination to the body. Midway through the round both men were trading jabs in the center of the ring.
In the sixth round Rigondeaux scored a knockdown with a right hand punch that caught Cordoba off balance.
After controlling the first half of the fight, Rigondeaux turned into a retreating opportunist from the sixth round onwards after suffering the first knockdown of his career.
A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Rigondeaux stalked Cordoba around the ring and darted in and out of range with combinations but missed more than he landed. Cordoba tried to counter but he too missed more than he landed.
Although both fighters did little to ensure a spectacular contest, Rigondeaux commanded the early action and he blasted Cordoba with an array of well-placed, stunningly powerful shots to the body and head throughout the first handful of rounds.
The 30-year-old’s accuracy and power, as well as the lack of any return fire from his opponent, began to wear his foe down early. Indeed, Cordoba was on the canvas in the fourth round after a picture-perfect body shot caused a delayed reaction knockdown.
Rigondeaux became more aggressive after that but, midway through the sixth, he walked into a right hand that caused his glove to scrape the floor – apparently the first knockdown of his 259 fight strong amateur and professional career. This rare slip-up seemed to throw the Cuban for somewhat of a loop and he allowed a reborn Cordoba to claw his way back into the fight in the seventh and eighth rounds.
Rigondeaux decided to change strategies in the second half of the bout as he glided around the ring and made Cordoba chase him. Neither fighter landed anything significant but Rigondeaux missed less. The crowd booed the lack of action as early as the third round and entertained themselves by doing the wave.
Although just seven fights into his professional career, undefeated Cuban super-bantamweight Guillermo Rigondeaux seems poised to explode onto the world stage.
Rigondeaux raised his unbeaten log to 7-0-0 (5 inside).
Cordoba dipped his record to 27-3-2 (23 inside).
On the Undercard
Mike Jones W PTS 12 MD Jesus Soto Karass.
Jones, 23-0-0 (18), kept his unbeaten record, but struggled a lot with the tough Soto Karass, 14-5-3-1 NC (16). Scored: Sergio Caiz 97-93 and Levi Martinez 95-94 both for Jones, and Gale Van Hoy 94-94. Referee was Rafael Ramos.
Jones may face unbeaten Andre Berto or Kell Brook next, but we have to wait to see how his handlers felt about this fight. Jones came alive late after struggling in the middle rounds, which came from punching himself out with an incredible flurry in the second round that didn't get Soto Karass down. Jesus Soto Karass, 28, definitely wrangled himself some more good fights as a top-end gatekeeper at least.
Jones, 27, retained his NABO and NABA welterweight titles and added the vacant WBC Continental  Americas title.
Brandon Rios W TKO 5 Omri Lowther.
Rios was out of shape and fighting on short notice, but he was able to mostly overpower the overmatched Lowther. Rios had a huge weight advantage, coming in just shy of the middleweight limit (157) after weight in a bit under 140. He had a huge physical advantage of Lowther, and marches on. Rios may well face Humberto Soto or Urbano Antillon in his next fight, as those two will face off next month.
Other results:
Light-Heavy, Mike Lee W KO 1 Keith Debow;
Welterweight, Dennis Laurente W PTS 8 Rashad Holloway;
Super-Lightweight, Jose Benavidez W TKO 3 Winston Mathis;
Super-Lightweight, Oscar Meza W PTS 4 Jose Hernandez;
Lightweight, Angel Rodriguez W PTS 4 Juan Martin Elorde;
Feather, Robert Marroquin W TKO 1 Francisco Dominguez;
Fly, Richie Mepranum W PTS 6 Anthony Villarreal.
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Pacquiao Muster Class too much for brave Antonio Margarito
By Gari Jones
It was a fight too remember as Manny Pacquiao (W52 (KO38) L3 (2 by KO) D2) put on a master class display too outpoint a brave and determined Antonio Margarito (W38 (KO27) L7 (1 by KO) D0), fighting for the vacant WBC Light Middleweight Title, not too many people could’ve have predicted that Pacquiao would be so devastating against a man who was naturally a Light Middleweight and being bigger and heavier than he was.
At the weigh-ins Pacquiao weighed 144.5lbs to Margarito’s 150lbs, however by fight night Margarito had gone back up to about about 164lbs. Pacquiao was also giving up a sizeable height (4.5”) and reach (7”) advantage, but despite this Pacquiao was simply too good for the Mexican.
Margarito who hadn’t fought since January 2009, was making his comeback fight after being banned for one year after illegal padding was found in his gloves when he fought against Sugar Shane Mosley, despite this Margarito put on a brave display of guts and determination and was always trying to make a fight of it, despite Pacquiao punishing his face every round with his blistering speed
For the first six rounds the fight was a slugfest, no time was wasted in sizing each other up as the two of them began to throw down; this was giving the fans all the excitement they could hope for in a boxing match. With both fighters trading punches it was clear by the end of the fourth round that Pacquiao was landing the more telling shots, Margarito’s eye had began to swell up quite dramatically and despite chasing the Pac-Man down the Mexican could not find a way through.
Margarito’s best shot came in the seventh round when he landed a left hook to Manny Pacquiao that almost sent the Phillippino to the canvas, with the ropes coming to Pacquiao’s aide he was able to steady himself and fight back towards the end of the seventh trying to halt the advantage Margarito had gained from that shot.
But after that round the fight ceased to be a contest anymore, as the punishment began to slow Margarito down and it was a case of how much more he could take. Pacquiao still moving with great speed and agility was himself looking a bit tired, but by then the damage had already been done. Pacquiao began to target Antonio’s eye more and more looking to end the fight with either a KO or having the doctor step in and declaring Margarito unfit to continue due to his badly swollen eye.
The Pac-Man almost got his wish in the 9th and 11th rounds as the referee stopped the action for the ringside doctor to check up on Margarito’s eye. Testing to see if Margarito could still see out of his badly swollen right eye, the doctor would ask him how many fingers he was holding up, always guessing right the fight was allowed to continue. I think there more of Margarito’s toughness showed through, he could have easily looked for a way out of the fight as Pacquiao by then was landing his punches at will it was almost exhibition stuff from Manny. To give you an idea just how easy it was by the end of the fight Pacquiao had thrown 1,069 punches and landed 474 (44% success) to Margarito’s 229 landed of 817 thrown (28%).
Anyway after 12 rounds the fight went to the judges’ scorecards, there was no doubt about the decision it was just how much a point gap there would be. All three judges awarded the fight to Pacquaio Jurgen Langos scored it 120-108, judge Oren Schellenburger scored the bout at119-109 and judge Glen Crocker scored the bout 118-110 making Manny Pacquiao a World Champion for the eighth time in an INCREDIBLE EIGHT (8) DIFFERENT WEIGHT CLASSES.
The only thing left for Pacquiao to do now is to arrange a Mega Fight with Sugar Shane Mosley for the one title that would decide once and for all, who is the BEST P4P BOXER IN THE WORLD.
Manny Pacquiao Dominates Antonio Margarito at Cowboys Stadium
by Scott Christ
Tonight at Cowboys Stadium, Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KO) dominated a much bigger, very game, very determined Antonio Margarito (38-7, 26 KO), winning a wide 12-round decision. Official scores were 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110. Bad Left Hook and SB Nation scored it 119-109 for Manny.
Pacquiao started strong, showcasing his speed and movement against the lumbering, clearly bigger Margarito. Margarito took the second round on our scorecard in what was an awesome offensive display from both fighters. Tonight, what may have been most learned is simple: Manny Pacquiao can take a punch from a bigger man. And take it pretty well.
Margarito gave his best tonight against Pacquiao, but it simply wasn't close to enough. Pacquiao was too fast, too active, too good for the Mexican foe, and Margarito couldn't keep up with him, no matter how hard he tried.
Now, we wonder what's next for Pacquiao, who is running out of opponents. An early guess is that Manny Pacquiao will rematch Miguel Cotto, who was in attendance tonight. But if the dream fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. presents itself -- and the time might be right -- then there's no passing on that. Manny has proven his dominance. Now, it's hard to make a case for Floyd as the best in the world anymore, pound-for-pound. Manny just keeps taking on top foes and, like Floyd, dominating, while also wrecking up his opponents' faces.
Pacquiao wins 8th world title by beating Margarito
By Spider Ricoclose, Author: Spider Rico, Name: Richard Gammon
The weight advantage for Margarito meant nothing to Pacquiao.
Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) has made history once again by winning an eighth world title by defeating Antonio Margarito (38-7, 27 KOs) for the vacant WBC light middleweight title.
Pacquiao’s brilliance was at times a beauty to behold – unleashing multiple punches all with such speed and deadly accuracy. It’s a miracle Margarito’s face held up for him to finish the fight on his feet which was only right really considering the gallant effort he put forth.
At first it seemed it would be an easy night for the Pacman realing off punches and stepping away to the side everytime – keeping Margarito off-balance and never letting him plant his feet to unleash his punches.
Margarito did however appear to be getting to Pacquiao after round 6 – occasionally able to keep Pacquiao with his back against the ropes and focusing his attack downstairs. But Pacquiao always came back sometimes brazenly trading shots with the bigger man and you began to wonder how much Margarito could see out of his right eye the longer the fight went.
Margarito keep pressing forward but he only received more punishment for his troubles – taking ten punches to land one although he did appear to hurt Manny to the body at one stage.
Pacquiao’s onslaught was relentless and by the final round Margarito way behind on the scorecards had to somehow find it in him to score a knockout. But Margarito has never been a one punch knockout artist and especially not against a moving target such as Pacquiao. The Flipino icon continues to astonish me in his accomplishments – that all balanced with life as a Congressman. It’s clear that Manny Pacquiao is indeed a very special fighter and one that has firmly cemented his legacy as one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.
Though Pacquiao was expected to win and did it in quite one sided fashion it was still spectacular the way Pacquiao did it and it’s this quality that has made him such a great fighter to watch over the years and combined with a humble persona – in the face of such super stardom, if this is really his last fight then I’m happy to say I had the privilege of watching one of the true greats in the sport at a time when boxing so badly needed his presence.
Manny dishes a savage beating to Margarito over 12 rounds!
By Ace Freeman
Manny Pacquiao W UD12 Antonio Margarito
Manny Pacquiao dished out a savage twelve round beating to Antonio Margarito moments ago in Texas to capture the WBC light middleweight title via a wide unanimous decision live on HBO PPV. Pacquiao started out the opening round boxing beautifully, landing his straight left on target and raking Margarito with right hooks. The larger fighter seemed a bit bewildered by Pacquiao’s speed early and the Filipino charge took full advantage. The action intensified in the second as Margarito opted to let his hands go, which only created more openings for Pacquiao. The smaller man continued to land more fire early but Margarito stood up to the onslaught well.
Pacquiao’s extraordinary speed of foot perplexed Margarito in the third as he moved in and out of range landing flush shots that shook the sweat loose from Margarito’s head.
A Pacquiao body shot in Round 4 made Margarito cringe and slightly hunch over. The follow up barrage was brutal as Pacquiao clobbered Margarito to the head, leaving his eye swolen and his nose bloody.
The beating continued into the fifth where Pacquiao stood toe to toe with Margarito looking for a fire fight. The Mexican banger engaged and landed his best punches of the fight on Pacquiao when he was along the ropes but the return fire continued to overwhelm him.
Margarito was taking a hellacious beating to the head but the natural size advantage allowed him to absorb the shots better than more recent Pacquiao opponents.
Margarito had his best moment of the bout in Round 6 when he caught Pacquiao with a good body shot and clubbed him with a few head punches in the follow up barrage.
Pacquiao moved away but elected to stand and trade punches in the final seconds of the round as the crowd went wild.
In the seventh Pacquiao came out boxing and used the ring like he was doing a Muhammad Ali impression. In the final thirty seconds he elected to trade again and stunned Margarito with more well placed hooks.
Pacquiao flirted with danger fighting off the ropes in Round 8, but he was seeking a fire fight. Margarito remained dangerous as a brawl is his forte and he stepped up the pressure.
The size difference became a factor as the fighters battled in the trenches and it was an all out war late in the fight. Margarito’s right eye was nearly closed up after nine rounds were in the book.
Pacquiao stepped up the heat in Round 10 and it turned into a massacre. Finally, the gallant Mexican began to break and his knees began to buckle.
Pacquiao punished him in the final minute and Margarito returned to his corner a bloody mess.
In Round 11 Pacquiao continued to hammer away at a nearly defenceless Margarito, and even looked at the referee to stop the bloodshed. Margarito somehow managed to stay on his feet as Pacquiao continued “to do his job”.
It was becoming more and more difficult to watch, yet more and more impressive with each damning blow.
In the twelfth and final round the Filipino charge met Margarito in the center of the ring and crossed himself. He proceeded to rake his partially blinded foe with punches from all angles. Margarito was bloody and beaten but did not know how to quit.
In the last half of the round Pacquiao began to move again and landed punches from range. Margarito stood tall and finished the fight on his feet. His blood soaked Mexican trunks served as a stern reminder of his impregnable mental make up.
The crowd erupted at the final bell. It was a bloody and exciting night in Dallas.
The final cards read 120-108, 118-110, 119-109, all for Manny Pacquiao.
With the win the phenomenal Filipino captured the vacant WBC junior middleweight title… his eighth title in as many weight classes.
A SHUTOUT SLAUGHTER: Pacquiao Dominates 17 Pounds Larger Margarito
By Michael Woods
Antonio Margarito could've had a 27 pound weight advantage, and he could've been given an IV drip of Hydroxycut and coffee between rounds, and had all the stuffing taken out of his gloves before the bout, and it likely would not have mattered. Manny Pacquiao was in total control, from the second this fight was signed, and he gave an out of his league Margarito a hellacious beating while picking up a belt in a record eighth weight class at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas on Saturday night.
Pacquiao (5-6 1/2; age 31 3/4; 51-3-2 entering; from the Philippines) weighed 144.6 on Friday, 148 on fight night, while Margarito (5-11; age 33; 38-6 entering; born in CA, lives in Mexico) was 150 pounds, 165 on fight night. Marg had a 17 pound weight edge, but he looked stiff and slow, while Manny's fast hands and feet were something unlike he'd ever seen. The world's most marvelous multitasker showed he is a master of controlled violence but also that he has a heart as big as Baguio, when he backed off in the 12th, and let Margarito finish the fight. After the trash Tony talked, including the mockery of Coach Roach's Parkinson's, one has to applaud the Congressman for not piling up the punishment like he could have.
In the first, Manny was master, with faster hands. Marg jabbed nicely, but looked stiff. "Perfect round," said trainer Freddie Roach. "Jab, jab, jab, then the right," said trainer Robert Garcia.
In the second, Manny mixed more body shots in. He ate a couple shots, but landed a straight left which sent Marg back. He went to the ropes a couple times, worrying Freddie but still likely won the round.
In the third, Marg looked stiff, hunched. Manny moved even better, getting in and getting out. He was having fun, and ate a shot or two in the corner. But he banged his gloves together--"come at me!"--and was up 3-0 on the TSS card.
In the fourth, Manny stepped it up. A nasty welt showed up under Tony's right eye. He ate and didn't return fire. Three body shuts hurt him. He was folding, like a chair, and we wondered if he'd last much longer. This was a 10-8 Manny round.
In the fifth, Manny gave the fans something when he laid on the ropes. Freddie had a mini coronary, but Manny loves to give the fans excitement. The right eye was almost closed on Margarito. Shutout.
In the sixth, Manny's lateral movement had Marg lurching like Frankenstein. Then Tony had some success with Manny on the ropes, but I swear, Manny was doing that on purpose to juice up the fans. The right eye was 97% closed.
In the seventh, it was all Manny. He maintained the distance he wanted and was having a blast.
In the eighth, Manny went to the ropes three times, to give the fans a thrill. "Don't let him bring you on the ropes," said Roach. Manny nodded, as he always does. And he will do what he wants to do.
In the ninth, Marg fans booed Manny for moving too much. He stole the round with three flurries, though.
In the tenth, Manny opened up more. He has ample energy. "Boom, another perfect right hook. What a show. What an amazing performance," said Jim Lampley. "Greatest offensive fighter of the era." It was another 10-8 round. "I'm OK," Marg said after the round. The doc looked hard at him, asked him how mnay fingers he held up. One, he said, then two. It was two, for the record. The left eye was getting closer to closed by this time.
In the 11th, Manny looked at Cole, wondering if he'd stop it. Cole stopped the action, and covered his eye, and held up a finger, and quizzed him. Marg got it right, and continued to eat fists. Again, Manny looked at Cole. Would the corner stop it? Garcia told Marg to work the jab, "be lively." Too much pride for his fighter's own good.
In the 12th, Manny backed off, pulled his punches, every ounce the humanitarian. He'd let Marg finish the fight. After, he said the fight was a stern test, and that he'd be happy to fight Floyd Mayweather next. Margarito said he was proud to fight til the end. Trainer Garcia said he never considered pulling the plug, which nobody would've been appropriate from the tenth on, because Margarito would not have wanted that.
SPEEDBAG Looked to me like Margarito's beard could've been a minute cushion, and Roach had grounds to ask the commission to get him to trim it.
--The three Cowboys cheerleaders who did the US anthem were not half bad. All that hair dye didn't scratch their vocal chords.
---After three anthems, Nelly sang "Just A Dream." Not my genre, but I've heard worse. Now, did anyone not really care for the pacing/flow segue from Nelly, to the main event?
---Before the bout, Steward said he thought Marg had a chance, and shouldn't be such a wide underdog. Why? Size, he said. He said also that if Manny were to beat Marg, he should go back down to welter or thereabouts.
---Marg kissed his son, after his son gave him the father, son, Holy Spirit sign, as he started his ring walk. Even villains have their soft side eh?
---MannyMania might've jumped the shark when Lamps said Manny might be able to pick and choose what country he wants to be the president of.
--Interesting, Buffer doesn't always do this...he introed the trainers before announcing the principals.
--You heard it here first. Put Manny on "Dancing With The Stars."
---Max Kellerman said he thinks Manny has slipped a bit in the last year or so, and saw him get hit quite a bit, and that Floyd might see this, and want a piece of a "slipping" Manny. Hmm. I don't see the slippage. Youse? I see a guy at his peak, loving every minute of it...
Pacquiao decisions Margarito
By Dan Ambrose
Manny Pacquiao defeated Antonio Margarito by a 12 round unanimous decision tonight to capture the vacant junior middleweight title at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Pacquiao’s work rate and speed was simply too much for Margarito, and he ended up losing by a fairly lopsided decision. It was competitive for the most part, but Margarito really wore down in the last four rounds and seemed a little weight drained from the struggle to squeeze down to make the 150 pound catch-weight that Pacquiao’s team insisted on for this fight. The final judges’ scores were 119-109, 120-108 and 118-110.
With this win, Pacquiao now holds the WBC junior middleweight title, which no one expects him to ever defend. Pacquiao will now likely move back down to the welterweight division and look to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. or someone else like Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez or the winner of the Timothy Bradley v. Devon Alexander bout.
In the 1st round, Margarito attempted to keep Pacquiao on the outside using his jabs. However, Pacquiao quickly darted through Margarito’s guard and began landing hard left hands to the head. Margarito’s jabs were a poor defense against Pacquiao, because he didn’t seem to be bothered by them in the least.
In rounds two and three, both fighters traded big shots. Pacquiao fought more flat footed and was getting hit with some hard punches from Margarito. However, Pacquiao was clearly getting the better of Margarito by throwing combinations. Margarito didn’t seem to be bothered by Pacquiao’s punches at this point in the fight. Pacquiao looks to be the weaker fighter.
In rounds four and five, Pacquiao landed nicely with combinations that snapped Margarito’s head back. Pacquiao seemed to be trying to overwhelm Margarito with punches in the same way he did with Oscar De La Hoya and attempted to do with Joshua Clottey. It’s not working nearly as well, because Margarito isn’t folding or just covering up the way that De La Hoya and Clottey did. Margarito’s cheek looks swollen.
In round six, Margarito pressured more, landing hard shots. Pacquiao is starting to show fatigue a little. Pacquiao answers back with punches of his own late, but not with the same kind of power that Margarito had been hitting him with. This was a good round for Margarito.
Margarito was examined by the ringside doctor in the 7th for his cut, but the fight was allowed to continue. Pacquiao scored well with left hands, but Margarito landed some nice right hands in a back and forth round. Margarito pressuring and Pacquiao firing fast shots.
In the 8th, Margarito came back firing big shots, connecting with a nice uppercut that snapped Pacquiao’s head back. Margarito trapped Pacquiao against the ropes and landed some nice shots. Pacquiao was fighting Margarito’s fight at this point and totally ignoring advice from his trainer Freddie Roach. Margarito really wound up on his shots at this point in the fight similar to his bout with Miguel Cotto in 2008.
Pacquiao looking exhausted and old in the 9th round, as Margarito continues to pressure him and force him to fight harder than he’s had to since his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez two years ago in 2008. Margarito landed well with shots with Pacquiao fighting off the ropes. Pacquiao not throwing as many punches at this point in the fight. Pacquiao landed some hard shots late. The judges probably gave Pacquiao the round based on those late shots, but it looked like Margarito was the stronger fighter in the round.
Margarito was hurt in the 10th round with Pacquiao unloading on him with fast shots. Margarito’s cut seems to have worsened at this point and he looked really tired. Near the end of the round, Pacquiao had him hurt but Margarito was able to escape the round without going down.
In the 11th round, Pacquiao really hammered Margarito with combinations, blasting him at will, as Margarito is looking beaten and fighting on the defensive. Pacquiao, however, lacks the major league power to take Margarito out the way that Shane Mosley did last year when he had Margarito hurt in the 9th. Margarito looked done at the end of the round.
In the 12th, Pacquiao landed a lot of punches but was unable to put Margarito away. Pacquiao’s shots not hard enough, but he certainly landed a lot of them. Margarito did very little in the round.
Reuters reports:
Pacquiao won his 13th consecutive fight since losing to Erik Morales in Las Vegas in March 2005. "I really do my best to win the fight," he said.
"He's strong. I never expected him to be as strong as he was. He's a very tough fighter. I can't believe he took all those punches."
At one point during the 11th round, Pacquiao looked at the referee and asked him to stop the fight. "I feel for my opponent, his eyes and his bloody face," the Filipino said. "I wanted the ref to look at that.
"In the twelfth round I wasn't looking for a knockout. I take it easy because my trainer told me to take it easy and just be careful."
Sapa-AP reports: that controversy erupted before the fight when as weight-loss supplement was seen in Margarito's dressing room.
Pacquiao's team demanded that he be tested before the fight for possible banned substances. Texas officials, though, said the testing would be done after the fight as usual. The supplement was reportedly Hydroxycut, sold over the counter.
Margarito struggled to lose enough weight to make the 68kg contract weight for the fight.
Pacquiao vs. Margarito Results – Live Round by Round Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito Blog, Fight Updates & Scorecard
On November 13, 2010, Manny Pacquiao will take on Antonio Margarito for the vacant WBC Junior Middleweight Title. The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight will be broadcast on HBO PPV, and will be fought at a catchweight of 150 lbs. When the big night is finally here, on you’ll be able to find live updates and Pacquiao vs. Margarito results with a round by round blog.
Pacquiao vs. Margarito Round by Round Updates & Results
OK, it’s finally fight time. One surprising note is that Margarito’s arm length advantage is only half an inch, despite the much larger size. The other surprising note was revealed at the weigh-in yesterday, that Pacquiao weighed in at less than 145 lbs. Tonight the weight difference is 148 lbs to 165 lbs, for a 17 lbs advantage for Margarito.
It’s 11:45 PM and the ring walks are underway. Margarito and team are making their way to the ring… Pacquiao makes his ring walk, and he’s coming out to Thunderstruck by ACDC. Now the song switches to some Rocky theme music. The entire scene looks like it’s from a Rocky movie set.
See below for all of the details on the Margarito-ephedra-coffee episode.
Rd 1: – Margarito is just absolutely huge in the ring next to Manny. Margarito keeping a high guard and using a jab, Pacquiao going to the body. Pacquiao really has to punch up high, and in the mean time, Margarito is landing his jab. Pacquiao lands a straight left, his first good punch of the night. He’s having a bit of trouble getting into his attack against Margarito’s size. He scores with a 1-2, then goes to the body. Margarito throwing all jabs. Pacquiao throws a combo at the bell. 10-9 Pacquiao.
Rd 2: – Margarito begins to open up a bit, Pacquiao throws a few consecutive jabs. Pacquiao opens up and his speed shows. Margarito keeping his guard high. Margarito lands a 1-2 and then goes to the body. Pacquiao is up against the ropes then gets back to the center of the ring. Margarito lands a jab, then a 1-2, Pacquiao is getting tagged a bit, Margarito goes to the body. Pacquiao is landing back as well, but Margarito’s punches definitely have an effect. Pacquiao lands a straight left. Double jab from Margarito. Pacquiao combos as the bell rings. 10-9 Margarito.
Rd 3: – Pacquiao lands a big straight left and continues to try to break the guard of Margarito. Margarito coming forward, gets Pacquiao on the ropes and open up, but largely misses and looks Tmad at himself for not taking advantage. Then Pacquiao opens up and lands a few good shots. Margarito smiles wide, always a bad sign for a fighter. Pacquiao lands to the head and body, Margarito fires back with a 1-2. Pacquiao ends the round strongly with a good attack. 10-9 Pacquiao.
Rd 4: – Pacquiao lands 2 straight lefts, Margarito answers back, and almost goes low with an uppercut. Margarito is busted open under his right eye. Pacquiao is opening up and has thrown 20 or so straight punches. Pacquiao then covers up and backs up before darting back in and unloading. Huge Pacquiao round. All Manny opening up on Margarito, who has no answer right now and looks a bit shell shocked. Pacquiao goes to the body, finally Margarito comes back but just for a brief second. This could almost be a 10-8 round for Pacquiao, it’s that one-sided.
Rd 5: – Pacquiao sneaks in a straight shot under Margarito’s gloves. Margarito applies some pressure and gets Manny against the ropes. Pacquiao lands a lead hook and then a few punches follow. He lands a straight left and keeps up the work rate. Pacquiao lands a big straight left. Margarito lands a few good shots and backs Manny up. Pacquiao retakes control and keeps punching. Big straight lefts cloes out the round for Manny. Another Pacquiao round 10-9.
Rd 6: – Margarito’s right cheek is all sorts of swollen up and busted open. Pacquiao lands a straight left and then a 1-2. He mixes in an uppercut and turns out to his side. Margarito can’t catch up as Manny goes to his side. Pacquiao lands an uppercut, goes to the body, and stays moving around. Margarito started off all jabs, and now has abandoned that almost entirely. He’s following Pacquiao around the ring instead of cutting it off. Margarito lands a handful of good body shots, Pacquiao is a bit hurt, and he’s cut. The two trade toe to toe for the last 20 seconds, Pacquiao eventually gets the better of it, but Margarito did some good damage there. Manny was invigorated by being tagged, however.
Rd 7: – Manny moving around a bit to start the round. Ducking under Margarito’s punches, flying inside, landing a few shots, opening up, coming back out. Pacquiao doing a bit of everything right now. Margarito lands a big body shot, then Pacquiao goes for a dozen punches unanswered. He even works in a quick Ali Shuffle at a moment in the round. Pacquiao unleashing nonstop, Margarito trying to come forward but not getting much done.
Rd 8: – Margarito gets Pacquiao against the ropes and starts unloading. He goes hard to Pacquiao’s body and gets him in a bit of trouble. Pacquiao eventually turns the tide and unloads his own combinations, but he looks tired from the exchanges. Margarito has him back on the ropes, he’s holding and hitting a bit but he is trying to break his man down. Pacquiao starts moving a bit more, and he does look much more tired now. The two trade with Pacquiao against the ropes, Pacquiao is bleeding from the mouth now. Margarito’s round. This was a round of the year type of round!
Rd 9: – Pacquiao trying to time Margarito with a lead right hook. He’s moving around much more this round, definitely trying to take some time to recover from round 8. Finally he opens up and lands a series of unanswered punches. Margarito lands a straight shot, Pacquiao comes back to land a few, Pacquiao’s round in a much tamer setting this time out.
Rd 10: – Margarito’s right eye is just about closed, and Manny is taking advantage of that. Almost all Pacquiao in Round 10. Margarito’s steam that he had for a bit seems to have dissipated. He finally gets Pacquiao against the ropes, but Pacquiao punches his way out and dances back to the center. He looks exhausted, but is still finding a way to work-work-work. He lands about 10 straight punches, Margarito just offers a few slow exchanges back. Pacquiao staggers Margarito, he pushes him back and lands about 10 more shots, Margarito could be stopped.
Rd 11: – Fight could have been stopped in the last round, but here we go again. Margarito comes out applying pressure too. He’s working and trying hard, but Pacquiao isn’t letting up. He comes in, lands 3 or 4, looks at the referee to stop it, darts out, comes back in and lands more, moves out, launches another combination. Pacquiao is throwing almost nonstop. Cole stops the action but then lets it continue. Epic beat down at this point… Margarito’s eye is absolutely terrible.
Rd 12: – Pacquiao has been stepping off the gas. Seeming to say, if this fight won’t be stopped, I’m not going to just assault this guy, and I’m not going to get him down to the canvas. He keeps on working hard and landing a few shots, but doesn’t apply real pressure to close out the show. The point was already made, all Pacquiao tonight save for a few tough moments.
Unofficial Pacquiao vs. Margarito results & scorecard: 118-110… and it could have been much wider than that!
Official judges’ scorecard and Pacquiao vs. Margarito results: 120-108, 118-110, 119-109, Pacquiao wins by UD.
Pacquiao landed over 470 punches, he connected on 58% of his power punches, it was a beat down, and Margarito showed a lot of heart but lost in a major way. Pacquiao is swollen up, bloody and tired too, but it was an epic performance for Manny against a bigger, stronger guy.
Manny admits to being hurt a few times in the fight by uppercuts and other punches, and says that he can’t believe the fight and that he’s lucky tonight, and Margarito fought great. He also says he was looking to the referee to stop the bout because of Margarito’s face and his eye. In the 12th, he was just avoiding damage, making sure he didn’t get into trouble.
Finally, Kellerman asks him about Mayweather. Pacquiao says he’s not scared to fight anybody, that’s his promoter’s job, and he just shows up to fight. He’s going to continue to fight, and he thanks god and thanks the fans. He said he gave all he can give, and he’s trying to make people happy.
Margarito comes for his interview, and his face is just a disaster. His right eye is swollen completely shut and is busted open, and is bright purple. He said he failed, but that he never considered stopping, and that he fights to the end. Trainer Garcia says he never considered stopping it either.
Pacquiao Margarito Event Coverage & Notes
9:00 PM – Alright, we’re live here on, and the PPV is starting up as Jim Lampley gives the rundown, and we get an aerial view of Cowboys Stadium… We’re going to jump right into Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther as the first televised undercard fight of the evening…
9:19 PM – We’re in the middle of Rios vs. Lowther, but we get the fight night weights for Pacquiao & Margarito. Manny weighs 148 lbs on the unofficial scales, and Margarito weighs 165 lbs, for a huge 17 lb weight disparity in the ring.
9:30 PM – Rios vs. Lowther is over, waiting for Rigondeaux vs. Cordoba. Pacquiao entered the arena about 20 minutes ago. Lampley talks a bit about Pacquiao’s weight, Steward gives his keys to victory for each man; no surprises for Pacquiao, using his speed, timing and in-and-out style, and Margarito using his size advantage and pressure.
9:56 PM – Main event referee Laurence Cole gives his instructions to Margarito and his team in their locker room as Rigondeaux vs. Cordoba continues. Roach arrives to Margarito’s dressing room (off-camera) and is ready to watch them wrap his hands.
10:01 PM – Roach is in Margarito’s room and is watching Margarito’s hand wraps extremely closely…. 10:10 PM – we’re still getting video of the hand-wrapping in both locker rooms, Pacquiao is fixing his own wraps and the commissioner signs off on Margarito’s…
10:17 PM – Both fighters are wearing 8 ounce Cleto Reyes gloves. Interesting, because higher than welterweight, 10 ounce gloves are required, but because this is at a catchweight, they made an exception to use the 8 ounce gloves.
10:39 PM – There’s a dispute right now in the locker rooms between the two camps. Robert Garcia is trying to explain something as Freddie Roach, and other people look on.
10:47 PM – Kellerman tells us about the issues in the locker room. Garcia is having an issue with a pre-rolled piece of tape that Pacquiao had on his hand wraps. Roach is saying he has a source that Margarito took ephedra, a banned substance, and he wants a drug test. Apparently each side is backing down to allow the fight to go down, but this could be very interesting as the night plays out. Roach wanted the drug test now because he says it would be out of his system after the fight. Apparently team Pacquiao saw Margarito ready to take Hydroxycut, which includes ephedra. Then there are some issues about whether or not he drank any coffee.
11:04 PM – Pacquiao’s team says he saw Margarito about to take Hydroxycut, a banned substance. They didn’t see him take it, but the commission didn’t explicitly tell Margarito not to when the incident occurred. The fight is still a go right now after this drama.
11:20 PM – Jones vs. Soto-Karass is over, Pacquiao vs. Margarito is next! Start time in about 20 minutes.. Yahir sings the Mexican national anthem… Zyrene Parsao sings the Filipino anthem… 3 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders sing the US anthem… now Nelly comes out to perform…
PPV Undercard Bouts
Mike Jones vs. Jesus Soto-Karass
Rd 1 – All Mike Jones in the first round, he dominates the action, and he controls the action with his jabs, dictating the action from the outside.
Rd 2 – Jones opens up and his throwing ferociously. He’s going non-stop to the body and head. Soto-Karass is in major, major trouble on the ropes. Jones has been throwing nonstop for more than a minute. Huge shots coming in, finally Soto-Karass starts answering back but he’s all bloody and battered. Jones though is obviously gassed after throwing nonstop for 90 seconds and Soto-Karass starts coming forward. CRAZY round!
Rd 3 – Soto-Karass is the guy coming forward and landing shots right now. Jones is tired and was obviously banking on getting that stoppage in the previous round, but wasn’t able to close the show. Soto-Karass is bleeding badly over both eyes now, but he’s the one doing damage. Really a dominant round for him after that whirlwind second.
Rd 4­ – Soto-Karass is still the guy applying pressure, but Jones is getting more in on the action now. Still, he’s circling around and moving backwards, and getting tagged by shots.
Rd 5 – The action finally slows down in round 5 compares to the fast pace it had been moving at. Jones still has not recovered from that incredible outburst in the second. I had hardly seen anything like it before, and it certainly didn’t pay off for him here.
Rd 6 – Jones is coming back on. His jabs and straight crosses have more power and crispness on them. But he’s still moving back. It’s hard to focus on the fight fully with the drama behind the scenes involving Margarito, ephedra, coffee, and who knows what else.
Rd 7 – Soto-Karass is all heart and toughness. Been bleeding and battered since the start, but he has been doing almost all of the damage since. Jones starts to land a few hooks to the head, and trades in the center of the ring instead of moving straight back.
Rd 8 – The action is much more even now and both men are giving and taking. Jones is bleeding from a few different spots, the cuts over Soto-Karass’s eyes isn’t as bad as it was. Soto-Karass remains the aggressor here.
Rd 9 – After a minute of action the doctor looks at Soto-Karass’s eye. He’s good to go, and the two go right back to it, standing and trading. Soto-Karass digs to the body, Jones lands a succession of clean punches to the head. Soto-Karass bulls back forward. Jones is pretty badly busted up at this point. One more round…
Rd 10 – Jones comes out and definitely wants to do some work in the final stanza. He squares right back up though and allows Soto-Karass to continue coming forward and land his own shots. Jones sneaks up an uppercut to the head and follows it up with a series of big punches. Soto-Karass lands a big right to the head. They keep trading to the bell. Scorecards will be interesting here.
Official scorecards: 94-94, 95-94, 97-93 for Mike Jones.
Mike Jones wins Majority Decision.
Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba
There’s been a lot of buzz that Rigondeaux is the best recent Cuban import, including the likes of Yuriorkis Gamboa and Erislandy Lara. He has some 240+ amateur fights, with only about 4 losses. He had 2 Olympic gold medals, and would have won a third, but wasn’t allowed to fight in Beijing by Cuba for fear of defecting. Pretty great to see this kind of fight in his 7th professional turn, but at 30 years old and with that pedigree, why wait?
Rd 1 – Cordoba is bigger and rangier than Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux carries his right hand down at the top of his trunks and sways it up and down, somewhat reminiscent of Roy Jones. Slow first round with not much action, a lot of feeling out.
Rd 2 - This fight is m-o-v-i-n-g v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and the arena is dead silent, before braking out into boos and whistles at the end of the stanza. Rigondeaux is controlling the slight bit of action there is by getting off first with his speed, but not much going on.
Rd 3 - Rigondeaux lands a looping lead hook/uppercut to the body. Cordoba paws with his jab. Both of these guys being southpaws is causing some awkward moments and tie-ups. The two exchange and Rigondeaux closes it with a good right hook. Rigondeaux is extremely fast with his body movement. “Best” round so far, but doesn’t say much.
Rd 4 - Rigondeaux puts Cordoba down with a body shot. Cordoba is in pain on the canvas, and barely gets up at the count of 9. He still looks hurt. Rigondeaux gets on the attack a bit, and just misses with a few big shots to the head. He still doesn’t open up too much though. Cordoba looks more recovered as the round goes on. Cordoba finally fires back in the final 20 seconds of the round.
Rd 5 – Rigondeaux should be opening up more considering his technical and speed advantages. But it is what it is, and he’s taking his time, and Cordoba can’t get anything going for himself. His combinations are extremely tight and technical. This round featured mostly near-misses by both men, but Rigondeaux landed a few jabs and few body shots while staying on his toes and dictating the action.
Rd 6 - Rigondeaux starts to open up more, and surprise surprise, he does and then he gets sent down to the canvas. His glove touched, but it counts, and it was a straight right hand that did it. Cordoba is energized, and according to what Rigondeaux had said, this is the first time amateur or pro that he has been on the canvas. Rigondeaux doesn’t seem hurt at all, but Cordoba is moving on the attack and applying pressure.
Rd 7 – Cordoba keeps on applying pressure, and the fight is finally picking up some steam. Rigondeaux is on the retreat and tries to dart in and out to land a jab here or there. Cordoba comes in and Rigondeaux tries to time him with a counter, but he just pushes him down. Cordoba continues pressing the pace, his best round of the night, including the last with the knockdown.
Rd 8 -Rigondeaux must have been more hurt than he showed from the flash knockdown, because he has changed his style into moving and bouncing. Cordoba is coming forward but is growing tired of the moving target and the running tactics. The last 30 seconds features hardly any punches thrown by either man, but Cordoba’s round for trying to force the action.
Rd 9 - Rigondeaux throws a lot of punches from a distance and it looks like he’s not even trying to have them land. Cordoba is coming forward but is struggling to catch up with the circling Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux lands a good 1-2 after Cordoba landed a right hook to the body. Cordoba jabs a few times to the head, Rigondeaux keeps circling. These scorecards could be very interesting, if we get there.
Rd 10 – Well if you blinked you might have missed all of the action in this one. Cordoba coming forward, not landing much. Rigondeaux circling around, not throwing much. Hmm.
Rd 11 - Rigondeaux could be a marathoner, because he’s been running nonstop for quite some time now. The announcing crew has shifted to talking just about Pacquiao vs. Margarito, and has been basically ignoring the fight. It’s hard to pay attention, because the action has been pretty nondescript. Do you like ineffective, come-forward aggression, or stay-away, un-attacking defensive posturing?
Rd 12 - Just hard to comment on this fight. I guess you could say Rigondeaux has been winning rounds, but he’s been jumping around, throwing in single digits, and avoiding action nonstop. The final bell rings, and the crowd boos. I would have cheered so we could all move on with what’s next! Rigondeaux probably wins the decision here, but didn’t captivate anyone in the process, and the scorecards could be surprising…
Official scorecards: 114-112 Cordoba, 117-109 Rigondeaux, 114-112 Rigondeaux
Rigondeaux wins by SD.
Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther
Rios tried to make the contracted weight three times but failed, and the two are really fighting as junior welterweights, not lightweights, tonight. Rios got the bout on short notice and re-hydrated all the way to an astonishing 157 lbs, and he definitely looks all of it in the ring….
Rd 1 - Rios starts pressuring right off the bat, and the crew talks about Rios and his weight, and how out of shape he is. Kellerman makes the comparison to Roberto Duran, who was always in shape when it counted but was frequently out of shape during smaller bouts. Rios probably won the round based on aggression and work rate, but not much action, and Lowther landed a few shots as well.
Rd 2 - Rios is doing some good work to the body and then brings it back upstairs and connects with a few flush shots. Lowther fires back, Rios catches him with a left hook to the cheek. Rios blocks a few punches and keeps coming forward the rest of the round.
Rd 3 - Lowther is circling and backpedaling a lot but it’s more running than being defensive. Rios back him to the rope and lands a big right. Lowther backs away, Rios corners him again, lands again, and the cycle repeats. Lowther sticks out his jab but isn’t throwing with force. Rios’s best round of the evening, although Lowther ends the round with a good combo.
Rd 4 - If you don’t have anything to keep Rios off you, he’s just going to bull forward every second, and that’s what he’s still doing. Lowther lands a good right and it backs Rios up for a minute, then he lands a few more. Rios answers to the body, gets Lowther on the ropes and lands a good shot at the bell.
Rd 5 - Slow start to the round but the pattern remains the same. The first half of the round is slow, but then Rios wobbles him and almost sends him down. They clinch, Rios lands a big body shot, and then he lands a big right to the head. The referee jumps in and stops the bout. Props to Emmanuel Steward who before the 5th said that he would have stopped the bout then.
Brandon Rios wins by 5th round TKO.
Jones Arrives and Survives, Brandon Rios Scores TKO 5
By Jason Pribila
The Boxing World’s eyes were on the heart of Texas as Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito were set to square off at the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Top Rank used the opportunity to introduce their latest addition to their vast welterweight stable, Philadelphia’s Mike Jones.
Prior to tonight, Jones’ career was guided by Hall of Fame Promoter, J. Russell Peltz, who artfully guided him to a 22-0 record, and a top ten ranking by all four major sanctioning bodies. However, Peltz realized it was time for the 27-year-old Jones to move to the next level, and he reached out to the team he has known for over thirty years, Top Rank Inc. After two less than sensational fights, the stage was set for Mike Jones to steal the show. The only thing in his way was a tough as nails Mexican fighter, Jesus Soto Karass.
If Jones would have allowed the weight of the moment to cause him to enter the ring on the tentative side, no one could have held it against him. The biggest audience he ever performed in front of was one-fifth the size of the expected crowd of over 50,000 that filled Cowboys Stadium. However, Jones took advantage of the easy to find Soto Karass by controlling the opening stanza behind his jabs, left hooks, and his overhand right.
In round two, Jones put on an offensive display at the 50-yard line that surely got the attention of Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. A hurt Soto Karass retreated to the ropes, and absorbed a power punching output that this reporter has only seen when fighters are in the gym hitting their trainer’s mitts. Soto Karass survived the flurry on his feet, and landed punches at the end of the round despite suffering cuts on both eyes.
The minute between rounds was not enough time for the arm weary Jones to catch his breath. Soto Karass took advantage and began to land body shots to the suddenly retreating Jones. What was alarming was that Jones still had not fully recovered until round six, and found himself in an even fight.
Jones jab returned in round seven, and combinations soon followed. Both fighters fought on even terms in round eight, and there was high drama as they entered the final two rounds.
Jones was being put to the test, and was forced to answer the question that every young prospect must ace on their journey from contender to champion. Mike Jones’ first response was a double jab, and a big combination to Soto Karass’ head. He was again landing over the top, and the blood again began to flow from his opponent’s cuts.
With the fight on the line, Jones dominated the final stanza. Jones was the busier fighter and landed shots that even the Texas judges could not miss. He finished the round with a flurry, and raised his hand with relief. Jones passed gut-check time, and earned a 96-94 win on my unofficial card.
Two of the judges agreed with me. The official scores read: 94-94, 95-94, and 97-93 for the still undefeated, Mike Jones.
If you too are wondering how an even 10 round fight could be scored 94-94, you are not alone. While round two could have easily been scored a 10-8 round for Jones, there was no point during the fight that Jones could have lost a point. However, once I realized that Gale Van Hoy entered the card, I was relieved he was at least in the same zip code this time. Van Hoy made headlines when he scored the first Juan Diaz – Paulie Malignaggi fight 118-110 for Diaz.
For Jones, he keeps round two in a time capsule. His arrival was explosive, and the fact he was in with a guy that withstood the flurry may be the best thing that could happen in the development of Jones. Had he scored a TKO2, we wouldn’t have learned too much about Jones, and he may have been moved along too swiftly. Instead, he got valuable rounds, dug deep, and proved he could win under HBO’s hot lights.
No one was happier to get the televised PPV underway than Brandon Rios. Rios put a whirlwind eight days behind him as soon as the opening bell sounded.
Rios was originally scheduled to perform on an independent Top Rank PPV headlined by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on December 4. When Kelly Pavlik withdrew from his scheduled fight against Brian Vera, Rios jumped at the chance to perform on a much bigger stage. His profile was raised when he appeared on HBO’s 24/7, but when fight week arrived it turned into a nightmare. On Wednesday, he was at the center of the controversial video in which he was seen mocking trainer Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s disease. Karma caught up with him at Friday’s weigh-in when he failed on three attempts to make the contracted weight of 140 lbs. The two ounces he came in overweight cost him $5,000.
Once in the ring, Rios was able to put adversity behind him as he walked through Omri Lowther (14-3, 10 KO) en route to a fifth round stoppage. Rios is a notorious slow starter, and he looked sluggish in the opening frame. In round two he settled in and started to dig body shots into the over-matched Lowther’s mid-section.
Any hope Lowther may have had at changing the momentum was erased when he landed a perfect combination to Rios’ chin, which brought a big smile to the Oxnard, California native’s face.
Rios threw a series of left hands with bad intentions that did enough damage to Lowther in Round Four, that his corner contemplated stopping the fight. They should have gone with their instincts, as Lowther took unnecessary punishment for another 2:17 until referee Raul Caiz Sr. stepped in to mercifully stop the fight.
With the victory improved to (26-0-1, 19 KO). The highpoint of his career came when he defeated Anthony Peterson in September. Following that fight in Vegas, Rios enjoyed his honeymoon. Following tonight’s victory, I’m sure he’ll celebrate the fact that he will not have to cut weight over Thanksgiving.
Jason Pribila could be reached for questions or comments at
ARLINGTON, TX – By his own admission, trainer Freddie Roach said it was the worst camp of his fighter’s career. 
Beset by a parade of distractions ranging from his congressional duties in the Philippines to campaigning stateside for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, many felt that Manny Pacquiao’s 28-month reign as pound-for-pound champion of the boxing world had finally met its maker.
They were wrong.
Although saddled by an extra three pounds as a result of his latest venture into a new division, the “Pac-Man” overcame the naysayers once more, thrashing a valiant Antonio Margarito on his way to a unanimous decision in front of 41.734 fans at Cowboys Stadium to claim the vacant WBC light middleweight title, his unprecedented eighth title in as many classes.
Margarito, 150, who by trainer Robert Garcia’s account had run four miles in the morning, arrived to the ring in the best shape of his life.
The “Tijuana Tornado” would need every bit of fitness, because he would barely make it to the final bell.
Buoyed by the strength of his blinding speed, elusive footwork, and power punching in spurts, Pacquiao, 144.6, was never in serious harm during the fight, save for a few seconds in the sixth round when he was briefly buckled by a body shot.
 “By the third round, I think I had the fight, but I didn’t want to get overconfident…In the sixth round, he got me with a good shot, a body shot…I’m lucky to survive the round,” said Pacquiao.
 “Margarito’s a great fighter,“ added trainer Freddie Roach. “He showed a lot of heart.”
Jurgen Langos had it 120-108, Glen Crocker 118-110, and Oren Schellenburger 119-109, all in favor of the new WBC light middleweight champion.
In the post-fight press conference, everyone’s favorite topic resurfaced.   What about a fight with Floyd Mayweather? 
Pacquiao gave his obligatory statement of deference. “I’m a fighter. My promoter is Top Rank and I’m just doing my job. I just want the people to be happy.”
So what does his promoter think?
 “Obviously, we like everyone in boxing would like to see him fight Floyd Mayweather next,” said Bob Arum. “And we’re going to see if we can make that happen, and that’s our first priority. It requires Floyd Mayweather’s willingness to do the fight, and some take on the Nevada court system as to when the fight could take place where we wouldn’t be blindsided by a trial, or anything like that. But we’re going to work through those issues in the next couple of weeks.”
Asked about a third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, Roach replied, “We would do it at 147. I’d like Manny to be able to eat again and not skip meals.”
HBO and Top Rank expected to do a million pay-per-view buys. Now the waiting game begins.
 “We just saw one of the great performances by one of the great fighters, and anytime you see that, the fight fans got their money’s worth,” said HBO senior vice president of sports Mark Taffet.
But, by all accounts, this was Pacquiao’s day. Just don’t ask the humble superstar to write a soliloquy about himself.
 “Without the people, I’m not here,” he stated, matter-of-factly. “Everything is because of God for giving me the strength and the support of the people.”
Margarito was unable to make the postfight press conference, as he was sent to the hospital due to medical precautions. In addition, Pacquiao’s mother had a reported anxiety attack during the fight, but has since recovered, according to Arum.
Vacant WBC super-welterweight title
The turmoil began when both sides levied accusations. In a twist of irony, the Margarito camp thought Pacquiao’s handwraps looked suspicious and lobbied the Texas commission to have them re-wrapped (which they did).
On the other side, the Pacquiao camp was up in arms about Margarito’s desire to take Hydroxycut before the fight, a supplement that contained ephedra as late as 2004. Eventually, the commission ruled that because the version in question did not contain the banned substance, that Margarito had the green light to take it. The Mexican purportedly opted for a caffeine boost from coffee instead.
 “As I understand it, Freddie had a friend of his, Billy Keane, in Margarito’s dressing room,” said Arum.
Once both situations were resolved, both fighters entered the ring to a raucous amalgam of eardrum-exploding music and rabid pandemonium from the fans.
In the first round, Manny, in white trunks with gold trim, eschewed his bicycle and stood in the middle of the ring. While Pacquiao threw left crosses to the body and peppered Margarito with jabs, the Mexican was inactive by comparison. The round went to the “Pac-Man” as the sizable contingent of Margarito supporters yelled, “Me-xi-co! Me-xi-co!” to conclude the round.
The second frame began at a furious pace . Margarito began to use his jab effectively and looked for an opening on the inside. Pacquiao landed a four-punch combination that found its target. After a fracas that almost resulted in a clash of heads, the cheers turned to murmurs when Margarito walked Pacquiao down into a neutral corner, but could not capitalize. 
Like an ace pitcher varying his speeds, Pacquiao started the third by throwing another double one-two, this time landing a left uppercut instead of a cross to complete the salvo. Margarito once again took Pacquiao to a neutral corner, and this time, was moderately successful, throwing a flurry that had the Filipino bending into the ropes. But it was only temporary, as the “Pac-Man” answered by throwing another four-punch flood, this time one that ended with a shot to the liver of Margarito. Pacquiao, now on his toes and bouncing, seemed to communicate to Margarito that he would be hard to locate all night.
Round four saw Margarito walking in with a high guard, and Pacquiao was more than willing to looking for vulnerabilities in his enemy’s armor. He found them, as a crippling body shot to the abdomen had Margarito hunching over and ready to go. Even worse, a gigantic mouse under the Mexican’s right eye closed it shut, the result of a Pacquiao left cross. Fending him off with his jab and circling to his left, Margarito looked to regroup. He did so before the bell.
Margarito then went to work in round five, pushing Pacquiao on the ropes and landing a big right uppercut. But the contact only urged Pacquiao on, and he quickly spun out of trouble to unleash an attack of his own to the head and body. It seemed that Pacquiao sensed his opponent’s susceptibility to hooks and was more willing to take risk, throwing multiple right hooks without fear of retribution. However, Margarito shouldered on, continuing to come forward behind the fundamentals of a one-two. To close the round, as is usually the case between a southpaw and an orthodox fighter, an accidental headbutt occurred.
In round six, a cat and mouse game ensued, with Margarito chasing the Filipino around the ring. Although the pace had seemingly slowed, Margarito wouldn’t let Pacquiao take the frame off, as the Mexican would slug the Filipino with a series of punches highlighted by four shots to the body, two with each hand. As the “Pac-Man” took a brief squat, Margarito was finally able to put him on the defensive, arguably taking the round without putting Pacquiao down. 
A little humor began the seventh as Pacquiao demonstrated his version of the Ali Shuffle to Margarito. The Mexican was not amused, and engaged the Filipino into some warfare in the pocket. With neither fighter a clear-cut winner in the exchange, they gave each other distance and resumed battle. With both fighters’ guards up, Pacquiao threw a right jab and left uppercut that found a home on Margarito’s jaw, the most memorable punch to take the round.
Round eight offered Margarito a time to shine. He bullied Pacquiao into the ropes and had the “Pac-Man” countering on three separate occasions. The question became whether the punches he landed would have a lasting effect on his smaller opponent. Again, they did not, and using his pivots to perfection, the Filipino avoided the brunt of the attack.
A rejuvenated Mexican crowd screaming “Si se puede!” Their fighter met the bell for round nine. He went on the offensive and tried to jab his way into Pacquiao’s chest. But inexplicably, the recipe for success in the previous round in attacking the Filipino’s midsection had been abandoned for most of the round. When he finally did come back with a right hook flush to the temple of Margarito. Almost as if to prove himself worthy of the pay-per-view event, refused to take a knee and kept swinging for the fences.
The tenth started with referee Laurence Cole examining Margarito’s right eye and finding that he was fit to continue. On Cole’s signal, the two combatants returned to war. Margarito, reduced to a fighting Cyclops, was slowing down like a machine sans oil. The Filipino portion of the crowd was vocal enough to overcome the cheers for Margarito. “Manny! Manny!” they shouted.   Pacquiao now attempted to fluster the Mexican with his movement, darting side-to-side and throwing double left hooks among the variety of punches in his arsenal. Pacquiao then caught Margarito walking in with a screaming right hook that had his opponent dancing before the bell.
The topic of discussion in the eleventh became whether Margarito would make it to the finish line. Pacquiao tried to make that response a negative one when he landed an unanswered four-punch assault upstairs. With a visibly staggered Margarito, Pacquiao subsequently appealed to Cole and through a gesture, implored him to stop the fight,. Cole refused, and Pacquiao endeavored to end the fight with his fists. But again, despite his best efforts, Margarito would not concede the day for anyone, much less the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.
The final round was anticlimactic, as both fighters boxed at a pace fitting for the beginning of the fight. Margarito fearlessly continued to stand toe-to-toe, looking for one last miracle. Unfortunately, Pacquiao wouldn’t give him a shot to make history, and the final bell put an end to another historic night for the Filipino congressman.
Interim WBA Super Bantamweight Title
Despite having only six pro fights under his belt to Cordoba’s 41, Rigondeaux was three years older by virtue of spending most of the decade in Cuba’s amateur system, where he won two Olympic gold medals at bantamweight.
In the weeks leading up to the fight, Cordoba, 121, made it clear he was unfazed by the reputation of Rigondeaux, 121.5. In fact, the fighter from San Miguelito, Panama, went so far as to remind the Cuban that he was no longer in the amateurs. However, it would be “El Chacal” who would have the last laugh, as he edged his fellow southpaw in an aesthetically displeasing, lackluster effort.
By the third round, the spectators began to whistle, far from content with a hyped “battle” that looked more like the art of throwing and not getting hit regardless of whether punches were landed.
In the fourth frame, some semblance of fisticuffs began to materialize. A laser of a left hook from Rigondeaux strafed Cordoba just above the beltline and floored the Panamanian.
Unfortunately, not much else of note occurred for much of the fight, as the capacity crowd went into a “wave” twice during this time to keep themselves occupied. Rigondeaux backpedaled and got comfortable in a position to counter in what amounted to a glorified session of tag.
As referee Jon Schorle wiped his relatively dry brow after an uneventful outing, ring announcer Michael Buffer announced the scores amid a shower of boos for the fighters. Raul Caiz, Sr. scored the bout 114-112 for Cordoba, while Nelson Vazquez and Ruben Garcia saw it 117-109 and 114-112, respectively, for Rigondeaux.
Rigondeaux, who now calls Miami his home, adds his first world title belt to his collection. He jumps to 7-0 (5). Conversely, Cordoba’s record plummets to 37-3-2 (25).
NABA, NABO and vacant WBC Continental Americas titles
In what I felt was the most appealing matchup of the undercard on paper, Jones, 145.5, and Soto Karass, 147, met as two fighters who once honed their craft in the gyms of Philadelphia and Los Mochis, Mexico, respectively. It came to no surprise that the fight lived up to expectations and the two combatants gave the fans a war. Ultimately, Jones would pull out a razor-thin majority decision for three minor belts that many in the stadium felt could have gone to Soto Karass.
Soto Karass, who initially came in one pound over the welterweight limit before making the weight the second time around, initially pumped the jab, looking for an opportunity to throw his right cross behind it. But the disparity in speed between the new fighters was readily apparent, as the second round led to the best exchange of the night at that point. 
As the two traded volleys, Jones continually beat Soto Karass to the punch for what seemed like a minute straight. However, the stubborn Soto Karass would not even go as far as to take a knee. Jones obliterated Soto Karass on the CompuBox scoresheet, taking the round with a 58-6 edge in punches landed. The roar from an appreciative crowd that was hungry for any type of action was deafening. 
However, the Mexican would turn the tide in the third, when a seemingly spent Jones stumbled in the ropes as a result of a Soto Karass left uppercut. As he pushed Jones into a shell and unleashed his own attack, Soto Karass suffered a cut on the side of his left eye. Jones returned the favor by refusing to go down as the enthralling round came to a close.
The fourth, fifth, and sixth frames would echo the third. Soto Karass, blood beginning to stream down his face and down Jones’s white trunks, threw an onslaught of body shots with both hands, supplemented with jabs that snapped an increasingly tired and backtracking Jones’s head back. 
Jones, perhaps getting his legs back, came out of the corner in the seventh with a renewed purpose, landing a series of jabs. However, Soto Karass weathered the mini-storm and his patience paid off. He landed a big left hook to the body and followed it up with an overhand right to cap a round that could have gone either way.
Before the eighth, Jones revealed a cut of his own, as his corner applied some ointment over his right eyelid. 
Tensions raised in the ninth when referee Rafael Ramos sent Soto Karass to the ring doctor to examine his cut. It was here where the momentum temporarily shifted toward the Philadelphia fighter. Jones landed several consecutive hooks that had brutal intentions and stopped the Mexican in his tracks.
The last round was highlighted by two visibly exhausted prizefighters Jones landed a peach of a left hook on his opponent’s jaw, and Soto Karass answered with a left hook of his own to Jones’s ribcage. As the seconds wound down to the final bell, the two spilled the remainders of their tanks in the ring, with Jones getting the better of the last exchange.
Gale Von Hoy had it 94-94 even, but Levi Martinez gave the nod to Jones, 95-94, and Sergio Caiz somehow saw it fit to give Soto Karass only three out of ten rounds in a 97-93 score.
 “I felt I pulled out the victory,” opined Jones. “I kind of punched myself out in the second round. After that, I had to get my legs back under me. It was all heart after that.”
 “He said he didn’t get his legs back until the eighth round,” said Russell Peltz, who now shares promotional duties of Jones with Top Rank. “It would make a tremendous rematch on HBO.”
With the victory, Jones inches closer to a world title shot at 23-0 (18). Soto Karass, who now has two losses and a no-contest in his last three bouts, goes to 24-5-3 (16).
Rios, 139.2, a late addition to the card after former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik’s bout was scrapped, put an end to a tumultuous week by defeating Lowther, 137.5, by fifth-round stoppage. Currently the No. 1 contender in the WBA lightweight rankings, the Oxnard native had no trouble with Lowther, who was physically outgunned from the start.
Rios stirred controversy earlier by participating in a video that seemed to make fun of Freddie Roach’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease. The weigh-in was far from smooth sailing; Rios first came in at 139.8 pounds, which exceeded the contracted limit of 139. After a painful hour and a half, the Oxnard, Calif., native returned to the scales and came in at 139.2. At that point, the two camps worked out a resolution where Lowther received an extra portion of Rios’s purse in order for the fight to go through.
There was no fairytale ending for Lowther, however. The size difference was clear as a bigger Rios walked him down throughout the clash and proceeded to fight on the inside, with his preferred weapon of choice the left hook to the body. Lowther, for his part, landed quite a few clean left hooks of his own, but they were not enough to keep Rios at bay. In the final seconds of the fourth round, Rios landed a left hook to the head that staggered Lowther, and signs of wear were beginning to show.
The same punch struck paydirt for “Bam Bam” in the fifth, and by then, the story became a matter of when it would end. Rios then threw a one-two volley that shook Lowther, followed by a left hook for good measure. Lowther, defiant to the very end, refused to go down until referee Raul Caiz, Jr., called a halt to the bout at 2:17.
The victory has earned him a title shot if you ask his promoter.
 “Soto and Antillon are fighting for the WBA lightweight title, and it’s written in the contract that if Brandon won his fight tonight, that the winner would get fight him. And he did just that,” shared Arum.
 “Omri’s a tough kid,” said Adam Harris of Hennessey Sports, Lowther’s promoter. “He gave it his best in the toughest of circumstances.”
Rios, who was born in Lubbock, Texas, keeps his unblemished record in one piece, moving to 26-0-1 (19). Lowther, hailing from Toronto by way of Georgia, falls to 14-3 (10).



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23/02/2012 - BIG PLANS FOR JACK
13/02/2012 - ARENA NEWS
06/02/2012 - FRANK BUGLIONI Q&A
24/01/2012 - AIBA: WOMEN AMATEUR
21/01/2012 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
08/01/2012 - NATHAN CLEVERLY
06/01/2012 - PULEV NOW vs SPROTT
05/01/2012 - PULEV NOW vs SPROTT
02/01/2012 - A KNOCKOUT YEAR
01/01/2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR
28/12/2011 - BOXING AWARDS 2011
27/12/2011 - BOXING IN 2011
25/12/2011 - NOT SO GOLDEN
27/11/2011 - RON LYLE DIES AT 70
26/11/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
21/11/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
07/11/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
03/11/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
26/10/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
24/10/2011 - THE REAL ROCKY
18/10/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/10/2011 - LICINA vs ALEKSEEV
12/10/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
11/10/2011 - HAYE SET TO RETIRE
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03/10/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
26/09/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
23/09/2011 - WBC NEWS
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18/09/2011 - SELBY BEATS SMITH
18/09/2011 - FURY STOPS FIRTHA
17/09/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
16/09/2011 - FEGATILLI vs CHAKIM
09/09/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
08/09/2011 - DeGALE WILL PRODUCE
05/09/2011 - NEWS FROM THE EBU
30/08/2011 - FURY vs LARSEN
18/08/2011 - EBU LATEST NEWS
11/08/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
09/08/2011 - SYLVESTER vs PROKSA
07/08/2011 - WBO PRESS RELEASE
02/08/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
28/07/2011 - GOLOVKIN NEWS
27/07/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
25/07/2011 - IBA NEWS
23/07/2011 - WBC STATEMENTS
19/07/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
15/07/2011 - SARTISON UPDATE
15/07/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/07/2011 - WBC STATEMENTS
12/07/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
11/07/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
08/07/2011 - GEVOR RETURNS
05/07/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
01/07/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
29/06/2011 - UNIVERSUM IS BACK
28/06/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
27/06/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
23/06/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
23/06/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
14/06/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/06/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
10/06/2011 - THOMAS RETIRES
06/06/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
05/06/2011 - REES WINS EBU BELT
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30/05/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
24/05/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
22/05/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
19/05/2011 - LEE WINS ON POINTS
17/05/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
15/05/2011 - BUTE vs MENDY
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09/05/2011 - WBA NEWSLETTER
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01/05/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
29/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
23/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
22/04/2011 - WBA WORLD TITLES
20/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
17/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/04/2011 - WBA WORLD TITLES
13/04/2011 - ZBIK vs CHAVEZ JR
11/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
04/04/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
30/03/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
25/03/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
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03/03/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
26/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
24/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
16/02/2011 - EBU NEWS
16/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
11/02/2011 - OMB REACT TO WBC
11/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
09/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
03/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
03/02/2011 - WBA WORLD TITLES
01/02/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
28/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
28/01/2011 - KESSLER
27/01/2011 - EBU NEWS
26/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
24/01/2011 - EBU NEWS
23/01/2011 - FURY FACES BOTHA
22/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
21/01/2011 - EBU NEWS
20/01/2011 - DUDDY RETIRES
19/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
19/01/2011 - EBU STATEMENTS
19/01/2011 - WORLD NEWS
14/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
11/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
09/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
04/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
03/01/2011 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
02/01/2011 - FIRST SHOW OF 2011
27/12/2010 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
23/12/2010 - WBO IN CHINA
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22/12/2010 - EBU'S LAST NEWS
09/12/2010 - EBU'S LAST NEWS
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18/11/2010 - EBU'S LAST NEWS
18/11/2010 - PERSSON'S EURO NEWS
13/11/2010 - EBU'S LAST NEWS
09/11/2010 - EBU'S LAST NEWS